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Teabox Food Science Biology Job Opening – Apply Online

Teabox Food Science Biology Job Opening – Apply Online. Quality Safety Regulatory – Lead at Teabox For Biology & Food Science Candidates, Apply Online. Check out the position for Quality Safety Regulatory at Teabox, interested and eligible candidates view the details given the same below.

Job position: Quality Safety Regulatory – Lead

Job Location: SILIGURI

About company

  • Teabox (a brand owned by Teaxpress Pvt. Ltd.) is on a mission to ensure that every cup of tea consumed in the world is fresh. That is why we have revolutionized how tea comes to you. We source directly from over 150 estates across India. The finest teas come to us often within a few hours of production. We use state-of-the-art dehumidifying and cold storage solutions that keep the freshness, aroma, and taste of the teas intact. To date, we have delivered over 5 Bn cups to 125+ countries.
  • Our vision is to build a home-grown premium tea brand from the source that not only takes Indian teas to global levels but also gives back to the region. Hence we are significantly operating and hiring in Siliguri.

About the Role

As a QSR Head

, you will be responsible for developing, implementing, and maintaining safety, regulatory and quality assurance processes and systems to ensure the highest standards of product quality across all aspects of our operations. You will collaborate with cross-functional teams to identify and resolve quality issues, drive continuous improvement initiatives, and uphold the Teabox brand’s reputation for excellence. The successful candidate will possess strong leadership skills, an analytical mindset, and a passion for delivering exceptional products.


  1. Ensure Regulatory compliance (Tea Board of India, FSSAI, Legal Metrology, FSSC 22000 V.1), company policies, procedures, and specifications.
  2. Should be responsible for establishing an efficient food safety management system in the company and driving a food safety culture among employees.
  3. Process monitoring, system improvement support, training, specialized testing, auditing of systems and performance.
  4. Customer or supplier interaction, response to audits and issues, enterprise and local execution of best practice initiatives.
  5. Assist in the creation and maintenance of Teaxpress documents for Quality and Food Safety programs.
  6. Maintain control systems for purposes of food safety, regulatory and general compliance as well as audit support. Lead audits; recall/mock recall drills, etc.
  7. Carry out Product Improvement & Development Ideation
  8. Ensure New Product Development according to the timeline
  9. Arrange, coordinate and participate in external quality audits
  10. Should coordinate in handling Root Cause Analysis and Corrective Action Plan related to audits and inspections.
  11. Managing all the documentation for food testing-related material.

Skill Sets / Qualification Required:

  1. 4-year degree in Chemistry, Biology, Food Science or applied science AND minimum 5 years of quality, regulatory or manufacturing experience
  2. Demonstrated technical and leadership skills, plant manufacturing, laboratory and quality knowledge
  3. Strong knowledge of quality management systems, standards (ISO 9001, HACCP), and regulatory requirements.
  4. Experience in implementing and maintaining quality processes, including document control, audits, and inspections.
  5. Familiarity with quality improvement methodologies such as Six Sigma, Lean, or Kaizen, and the ability to apply them effectively.
  6. Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills, with the ability to identify root causes, develop action plans, and drive effective solutions.
  7. Strong leadership abilities, with experience in managing and developing a team.
  8. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams and stakeholders.
  9. Detail-oriented with a strong focus on accuracy and consistency.
  10. Ability to work in a fast-paced environment, prioritize tasks, and meet deadlines.


Possible interview questions may be asked for Quality Safety Regulatory at Teabox

1.  Can you tell us about your experience in ensuring regulatory compliance and quality assurance in the food and beverage industry? Answer: Certainly. I have over 5 years of experience in quality, regulatory, and manufacturing roles within the food and beverage industry. I have successfully ensured compliance with regulatory bodies such as the Tea Board of India, FSSAI, Legal Metrology, and FSSC 22000 V.1. I have implemented quality management systems, conducted audits, and maintained documentation to uphold the highest standards of product quality and safety.

2. How do you plan to establish and drive a food safety culture among employees in the company? Answer: Establishing a food safety culture requires a comprehensive approach. I plan to conduct regular training sessions to educate employees about the importance of food safety. Additionally, I will implement clear Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for handling, storing, and processing food items. Encouraging open communication about food safety concerns and actively involving employees in food safety initiatives will also play a crucial role in fostering a food safety culture.

3. Can you provide an example of a situation where you identified a quality issue and successfully resolved it? Answer: Certainly. In a previous role, we encountered an inconsistency in the taste of a particular tea blend. Through careful analysis, we identified that the issue was related to the sourcing of one specific ingredient. I collaborated with the sourcing team to rectify the problem by selecting a more consistent supplier for that ingredient. This resulted in a significant improvement in the tea blend’s quality and customer satisfaction.

4.How would you lead audits and inspections to ensure quality and regulatory compliance? Answer: Leading audits and inspections involves meticulous planning and execution. I would begin by ensuring that all relevant documentation and processes are in order before the audit. During the audit, I would work closely with the auditing team to address any queries and provide them with accurate information. Post-audit, I would implement any corrective actions necessary based on the audit findings to continuously improve our quality and compliance standards.

5.Can you share your experience in product improvement and development ideation? Answer: Certainly. I have been actively involved in the product improvement and development process. By closely monitoring customer feedback and analyzing market trends, I’ve been able to identify areas for improvement and new product opportunities. Collaborating with cross-functional teams, including R&D and marketing, I’ve successfully initiated and executed product enhancements and new product launches, contributing to overall business growth.

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