Data Analyst Job For BSc & MSc life Science at Sanofi
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Data Analyst Job For BSc & MSc life Science at Sanofi

Sanofi is Hiring Candidates for Analyst Post. Data Analyst Job For BSc & MSc life Science at Sanofi. Interested Candidates can check out the details for Data Analyst Job For BSc & MSc life Science below and Apply Online.

Job title: Analyst

Job Location: Hyderabad, India

Job id: R2712034

Job Type: Full Time

Job Description

About Sanofi:

Sanofi Global Hub (SGH) is an internal Sanofi resource organization based in India and is setup to centralize processes and activities to support Specialty Care, Vaccines, General Medicines, CHC, CMO, and R&D, Data & Digital functions​. SGH strives to be a strategic and functional partner for tactical deliveries to Medical, HEVA, and Commercial organizations​ in Sanofi, Globally.

Main responsibilities:

The overall purpose and main responsibilities are listed below:

  • At Sanofi we are leveraging analytics and technology, on behalf of patients around the world. We are seeking those who have a passion for using data, analytics, and insights to drive decision making that will allow us to tackle some of the world’s greatest health threats.
  • Within our commercial Insights, Analytics, and Data organization we are transforming to better power decision-making across our end-to-end commercialization process, from business development to late lifecycle management.
  • Deliverables support planning and decision making across multiple functional areas such as finance, manufacturing, product development and commercial.
  • In addition to ensuring high-quality deliverables, our team drives synergies across the franchise, fosters innovation and best practices, and creates solutions to bring speed, scale and shareability to our planning processes. As we endeavor, we are seeking a dynamic talent for the role of “Analyst”
  • We are looking for a team member to support our analytics team based out of US. Robust analytics is a priority for our businesses, as the product potential has major implications to a wide range of disciplines.
  • It is essential to have someone who understands and aspires to implement innovative analytics techniques to drive our insights generation across franchises.
  • Will assist in managing adhoc and regular reporting requests
  • He/she will ensure reporting and follow ups on Project Management activities, project resources, budget, and timelines
  • He/she will ensure on time and accurate delivery of all analytics and dashboard requirement by collaborating with relevant stakeholders
  • He/she will ensure dashboards and metrics are maintained as per requirements
  • Responsible for access management of all Smartsheet trackers and Dashboard
  • Ensuring data consistency across all dashboards and analytics requirements
  • Pro-actively identifying analytical requirements
  • Developing SOPs for dashboards and other analytical needs
  • Providing training on analytical tools and usage
  • Building advance tools and automate or improve processes for analytical and other needs


  • Maintain effective relationship with the end stakeholders within the allocated GBU and tasks – with an end objective to develop report and analysis as per requirement
  • Actively lead and develop SGH operations associates and ensure new technologies are leveraged
  • Initiate the contracting process and related documents within defined timelines; and
  • Collaborate with global stakeholders for project planning and setting up the timelines and maintaining budget
  • Performance indicators: Stakeholder feedback to be maintained completed task as expected
  • Weightage: 20%
  • Performance:
  • Refresh Existing Reports and identifies improvement opportunities in reporting and BI tools and as needed structure / functionality with the latest insights as they become available
  • Create dashboards to synthesize and visualize key information and enable business decisions
  • Works to develop deal tracking analytics and reporting capabilities
  • Collaborates with Digital to enhance data access across various sources, develop tools, technology, and process to constantly improve quality and productivity
  • Provide monitoring reports, verification reports as per agreed timelines and quality
  • Data Quality assessment: Identify abnormalities in the data monitored and develop report as per regulatory requirements
  • Performance indicators:
  • Report QC standards to be maintained
  • Timely support for generating specific reports
  • Weightage: 20%


  • Support delivery of projects in terms of resourcing, coordination, quality, timeliness, efficiency, and high technical standards for deliveries made by the medical writing group, including scientific documents and clinical/medical reports
  • Contribute to overall quality enhancement by ensuring high scientific standards for the output produced by the medical writing group; and
  • Secure adherence to compliance procedures and internal/operational risk controls in accordance with all applicable standards
  • Refresh report on frequency/cycle basis (weekly/monthly/quarterly/annually), along with QC checks for each refresh
  • Ensure on time and accurate delivery of all analytics and dashboard requirements
  • Ensure data quality and consistency is maintained throughout the lifecycle of tracker/dashboard
  • Pro-actively identifying analytical requirements
  • Assist in managing medical plans in project management system
  • Reporting and follow ups on Project Management activities, project resources, budget, and timelines
  • Understanding analytical requirement of all relevant stakeholders and develop solution accordingly
  • Continuously exploring the new features and add on, assess different tools to improve the overall performance in a cost-effective way
  • Managing access for Smartsheet trackers and Dashboard
  • Developing SOPs for dashboards and other analytical needs elements (hotspots, links, etc.)
  • Performance indicators: Feedback from stakeholders on satisfaction with deliverables
  • Weightage: 60%

About you

Experience: 3+ years’ experience with analytical tools such as (Advanced Excel & Power BI). In-depth knowledge of common databases like IQVIA, APLD, Engagement and execution data, etc.

