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Job Opening at Syngene for Life science graduates – Masters in life science – Apply Below

Designation : Business Development Lead – Sterile Fill Finish – Global

Requisition ID : 54627

Job Location : India

Department : Business Development – Development Services

Job Description:

Job Purpose:

  • Develop and implement a sales strategy that will grow the SFF business.
  • This covers the formulation of both small and large molecules but excludes integrated large molecule projects. Target in FY24 is to generate $2million.
  • Actual selling activity will be carried out through/along side the field based BD team.
  • This role reports to the Development Services BD Function however there is a strong dotted line into the formulation OU.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Define the strategy to facilitate both short and longer term growth.
  • Drive the implementation within the geography. This can be through direct selling (where no field based BD exists) and through the existing account/territory managers at health care related accounts.
  • Overall look to build high value relationships with a wide range of customers capable of providing multiple high value projects covering
  • Product development
  • Scale-up
  • Manufacture of clinical supplies and niche launched products
  • Drive the overall sales process to achieve quarterly and annual targets
  • Ensuring quotes are timely and of sufficient quality to win – drive the process within India
  • Providing technical support to BD – Acting as an initial filter for new enquiries.
  • Updating market collateral as and when needed – providing training to wider BD team as needed
  • Proactively looking for opportunities at existing customers or within the market. Working stand alone or through TSS
  • Attending appropriate trade and scientific conferences
  • Providing suitable reports on activity to senior management including the formulations OU head
  • Provide cover for selected, global territories offering the wider Syngene services, as and when needed.

Educational Qualification:

  • Masters or higher qualification in a life science. A business qualification an advantage.
  • Fluent in both written and spoken English.

Technical/functional Skills: 

  • Essential – Have a good understanding of Sterile Fill Finish development and manufacturing
  • Essential – Understand the key business drivers as they relate to product development.
  • Desirable – Understanding of CRM systems and in particular Sales Force
  • Desirable – Wider appreciation of Pharmaceutical development services
  • Essential – Good understanding of technical selling skills and management of an opportunity pipeline
  • Effective planning
  • Ability to manage both short and medium objectives.
  • Ability to process large amounts of data quickly in order to find the right opportunities. Then to clearly articulate the value proposition for the relevant BD.


  • The ideal candidate will have a minimum of 10 years selling experience within a pharma services related environment, and specifically DP AND Sterile Fill Finnish BD services.
  • The candidate will have familiarity of Sales Force and be aware of the importance of maintaining the data.
  • The ideal candidate will have a proven track record in BD and in particular in penetrating new accounts. Candidate MUST be comfortable working through others as well as selling direct. This requires strong interpersonal skills and cultural awareness.
  • The candidate must be diligent and capable of proactively generating high quality enquiries through a combination of research, remote outreach and the attendance of local trade and technical events.
  • Role involves international travel
  • Given current visa lead times it would be useful if the candidate had a US visa.

Behavioral Skills:

  • Organized and able to manage a significant number of simultaneous tasks
  • Goal focused
  • Diligent and proactive – self starter
  • Resilient – Ability to overcome obstacles/barriers and setbacks
  • Strong influencers (both internal and external)
  • Good Negotiation skills
  • Concern for impact – Cultural Empathy and Understanding
  • Sound business ethics
  • Flexible and adaptable


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Here are some interview questions and sample answers for the role of Business Development Lead role at Syngene:

1. Can you briefly describe your experience and qualifications that make you a suitable candidate for the Business Development Lead role in Sterile Fill Finish?

Sample Answer: “I have over 10 years of experience in selling pharma services, specifically in Drug Product (DP) and Sterile Fill Finish BD services. My background includes a master’s degree in a life science field, which equips me with a solid understanding of the industry. I also have a proven track record of penetrating new accounts, familiarity with CRM systems like Sales Force, and a commitment to maintaining data accuracy. Additionally, my experience in international travel and cultural awareness aligns well with the demands of this role.”

2. Could you explain your approach to developing and implementing a sales strategy for the Sterile Fill Finish (SFF) business, both in the short and long term?

Sample Answer: “Developing a sales strategy for SFF involves a multi-faceted approach. In the short term, I would focus on identifying immediate opportunities for growth, which could include targeting existing accounts or finding new ones. In the long term, I’d work on building high-value relationships with customers capable of providing multiple projects, encompassing product development, scale-up, and clinical supplies manufacturing. My strategy would also include attending industry conferences, proactively seeking opportunities, and ensuring timely and high-quality quotes to win business.”

3. How do you plan to achieve the target of generating $2 million in FY24 for the Sterile Fill Finish business?

Sample Answer: “To achieve the $2 million target, I would first analyze the current pipeline and identify opportunities with the highest potential for revenue. Then, I’d focus on driving the sales process efficiently, ensuring timely and quality quotes, and providing necessary technical support to the BD team. Additionally, I would actively seek out new opportunities within the market and leverage my interpersonal and negotiation skills to close deals successfully.”

4. Can you discuss your experience in managing an opportunity pipeline and your strategies for prioritizing and closing deals effectively?

Sample Answer: “Managing an opportunity pipeline requires effective planning and organization. I prioritize opportunities based on their potential value and alignment with our business objectives. I constantly assess and update the pipeline to ensure we focus on the right opportunities. To close deals, I rely on strong negotiation skills, clear articulation of our value proposition, and a thorough understanding of the customer’s needs. This involves active listening and tailoring our solutions to meet those needs.”

5. How do you stay informed about industry trends and changes related to Sterile Fill Finish development and manufacturing?

Sample Answer: “I stay informed about industry trends through various means, including reading industry publications, attending trade and scientific conferences, and actively participating in professional networks. I believe in the importance of continuous learning and adapting to changes in the pharma services industry to remain competitive.”


Explore most recent Job Opening at Syngene for Life science graduates posted on Biotecnika

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