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Aurobindo Biotech Jobs – BSc, MSc, MTech & BTech Apply

Aurobindo Biotech Jobs – BSc, MSc, MTech & BTech Apply. Aurobindo is hiring Fermentation experienced background candidates for our Greenfield Projects to fill the following Positions in Kakinada. Check the details below and apply online for the Latest Biotechnology jobs in Fermentation. Apply Online.

Location – Kakinada

Post 1

Role – Assistants /Executive / Assistant Manager – Fermentation(Production)

Qualification: Tech/M. Tech in Biotechnology

Experience: 03 to 15+ years.

Relevant Experience in Media Preparation, seed Aurfermentation, main fermentation and Exposure in fed Batch Section,Filtrate dilution section,Filter press and Conveying of
Mycelia, Filter integrity testing, Microbiology Analysis, MIS + General works. Handling Reactors, Centrifuges, Distillation columns, Clean room operations, Following GMP, Facility Readiness, Area Qualifications, Review of SOPs, and Qualification documentation.

Post 2

Role – Assistants /Executive / Assistant Manager – Extraction(Production)

Qualification: Tech/M. Tech in Biotechnology

Experience:03 to 15+years.

Relevant Experience in Filtrate Collection & First Extraction and exposure in Water washing
& Decolorization, Potassium treatment for PENG & 6 APA, exposure in Crystallization
Section & Filter Section, Solvent Storage and Handling, Acid and Alkali
storage Handling MIS + General works in QMS/Quality Management System, Documentation, Training.

Post 3

Role – Assistants /Executive / Assistant Manager – Fermentation(Microbiologist)

Qualification: Tech/M. Tech in Biotechnology

Experience:03 to 15+years.

  • Relevant Experience in preparing media and Equipment, monitoring cultures, taking samples, turn-around of fermenters and bioreactors, sterilization, and vaccination, Must have experience in production microbiology operations like inoculum production and subculturing of microorganisms. Plate counting, microscopic examination.
  • Designing and execution of shake flask tests. Operate general production equipment such as Autoclaves, incubators, Analytical Scales, PH/Conductivity meters, Lyophilizes Etc.
  • Hands-on Experience in GMP production including aseptic processing and sterility testing. Prepare BPR & SOP’s Experience with cultivation and/or pilot-scale fermentation vessels.
  • Demonstrate ability to perform all process steps upstream and/or support production operations.


Greetings, everyone! We’ve compiled a list of interview questions and corresponding answers to help you prepare effectively for your upcoming interview for the Latest Biotechnology jobs in Fermentation. We encourage you to study these materials and perform your best during the interview for the Latest Biotechnology jobs in Fermentation.

For Post 1 – Assistants / Executive / Assistant Manager – Fermentation (Production):

Question: Can you describe your experience with media preparation and its importance in the fermentation process?
Answer: Media preparation is a critical aspect of fermentation. I have extensive experience in formulating various types of media, ensuring the right nutrients and conditions for microorganism growth. This is crucial for optimizing fermentation yields and product quality.

Question: How do you handle the challenges associated with filtration and filtration processes in fermentation?
Answer: Filtration is essential for separating biomass from the fermentation broth. I have experience in operating filter press systems and ensuring filter integrity. Regular monitoring, troubleshooting, and maintenance are key to achieving efficient filtration.

Question: Can you explain the significance of GMP in fermentation production? How do you ensure compliance with GMP standards?
Answer: Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) are vital for maintaining product quality and safety. I am well-versed in following GMP protocols, conducting facility readiness checks, and ensuring area qualifications. I also review SOPs and maintain qualification documentation to uphold GMP standards.

Question: What equipment have you operated in the fermentation process, and how do you ensure their proper functioning?
Answer: I have hands-on experience with various equipment like reactors, centrifuges, and distillation columns. I ensure their proper functioning by conducting regular maintenance, calibration, and adhering to standard operating procedures. This minimizes downtime and ensures consistent production.

Question: How do you approach microbiology analysis in fermentation? What methods and techniques have you used?
Answer: Microbiology analysis involves plate counting, microscopic examination, and other techniques to monitor microbial growth and contamination. I am skilled in these methods and use them to maintain optimal fermentation conditions and product quality.

For Post 2 – Assistants / Executive / Assistant Manager – Extraction (Production):

Question: Can you explain the role of filtration and solvent handling in the extraction process?
Answer: Filtration is crucial for separating solid impurities, while proper solvent handling ensures efficient extraction. I have experience in both areas, ensuring high-quality extracts and safe handling of solvents.

Question: How do you ensure the quality of extracted products during crystallization and filtration processes?
Answer: Quality control is paramount. I monitor the crystallization process closely, maintain precise conditions, and verify crystal purity through analytical techniques. Additionally, I ensure efficient filtration to remove impurities and obtain a pure product.

Question: What is your understanding of a Quality Management System (QMS) in a production environment, and how do you contribute to it?
Answer: A QMS ensures product quality and consistency. I actively participate in QMS by documenting processes, providing training, and following established procedures. This contributes to a culture of quality and continuous improvement.

For Post 3 – Assistants / Executive / Assistant Manager – Fermentation (Microbiologist):

Question: Can you elaborate on your experience with microbiological operations in fermentation?
Answer: I have a comprehensive background in microbiological operations, including media preparation, culture monitoring, sampling, sterilization, and vaccination. These activities are essential for maintaining optimal microbial growth and product quality.

Question: What is your approach to aseptic processing in GMP production, and how do you ensure sterility testing is accurate?
Answer: Aseptic processing is critical for preventing contamination. I strictly adhere to aseptic techniques, maintain cleanroom operations, and validate sterility testing methods to guarantee accurate results and product safety.

Question: Can you discuss your experience with the preparation of Batch Production Records (BPR) and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)?
Answer: I have prepared BPRs and SOPs to ensure consistent and standardized processes. This documentation is essential for compliance, quality assurance, and training new personnel.


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