BSc Food Technology Job

Latest Food technology job. Samasta Foods vacancy for BSc Food Technology. We are attaching the BSc Food Technology Job details here. Apply online if you are interested.

Job role – Food technologist

Location – Jaipur, Rajasthan, India


  • Create and manage the new product development pipeline portfolio.
  • Collaborate cross-functionally to drive the Customer to Concept process to bring new products to market.
  • Identify marketing opportunities by analysing and defining market share, competitor market share, and available market share by product market.
  • Provide leadership and support for the design, development, refinement, and implementation of products by initiating research to identify consumer needs.
  • Develop new products to meet consumer needs; research consumer acceptance of products; work with production to identify process improvement.
  • Prioritize new concepts/products through the development process which includes formula and costing creation, customer/market test and production scale up.
  • Responsible for Performance Evaluation Analysis.
  • Maintain ongoing communication with different stakeholders to share on emerging new ingredients, packaging and technology.
  • Conduct NPD and R&D activities with defined targets & timelines
  • NPD and R&D tasks required for the food categories like Ready to Cook mixes/premixes, blended spices & masalas, bars, roasted snacks, multi grain flours, porridges, etc.
  • Take a thorough look at the plans, specifications, and blueprints to understand the product requirements.
  • Prepare SOP’s for every step in the formulation process and maintain robust documentation for all the recipes.
  • Work closely under the guidance of the Chef & follow instructions to curate the recipes.
  • Develop formulations & recipes across different categories based on the nutritional targets, parameters, requirements, etc., shared by the clients or the management.
  • Lead in house lab operations & conduct testing of the products.
  • Create, maintain & follow the R&D and NPD calendar approved by the management.
  • Prepare own standards of quality. Maintain Certificate of Analysis (COA) for each batch of product developed.
  • Monitor customer satisfaction levels.


  • Degree in Food Technology or other related courses
  • Minimum 2 years of relevant experience in product development processes
  • Knowledge in the food categories like pre mixes, instant foods, ready to cook, spice blends, etc.
  • Independent and able to work with minimal supervision
  • Proactive in seeking solutions and solving problems
  • Team player and good communication skills


Hello everyone, we have compiled a list of interview questions and answers to help you prepare thoroughly for your upcoming interview for the BSc Food Technology Job. Use this resource to enhance your readiness and perform confidently during your interview for the BSc Food Technology Job. Good luck!

1. Can you describe your experience with managing the new product development pipeline portfolio?

Answer: In my previous role as a Food Technologist, I was responsible for overseeing the new product development pipeline. I collaborated with cross-functional teams to identify opportunities, prioritize concepts, and manage projects from concept to market launch. This involved conducting market research, creating product formulas, conducting consumer acceptance tests, and coordinating production scale-up. I have successfully managed and introduced several new products to the market, demonstrating my ability to handle this aspect of the role effectively.

2. How do you stay updated with emerging ingredients, packaging, and technology in the food industry, and how do you incorporate these advancements into your work?

Answer: To stay updated, I regularly engage in industry publications, attend conferences, and participate in online forums and webinars. Additionally, I maintain strong relationships with suppliers and keep an open line of communication with colleagues in R&D and procurement. When I come across innovative ingredients, packaging solutions, or technological advancements, I evaluate their potential benefits, conduct feasibility studies, and, if viable, incorporate them into our product development process to enhance our offerings and maintain a competitive edge.

3. Can you give an example of a challenging project where you had to develop a new food product to meet specific consumer needs?

Answer: In a previous role, I encountered a project where we needed to create a gluten-free alternative for a popular bakery product due to growing consumer demand. This required extensive research into alternative flours, binders, and leavening agents to maintain the desired taste and texture. I collaborated closely with our production team to refine the process. After rigorous testing and adjustments, we successfully launched a gluten-free version of the product that not only met consumer needs but also exceeded sales expectations.

4. How do you ensure product quality and consistency in the development process?

Answer: Quality and consistency are paramount in product development. To ensure this, I create detailed SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) for every step in the formulation process. These SOPs include precise measurements, production techniques, and quality control checkpoints. Additionally, I maintain a robust documentation system for all recipes and regularly conduct product testing and analysis in-house. This ensures that each batch meets our quality standards and maintains consistency across production runs.

5. Describe your approach to conducting NPD and R&D activities with defined targets and timelines. How do you manage multiple projects simultaneously?

Answer: I approach NPD and R&D activities with a structured plan and clear targets. First, I establish a well-defined project calendar approved by management, outlining milestones, deadlines, and key deliverables. I prioritize projects based on their strategic importance and resource requirements. Effective communication with cross-functional teams is crucial to ensure everyone is aligned and aware of their roles and responsibilities. Regular progress tracking and adjustments to the timeline, if necessary, are essential to ensure that all projects stay on track and are completed within defined timelines. My ability to multitask and adapt to changing priorities helps me manage multiple projects effectively.

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