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Biotecnika CEO Inspires Student’s Interdisciplinary Research

In a remarkable instance of blending passion with academic endeavors, an Indian student showcased how interdisciplinary research can lead to groundbreaking findings, with a slight push from unexpected quarters.

The journey began with an ordinary Sunday morning, as the student was engrossed in reading an article in the science and technology section of The Hindu Newspaper. The piece detailed a concerning issue regarding the “Japanese encephalitis virus vaccine” losing its neutralizing antibody capacity. This news ignited a spark of curiosity and prompted a conversation between the student and his friend, Ganith.

The conversation wasn’t just a fleeting chat over tea; it sowed the seeds for a new venture. As Ganith approached the end of his MSc dissertation project, the duo decided to pitch a novel idea. They planned to conduct in-silicon studies on the “Japanese encephalitis virus” using the medicinal plant “TODDALIA ASIATICA” from which Ganith had extracted oil.

Their research work encompassed:

  1. Extraction of oil from TODDALIA ASIATICA.
  2. Analysis using GC-MS.
  3. Molecular docking studies with the “Japanese encephalitis virus capsid protein” by compounds found in the plant.

By combining the fields of zoology, botany, bioinformatics, and computational chemistry, they demonstrated how the future

of research is geared towards interdisciplinarity. It wasn’t just about the academic implications; it was about realizing the importance of collaboration across domains.

Key to this achievement was the encouragement the student received from Shekhar Suman, CEO of Biotecnika. Suman’s persistent advice on venturing into interdisciplinary research provided the necessary motivation. In a heartfelt acknowledgment, the student conveyed his gratitude for Suman’s role in this academic endeavor.

The three-and-a-half-month-long research, which is soon to be published as a paper, reiterated the importance of continuous learning, unlearning, and relearning. As the student aptly puts it, collaboration with peers from different departments can enrich one’s M.Sc dissertation project, fostering not just academic growth but deepening friendships.

In a world increasingly moving towards breaking down silos, this narrative serves as an inspiring testament to the power of interdisciplinary research and the potential held by collaboration.

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