CRICK STAR Biotech Scholarship

CRICK STAR Biotech Scholarship & Awards 2023

Are you a budding biotech enthusiast ready to conquer the world of life sciences? Do you dream of groundbreaking research, prestigious internships, and coveted job placements? Look no further! The CRICK STAR Scholarship & Awards have arrived, offering you a transformative 360-degree solution to all your career aspirations.

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In the ever-evolving world of biotechnology, the future is filled with immense promise and opportunity. With India’s ambitious goal of becoming a 5 Trillion Dollar Economy, the biotech sector is at the forefront of groundbreaking developments. From AI and Machine Learning to Data Storage in DNA and even moon missions, the possibilities are boundless. But what’s the key to unlocking this promising future? It’s none other than the CRICK STAR Scholarship & Awards!

Introducing CRICK STAR Scholarship & Awards 2023 – Designed to recognize hidden potential, sharpen skills, and showcase brilliance, these awards provide a 360-degree solution to career challenges.

Apply Now For the CRICK Star Scholarship & Awards If you want a Solution to all your career problems.

Why You Must Register For The CRICK STAR Scholarship & Awards?

1. Available for All:

  • CRICK STAR Scholarship & Awards are not just for the elite few. They are a beacon of opportunity for anyone passionate about biotechnology. Whether you’re a student, recent graduate, or mid-career professional, this is your chance to shine.

2. A Lifeline for Every Career Aspect:

  • Picture this: Certification that validates your expertise, hands-on training that hones your skills, internships that immerse you in real-world experiences, workshops that broaden your horizons, coaching that guides you to success, and job placement that launches your career. CRICK STAR covers it all, ensuring you’re equipped to thrive in the competitive biotech landscape.

3. Unbeatable Price:

  • We understand the financial challenges that can deter talent from pursuing their dreams. That’s why CRICK STAR offers an unbeatable price for this comprehensive package. We believe that quality education and career development should be accessible to all, without breaking the bank.

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What’s Included in CRICK STAR Scholarship:

For the first time in India, we bring you the international gold standard of research careers, featuring:

  1. Placement Assistance: Guaranteed interviews in various Biotech & Pharma Companies.
  2. Stipend: Science Journalism & Scientific Writing Internship.
  3. Coaching: CSIR NET, GATE, ICMR JRF, DBT BET, CUET, IIT JAM, GAT B, and more!
  4. Who Will Teach: Our experienced faculty, comprising 14 full-time regular faculty members, will guide you, providing personalized attention through 24/7 chat and WhatsApp support.
  5. Concept Revision Tools: Revise smarter and recall faster with Koncept Notes, Flowchart Books, Mindmaps, Cloud, Table, and Wheel.
  6. Smart Mock Tests: Take AI-assisted cumulative tests every Sunday and Monday and receive personalized feedback from your teachers.
  7. Smart Revision Bot: Finish a topic, and our Bot will generate questions from CSIR NET PYQs to help you revise faster.
  8. The Internship: Choose from Proteomics, Bioinformatics, Coding for Biology, or Molecular Biology Techniques Internships!
  9. Certification Course & Workshops: Get access to 4 certification courses of your choice and a 1-year membership to workshops worth Rs 9000/-.
  10. IISc & JNU Incubated Labs Hands-on Training: Experience 15 days of wet lab hands-on training in the technique of your choice!
  11. Conference VIP Pass: Attend CRISPR CONGRESS 2023 virtually with VIP access and the opportunity to present your poster or paper!
  12. Recommendation Letters & Industry References: Receive 3 letters of recommendation from our global experts and 3 industry references to accelerate your job search.
  13. CV & Resume Designing: Optimize your CV & resume as per industry standards by our expert designers.
  14. Study Material: Enjoy study materials of CSIR NET, GATE, Koncept Notes, and Mindmaps!
  15. Go Global: Learn from global experts and mentors, gain exposure, build expertise, and conquer entrance exams!

Procedure to Apply For CRICK STAR Biotech Scholarship & Awards:

  1. Register Here:
  2. Or Fill up the form here
  3. Schedule an Interview cum Meeting: Prove you’re worth the investment by chatting with Shekhar Sir & Neha Maam.
  4. Submit Documents: Once verified, your scholarship will be activated.

Don’t let your biotech dreams remain dreams. Take action today! CRICK STAR Scholarship & Awards is your gateway to a vibrant, fulfilling career in the ever-evolving field of biotechnology. Our unbeatable package ensures that your journey to success is seamless, comprehensive, and within reach.

Join the CRICK STAR revolution and unlock a world of possibilities in biotechnology. Apply now, and let your career soar to new heights!

But hurry, we have only 16 slots available for this life-changing opportunity!

Let’s make history together!

Call 1800-1200-1818 or 080-5099-7000, and we’ll be glad to assist you in making your dreams come true!

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