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Mondelēz International Scientist Job For Food Science Candidates, Apply Online

Mondelēz International Scientist Job For Food Science Candidates, Apply Online. Looking for Senior Scientist I in Mondelēz International, check out all the details given the same below:

Title: Senior Scientist I

Location: Thane, India

Job ID: R-86501

Job Description:

Join our Mission to Lead the Future of Snacking. Make It With Pride.

Working as part of a cross-functional team you lead the RDQ activities required to complete new product development and maintain portfolios and/or productivity projects keeping in mind the goal to deliver the desired consumer experience.

How you will contribute

You will work independently to plan, lead and coordinate technical projects in line with RDQ, marketing and manufacturing requirements You will effectively communicate status and risks and plan, lead and coordinate pilot plant and factory trials in accordance with good manufacturing practice and HACCP requirements. In addition, you will plan, lead and coordinate development activities (e.g. product shelf-life testing, designing for quality, consumer test preparation. etc.). To provide direction for product development, you will use digital simulation models to obtain, understand and interpret consumer insights and commercial information. In this role, you will create and maintain accurate consumer-led specifications

and be responsible for stakeholder management and influencing decisions based on conclusions made from analysis and interpretation of results.

What you will bring

A desire to drive your future and accelerate your career and the following experience and knowledge:

  • Leading RDQ teams and influencing cross-functional teams
  • Handling multiple priorities
  • Proactively identifying complex technical or business problems and creating and implementing solutions
  • Applying technical curiosity and understanding to interpret and analyze data
  • Effectively influencing senior-level and cross-functional stakeholders verbally and in writing, including writing technical report conclusions
  • Coaching and mentoring others

More about this role

  • Education / Certifications: Bachelors/ Masters in Food Science
  • Job specific requirements: Experience of new line commissioning and / or manufacturing experience will be preferred.
  • Travel requirements: This role will need travelling within India – sometime for short duration and sometime for long duration
  • Within Country Relocation support available and for candidates voluntarily moving internationally some minimal support is offered through our Volunteer International


Possible interview Questions may be asked for Senior Scientist I at Mondelēz International

1.Can you describe your experience in leading RDQ teams and influencing cross-functional teams? Answer: In my previous role, I served as a team leader in the RDQ department, where I successfully led cross-functional teams comprising researchers, developers, and quality specialists. I fostered effective collaboration and communication to achieve project goals and deliver innovative products to meet consumer needs.

2. How do you handle multiple priorities and ensure timely completion of projects? Answer: I prioritize tasks based on their impact on project timelines and overall objectives. I regularly review project schedules, assign resources efficiently, and delegate responsibilities to team members with the right expertise. Effective time management and clear communication help me keep projects on track.

3. Can you provide an example of a complex technical or business problem you encountered and the solution you implemented? Answer: In a previous project, we faced challenges with product stability during shelf-life testing. After careful analysis, we identified the root cause and adjusted the formulation, leading to improved stability. This solution involved collaborating with both R&D and manufacturing teams to implement the necessary changes successfully.

4. How do you use data analysis to interpret and draw conclusions from research results? Answer: Data analysis is a critical aspect of my work. I utilize statistical tools and digital simulation models to interpret research findings, consumer insights, and commercial information. This allows me to make informed decisions and steer product development in the right direction.

5. How do you approach coaching and mentoring others within your team?
Answer: I believe in fostering a supportive and inclusive work environment. I encourage open communication and provide constructive feedback to help team members grow in their roles. I also create opportunities for skill development and share knowledge to enhance their capabilities.

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