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Freshers Internship MSc Biotech, Mol Bio, Cell Bio & Industrial Biotech Apply

Freshers Internship MSc Biotech, Mol Bio, Cell Bio & Industrial Biotech Apply. Internship opportunity at Yashraj Biotechnology Limited – Fresh MSc Graduates from Biotechnology/Industrial Biotech/ Mol. Biology – Apply Now

Role: R & D (In-vitro Diagnostics)


  • To work closely with our team of experienced biotechnologists and researchers.
  • To gain practical skills in molecular biology, cell biology, protein purification, antibody development and related laboratory analytical techniques.

Requirements : Fresh MSc Graduates from Biotechnology/Industrial Biotechnology / Molecular Biology / Cell Biology.

Duration : Minimum 6 months mandatory.

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Internship opportunity

Here are some potential interview questions and sample answers for the R&D (In-vitro Diagnostics) intern position at Yashraj Biotechnology Limited:

1. Can you tell us about your educational background and why you are interested in an internship in R&D within the field of in-vitro diagnostics?

Sample Answer: “I recently graduated with an MSc in Molecular Biology, and I am particularly passionate about the application of molecular techniques in diagnostics. During my academic studies, I developed a keen interest in researching and developing innovative diagnostic tools. This internship opportunity at Yashraj Biotechnology Limited aligns perfectly with my career aspirations to gain hands-on experience in this field and contribute to advancements in diagnostics.”

2. What specific laboratory skills or techniques have you learned during your academic studies that make you a suitable candidate for this internship?

Sample Answer: “Throughout my academic journey, I have gained proficiency in a range of laboratory techniques crucial for R&D in diagnostics. These include PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction), gel electrophoresis, cell culture, ELISA (Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay), and DNA sequencing. I have also been involved in research projects that required me to design and conduct experiments independently, which has honed my problem-solving and critical thinking skills.”

3. In the context of in-vitro diagnostics, what is the significance of molecular biology techniques, and can you provide an example of how they are used in practice?

Sample Answer:Molecular biology techniques play a pivotal role in in-vitro diagnostics by allowing the detection and analysis of specific genetic material, proteins, or markers associated with diseases or conditions. For example, PCR can be used to amplify and detect DNA sequences unique to pathogens like viruses or bacteria. This allows for early and accurate diagnosis, which is crucial for timely treatment and containment during outbreaks.”

4. How do you plan to contribute to ongoing research and development projects during your internship at Yashraj Biotechnology Limited?

Sample Answer: “During my internship, I plan to leverage my theoretical knowledge and practical laboratory skills to actively contribute to ongoing projects. I am eager to assist in experimental design, data collection, and analysis. Additionally, I will work collaboratively with the team to troubleshoot any challenges that may arise. My goal is to be a proactive and valuable member of the R&D team, making meaningful contributions to the development of diagnostic solutions.”

5. What do you hope to achieve and learn during your minimum 6-month internship at Yashraj Biotechnology Limited?

Sample Answer: “During my internship, I hope to gain a deeper understanding of the entire process of developing in-vitro diagnostic assays, from research and design to validation and production. I also aim to refine my laboratory skills and become proficient in additional techniques relevant to the field. Moreover, I look forward to collaborating with experienced biotechnologists and researchers at YBL to gain insights into industry best practices and innovative approaches in diagnostics.”

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