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Unilever Hiring BSc MSc Food Science & Technology For Manager Job

Unilever Hiring BSc MSc Food Science & Technology For Manager Job. Unilever Hiring BSc/ MSc in Food Science & Technology for Research & Development. Interested Candidates check out the details below and Apply Online

Job title: Assistant Manager Global Product Compliance- N& IC

Job Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra, &  Bengaluru, Karnataka

Job id: R-69101

Job Category: Research/Development

Job Type: Full Time

Job Description :

The GPC Assistant Manager will be accountable for supporting the delivery of the global compliance agenda for N&IC (Nutrition & Ice Cream) and driving the digital transformation initiatives.

  • Perform Regulatory Product Compliance Assessments (e.g., raw material, formulation, artwork, packaging, registration/documentation, and impact assessment) via interpretation of existing food and/or food contact regulations in line with N&IC business strategy.
  • Drive cross-functional projects with various global and local teams to deliver the global N&IC compliance agenda.
  • Assist the compliance manager in monitoring and interpretation of changes in food and food related regulations in Unilever markets that may impact on the N&IC business and advise the business on eventual risks and/or corrective actions to ensure compliance.
  • Identify, evaluate, and recommend external Regulatory Change Management tools/ databases/ service providers which can help maintaining/ updating regulatory rules in GPC digital tools.
  • Drive the Digital Transformation initiatives through assisting in development/ adoption of necessary digital tools/ processes (and their deployment), and continuous education of stakeholders.
  • Assist the compliance manager in improving the governance of product compliance data for the digitized compliance processes.
  • Champion usage of existing digital tools (ARA and others) to support compliance priorities such as RA assessment of formulations, collection of RM documents from suppliers etc.
  • Drive ARA content management initiative for N&IC and assist in global expansion plans.
  • Manage various regulatory databases/ repositories to ensure continued compliance of the product/ formulation/ RM and packaging portfolio.
  • Ensure smooth running of outsourced compliance services in collaboration with GPC Externalization team.


  • Internal

Digital R&D, Uni Ops, GPC Cluster/ Externalization teams, N&IC RA team, N&IC R&D team, N&IC SC teams (Quality, Procurement, Customs Affairs, Planning, etc.)

  • External

Professional Service Outsourcing (PSO) partners, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) partners, Raw material / Packaging Suppliers, Food Safety Authorities


  • Good understanding of N&IC R&D: formulations, products, raw materials and packaging materials, including basic appreciation of related compliance processes
  • Good understanding of and/or affinity with current and emerging food (e.g., allergens, contaminants, pesticides, and food contact) legislation and interest to develop this knowledge further at global scale.
  • Digital mindset; appreciation of data, tools, automation etc.
  • Hands on experience of working with PLM/SAP is preferable.
  • Capable of understanding and developing business processes
  • Attention to detail, tenacity, ability to recognize, question and resolve discrepancies.
  • Very well organized, self-motivated, enthusiastic, and confident
  • Good communication skill
  • Good project management skill
  • Working knowledge of Agile Methodologies
  • Strong networking skill and collaborative mindset
  • Strong Business acumen, Agility & Passion for high performance


  • Bachelor’s degree/ Master’s degree in Chemistry / Food Science & Technology / Food Safety Management / Packaging Technologies.


Here are five interview questions along with their sample answers for the position of Assistant Manager Global Product Compliance – N&IC:

Question 1: Can you explain your understanding of the role of a GPC Assistant Manager in driving global compliance for N&IC and supporting digital transformation initiatives? Answer: As a GPC Assistant Manager for N&IC, my role revolves around ensuring that our products comply with global regulations while also driving digital transformation. This involves conducting regulatory assessments, interpreting food and food contact regulations, and collaborating with cross-functional teams. I’ll be identifying risks, recommending corrective actions, and managing regulatory databases. Additionally, I’ll contribute to the implementation of digital tools and educate stakeholders about these tools to streamline compliance processes.

Question 2: How would you approach a situation where there’s a change in food regulations that might impact our N&IC products? Answer: If there’s a regulatory change that might affect our N&IC products, I would first assess the specifics of the change and its potential impact. I’d collaborate with the compliance manager and relevant teams to understand the implications for our products. I’d then provide the business with a thorough analysis of the risks and recommended actions to ensure compliance. This might involve revisiting formulations, artwork, and packaging, and working closely with our various teams to implement necessary changes.

Question 3: Could you provide an example of a time when you effectively managed a cross-functional project? Answer: Certainly. In my previous role, I was part of a team that implemented a new regulatory compliance software. I collaborated with R&D, Quality Assurance, and IT teams to ensure a smooth transition. I organized regular meetings, communicated project updates, and addressed any challenges that arose. Through this collaboration, we successfully integrated the software, improved data accuracy, and reduced compliance-related errors by 25%, benefiting the entire organization.

Question 4: How would you ensure that our digital tools adoption aligns with our compliance priorities? Answer: To ensure the alignment of digital tools with compliance priorities, I would first identify the key compliance processes and pain points. Then, I would evaluate the capabilities of our existing tools and, if needed, explore new tools that address these needs efficiently. I’d work closely with stakeholders, conduct training sessions to demonstrate the benefits of these tools, and provide ongoing support. Regular feedback loops would help me fine-tune the tools and optimize their usage for compliance-related tasks.

Question 5: Can you discuss your experience with managing regulatory databases and repositories? Answer: In my previous roles, I’ve actively managed regulatory databases and repositories. I’ve ensured that product, formulation, raw material, and packaging information is accurately maintained and up-to-date. I’ve also implemented strategies to streamline data access for the compliance team, enabling quicker assessments and decision-making. By maintaining well-organized repositories, I’ve contributed to smoother audits and facilitated timely reporting to regulatory authorities.

Remember, these are just sample answers. It’s important to tailor your responses to your actual experiences and achievements in your career.

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