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BSc MSc LifeScience Job-Latest IQVIA careers

IQVIA is a leading global provider of advanced analytics, technology solutions and clinical research services to the life sciences industry. BSc MSc LifeScience Job details are given below. Latest IQVIA BSc MSc LifeScience Job. Please see the details and apply online.

Post name – Associate Consultant

Primary Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Job ID – R1381259

Job Overview
Provides high quality, timely development and on-time input to solutions for service delivery, managed services, or implementation oriented client projects. Assignments range in complexity from basic analysis and problem solving to assisting in the development of more complex solutions to leading small teams. Contributes to meeting client satisfaction objectives. Develops modules and low level designs while monitoring technical quality standards of onshore / offshore developers.

Essential Functions

• Supporting the design and build of new technology solutions including; understanding business needs, determining product specifications, production timetables, pricing, and time-integrated plans for product introduction; developing marketing strategies
• Conducting market research; to understand business needs and generating product requirements
• Mana

ging internal and external cross functional stakeholders to support product development
• Leveraging business experience and acumen in identifying strategic alternatives to client questions
• Working in a team of like-minded professionals to create reports, presentations, workshops with client employees, management teams and other stakeholders, under the guidance our “the best on the business” team leaders
• Developing broad knowledge of related consulting methodologies and pharmaceutical market through the delivery of consulting engagements and participation in formal and informal learning

• Working independently and as part of a team
• Assisting development and writing of proposals with senior support
• Attending, supporting and presenting at client meetings
• Contributing to learning, development and recruiting


• Bachelor’s Degree Life Sciences / Economics / Business Pref Or
• Master’s Degree Life Sciences / Economics / Business Pref Or
• Ph.D. With commercial experience in the healthcare industry Pref
• Works willingly and effectively with others in and across the organization to accomplish  team goals. Knowledge and understanding of the fundamental processes of business, their interaction, and the impact of external/internal influences on decision making, growth and decline. Knowledge of consulting methods, tools and techniques, related to one’s functional area. Knowledge of current events and developments within an industry and major competitors. Knowledge and understanding of the marketplace. Knowledge of professional/trade associations, key people and companies. Effective time management skills.


Greetings, everyone! We have compiled a list of interview questions and corresponding answers to help you prepare thoroughly for your upcoming interview for the BSc MSc LifeScience Job. We encourage you to study these materials diligently to enhance your chances of performing excellently during the interview for the BSc MSc LifeScience Job. Good luck with your preparations, and may you shine in your interview!

Can you describe your experience in supporting the design and build of technology solutions for client projects?

Sample Answer: In my previous role as a Junior Consultant at [Previous Company], I actively contributed to the design and implementation of technology solutions for various client projects. I worked closely with cross-functional teams to understand business needs, develop product specifications, and ensure timely project delivery. For instance, I was part of a team that successfully implemented a customer relationship management system for a healthcare client, which significantly improved their operational efficiency.

How do you conduct market research to understand business needs and generate product requirements?

Sample Answer: To conduct market research effectively, I start by gathering relevant data and industry reports to identify market trends and customer preferences. I also engage in customer surveys and interviews to gather firsthand insights. Additionally, I collaborate with our internal and external stakeholders to gain a holistic understanding of business needs and then translate these into product requirements. My approach ensures that our solutions are not only technically sound but also align with the market demands.

Can you provide an example of a challenging client situation you’ve encountered and how you resolved it?

Sample Answer: Certainly. In a previous project, our client had conflicting expectations regarding project timelines and deliverables. To address this challenge, I organized a meeting with key stakeholders from both sides to clarify expectations and priorities. We established a clear communication plan and project timeline, ensuring that everyone was on the same page. By fostering open communication and aligning expectations, we successfully resolved the issue and delivered the project on time, exceeding our client’s expectations.

How do you stay updated on industry developments and market trends in the pharmaceutical sector?

Sample Answer: Staying informed about industry developments is crucial in consulting. I regularly read industry publications, attend conferences, and participate in webinars to keep up with the latest trends and market insights. Additionally, I actively engage with professional associations related to the pharmaceutical industry, which helps me network with experts and gain valuable knowledge about the sector.

Can you describe your experience in working both independently and as part of a team?

Sample Answer: Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to work in various capacities. I can independently manage tasks and projects, ensuring that they meet deadlines and quality standards. Simultaneously, I thrive in a collaborative team environment, where I can contribute my expertise and leverage the strengths of my colleagues. For example, I have led small project teams on several occasions, which required effective teamwork and coordination to achieve our project objectives.

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