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MSc Life Science Job Check out the Latest Project Manager at Novo Nordisk, Interested and Eligible candidates apply now

Job position: Project Manager

Job Location: Bangalore, India

Department: Data Systems & Automation, Clinical & Data Science (CDS) GBS

Job category : Clinical Development and Medical

About the department 

Data Systems & Automation, Bangalore Global Development is one of the most competent and diverse team of professionals who are mainly responsible for providing functional and system support to execute clinical trials across Product Development Plan portfolio. The team has strong understanding of Clinical Systems & interfaces with end-to-start mindset on standardization of data-flow across systems, Electronic Case Report Form (e CRF) development using Central Designer and hands-on experience with Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium (CDISC) concepts annotated Case Report Form (a CRF), Study Data Tabulation Model (SDTM) mapping, SAS programming, Study Data Review Guideline (SDRG) etc., to aid CDISC submission which is a mandate from regulatory authorities.

The position

As a Project Manager, EDC & Testing Hub, an ideal candidate will be responsible for managing all aspects of projects – including phase reviews, design , development and full documentation. Responsible for managing projects to ensure delivering according to project plan. Review existing set

up of the automation program and bring in new ideas or protocol to improve the operation efficiency and effectiveness. Maintain communication with stakeholders throughout the project, including the submittal of project status updates.

  • Responsible to Identify new technology in automation space like chat BOTs and ML, AI and evaluate their usefulness at Data Systems & Automation. Responsible for showing efficiency gains through automation.
  • Responsible to drive end to end project management and support in maturing the process.
  • Maintain good communication with stakeholders throughout the project, including the submittal of project status updates & hold regular meeting with stakeholders to track progress.
  • Responsible to be compliant on SOPs, GCP, GDP and GPP.
  • Propose new ideas and suggestions on Simplified way of working. Share better practices on use of standards in alignment with Lead CDP Programmer and standard specialist.

Experience : 

You are expected to have the below skills and knowledge:

  • M.Sc. / B.Sc. in Life Science or comparable degree in computer science, Information Technology clinical information management or equivalent qualifications.
  • Minimum 7-8 years of experience in pharmaceutical industry or handling projects across different domains.
  • Project Management experience like AGILE, Safe, SCRUM methodologies.
  • Motivated self-starter and team player, works well with others and interacts effectively and efficiently with internal or external people and groups
  • Extensive cross functional team expertise including technical and non-technical work
  • Must have ability to prioritize, multi-task and meet deadlines and work without supervision and escalate where necessary.
  • Organized and detail oriented with excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Ability to work in a diverse multi-cultural environment.
  • Team oriented personality with a high degree of flexibility.
  • Planning / Co-ordinating abilities, Committed and responsible.

Working At Novo Nordisk

At Novo Nordisk, we don’t wait for change. We drive it. We’re a dynamic company in an even more dynamic industry, and we know that what got us to where we are today is not necessarily what will make us successful in the future. We embrace the spirit of experimentation, striving for excellence without fixating on perfection. We never shy away from opportunities to develop, we seize them. From research and development, through to manufacturing, marketing and sales- we’re all working to move the needle on patient care.


  • If you believe you are a match for the above requirements and are willing to take up the role, please apply here with our online application tool.


  • Apply on or before 6th September 2023.
  • We commit to an inclusive recruitment process and equality of opportunity for all our job applicants.

 Apply now

Possible interview question may be asked for Project Manager at Novo Nordisk

1. Can you tell us about your educational background and how your BSc/MSc in Life Sciences has prepared you for a Project Manager role at Novo Nordisk?

Answer: Certainly. I hold a [BSc/MSc] degree in Life Sciences, which has provided me with a comprehensive understanding of various scientific disciplines such as biology, chemistry, and genetics. This education has not only equipped me with a strong foundation in scientific principles but also honed my analytical and critical thinking skills. These skills are vital for assessing complex projects, managing timelines, and ensuring successful outcomes as a Project Manager at Novo Nordisk.

2. How do you see your academic background and experience aligning with Novo Nordisk’s commitment to improving diabetes care?

Answer: My educational background in Life Sciences has given me insights into the biological underpinnings of diseases, including diabetes. Novo Nordisk’s dedication to diabetes care resonates with me, and I believe my academic foundation allows me to contribute effectively to projects related to diabetes research and treatment development. My experience in [mention any relevant experience] further complements this alignment by demonstrating my ability to apply scientific knowledge to real-world projects.

3. Could you share an example of a project you’ve managed that required effective cross-functional collaboration and how you ensured its success?

Answer: Certainly. During my [mention project or experience], I was tasked with leading a cross-functional team to [briefly describe the project goal]. Effective collaboration was essential, so I initiated regular meetings to ensure alignment and open communication among team members from diverse backgrounds. By fostering an environment of transparency and valuing each team member’s expertise, we were able to overcome challenges and achieve our project goals within the designated timeline.

4. Novo Nordisk emphasizes innovation. How have you demonstrated your ability to drive innovation within a scientific context?

Answer: Innovation often arises from a combination of scientific knowledge and creative thinking. In my [mention experience], I faced a unique challenge that required an innovative approach. I combined my scientific understanding with outside-the-box thinking to propose a novel solution that addressed the challenge effectively. This experience reinforced my belief that innovation emerges from a willingness to explore new perspectives and integrate diverse ideas.

5. Can you discuss a situation where you encountered unexpected setbacks in a project and how you managed to navigate through them?

Answer: Certainly. During [mention project or experience], we encountered unexpected delays due to [briefly describe the setback]. To address this, I immediately initiated a risk assessment, identified alternative strategies, and communicated the situation transparently to stakeholders. By swiftly adapting the project plan, reallocating resources, and maintaining open communication, we were able to mitigate the setback and bring the project back on track.

MSc Life Science Job, MSc Life Science Job