Soft skills: Strong learning agility; Ability to manage ambiguous environments, and to adapt to changing needs of the business; Good interpersonal and communication skills; strong presentation skills a must; Team player who is curious, dynamic, result oriented and can work collaboratively; Ability to think strategically in an ambiguous environment; Ability to operate effectively in an international matrix environment, with ability to work across time zones; Demonstrated leadership and management in driving innovation and automation leveraging advanced statistical and analytical techniques

Technical skills:

  • Experience of developing and managing dashboards
  • Excellent planning, design, project management and documentation skills
  • Strong project management abilities; capable of prioritizing and handling multiple projects simultaneously
  • Proficiency of programming languages (e.g. SQL, SAS, Python, R, VBA)
  • Strong experience using analytical platforms (e.g. Databricks, Jupyter Notebook, SQL developers, etc)
  • Experience with pharmaceutical data sources and CRM data systems (e.g. IQVIA, Symphony, Komodo, Veeva, Salesforce)
  • Experience of using analytical tools like Power BI, Qliksense, Tableau, Smartsheet, and Alteryx etc;
  • Expert knowledge of Excel and proficiency in VBA
  • Experience of developing and managing dashboards
  • Project management abilities; capable of prioritizing and handling multiple projects simultaneously
  • An aptitude for problem solving and strategic thinking
  • Ability to synthesize complex information into clear and actionable insights
  • Proven ability to work effectively across all levels of stakeholders and diverse functions
  • Solid understanding of pharmaceutical development, manufacturing, supply chain and marketing functions
  • Demonstrated leadership and management in driving innovation and automation leveraging advanced statistical and analytical techniques
  • Education: Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in areas such as Information Science/Operations/Management/Statistics/Decision Sciences/Engineering/Life Sciences/ Business Analytics or related field (e.g., PhD / MBA / Masters);
  • Languages: Excellent knowledge in English and strong communication skills – written and spoken


Data Analyst Job For BSc & MSc life Science at Sanofi. Here are five Possible interview questions and sample answers :

1. Question: Can you describe your experience in leveraging analytics and technology for decision-making in your previous roles, and how do you believe it can be applied to tackle health threats in the pharmaceutical industry?

Answer: In my previous role at [Previous Company], I played a key role in utilizing analytics and technology to support decision-making processes. For example, I implemented data-driven insights to optimize supply chain operations, which resulted in a [specific outcome, e.g., cost reduction or improved efficiency]. In the pharmaceutical industry, we can apply similar methodologies to address health threats by leveraging data to enhance drug development, optimize manufacturing processes, and improve patient outcomes. This can lead to more efficient drug discovery and delivery, ultimately benefiting patients worldwide.

2. Question: Sanofi’s commercial Insights, Analytics, and Data organization are undergoing transformation. How do you envision contributing to this transformation, particularly in terms of fostering innovation and best practices?

Answer: I see myself contributing to Sanofi’s transformation by actively seeking opportunities to drive innovation and best practices within the organization. I believe in staying updated with the latest analytics techniques and tools and implementing them to improve insights generation. By fostering a culture of innovation and continuous improvement, we can enhance decision-making processes, drive efficiencies, and remain at the forefront of the pharmaceutical industry.

3. Question: This role involves maintaining data consistency, managing dashboards, and developing SOPs for analytics needs. Can you provide an example of a complex data consistency issue you’ve faced in the past and how you resolved it?

Answer: In a previous role, we encountered a data consistency challenge when merging data from multiple sources for a comprehensive analysis. The issue stemmed from variations in data formats and naming conventions. To address this, I led a cross-functional team to establish data normalization protocols and develop a data dictionary. This not only resolved the data consistency issue but also streamlined future data integration processes, ensuring that all stakeholders worked with accurate and standardized data.

4. Question: Collaboration and stakeholder engagement are crucial aspects of this role. How do you approach building effective relationships with diverse stakeholders, both within and outside the organization?

Answer: Building effective relationships with stakeholders is a priority for me. I start by actively listening to their needs and understanding their objectives. By demonstrating a genuine interest in their challenges and goals, I can tailor my communication and collaboration approach accordingly. I also believe in providing regular updates, being responsive to queries, and proactively seeking feedback. This approach helps in establishing trust and productive working relationships, whether with colleagues, global stakeholders, or external partners.

5. Question: Sanofi emphasizes the importance of data quality assessment and adherence to compliance procedures. Can you share an experience where you played a pivotal role in ensuring data quality and regulatory compliance in your previous position?

Answer: In my previous role, I was responsible for ensuring data quality and regulatory compliance in a highly regulated industry. I initiated a comprehensive data quality assessment program, conducting regular audits and validation checks. Additionally, I collaborated closely with the compliance team to align our processes with regulatory requirements, resulting in successful audits with no compliance issues. My commitment to data integrity and regulatory compliance not only ensured the reliability of our data but also strengthened our organization’s reputation for adhering to industry standards.

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