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Food Tech Scientist Job – BSc Food Science Apply at McCormick & Company

Food Tech Scientist Job – BSc Food Science Apply at McCormick & Company. McCormick & Company BSc Food Science, Food Tech Scientist Job – Apply Online. Interested and eligible applicants can check out all of the details on the same below


Location: SONIPAT, IN, 131021

Company: McCormick & Company


Primary Responsibility

With management guidance, completes difficult technical assignments which require a knowledge of, and experience in, the discipline. Applies initiative and creativity in assignments. May provide technical direction to, or may supervise, lower-level team members. Progressively establishes own work schedule and research plans under general supervision. Will recommend changes in practices and procedures. May be called upon to provide technical expertise to other staff members and may have frequent customer contact. interacts with key customers and cross-functional teams to plan and execute product and process development projects from concept to commercialization in accordance with customer and business requirements.  Projects may include but are not limited to customer product/process development, McCormick branded product/process development and Comprehensive Continuous Improvement (CCI) projects.

The Product Development Scientist I is responsible for ensuring that projects related to

Retort Product Development are completed within assigned priorities and is expected to identify and manage technical risk.   The person will have independence in the relevant scientific and technical approaches used. He/she may also be asked to provide technical direction and informal leadership and supervision of Product Development Scientist I, interns, and technicians to achieve project objectives. The Product Development Scientist I is expected to be an active team member that shares knowledge with and coaches other R&D team members. The person will follow and obey the requirements specified by the company, with awareness and emphasis on quality and safety of products together with report irregularities that may affect food quality and safety.

Key Roles & Responsibility

  • Works effectively with relevant intra-team (Culinary, Sensory, Packaging) and cross functional team members including Sales, Marketing, Procurement, QA, Regulatory, Finance and Operations to develop and/or duplicate products from concept to commercialisation, as per assigned project brief and ensures that these products are suitable for manufacture and are stable throughout shelf life.  Must have a deep understanding of interactions between ingredients, recipes and processes.  Is expected to interact with suppliers/vendors and to liaise with cross functional partners in vendor approval programs and material selection, review and approval.
    Has the ability to leverage global expertise when required. Provides technical and troubleshooting support to both internal and external stakeholders as required.  Actively participates in NPD meetings and works with their line manager and commercial leads to deliver projects within agreed timeframes.  Able to understand and execute R&D related software (SAP, SAPRD etc) and systems (GATE, INTELEX etc). Accountable for making day to day key technical decisions where required.
  • Identifies and executes CCI and process improvements across the function utilising resources within the team and potentially cross functionally
  • Highly proficient at preparing tentative and final product specifications for finished products for the approval of the Product Development Manager and Quality Assurance Manager. This includes ingredient statements, nutritional composition and labeling requirements where appropriate
  • Interacts with suppliers, Universities, and other sources to keep abreast of new products/Flavours and technologies.  Applies learnings and advises key internal stakeholders and external customers of new technologies and presents best in class concepts for customer and consumer innovation.  Has regular engagement with external customers and internal stakeholders based on project requirements and develops a deep and intimate understanding of customer strategies & priorities as well as internal business strategies and priorities.  Understands and stays abreast of market and consumer insights and applies the insights to product development projects to ensure products meet consumer expectations
  • Supervises manufacturing/scale up trials or first time production runs during new product commercialisation.  Leads the transition to business as usual, engaging key stakeholders along the way
  • Coaches and mentors Product Development Technologists, interns and technicians as required, to build a High-Performance Organization through effective ways of working, technical skill and application development.  Reviews Product Development Technician & Technologist work and makes recommendations.  Is the point of contact for relevant projects and subject matter expertise when the Line Manager is not available
  • Liaises with cross functional teams in the development of vendor approval programs, material alternatives and Comprehensive Continuous Improvement.

Education & Expereince

  • BSc Food Science/Food Technology/ Process Engineering. Thermal Process and Retort Certification such as an Approved Thermal Process Authority would be advantageous.
  • 5+ years of relevant product development experience in the food industry. Ready to Eat Meals, Sauces, Pastes, Condiments, Coatings or Seasonings experience preferred.

Job Dimension

  • Position plays a key role in executing the Flavour Solutions and Consumer annual business growth strategy, income and profit targets.
  • The position is expected to have frequent customer contact.  To deliver professional presentations and customer engagement and to represent McCormick as a trusted strategic adviser and foster customer relationships to ensure longevity of future business.
  • There will be frequent engagement with vendors and potential vendors, and an expectation to represent and communicate McCormick’s quality and ethical standards.
  • The role will also need to network with broader Global R&D contacts to continuously improve or drive solutions and provide advice/guidance to the local business unit and cross functional partners.
  • The position is expected to provide informal coaching and mentoring to other R&D team members.
  • The role impacts the R&D team, operations, QA, procurement (APZ and local), Flavor Solutions and Consumer customers, suppliers, Commercial teams and the global R&D network.
  • There will be daily interactions with R&D, QA, Regulatory, Operations/Supply Chain, Flavour solutions and Consumer team, Marketing and finance.  There will be frequent interaction with external customers, vendors/suppliers and other industry contacts.

McCormick and Company is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. All qualified applicants shall receive consideration for employment without regard to sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, color, religion, national origin, disability, protected veteran status, age, or any other characteristic protected by law.

As a general policy, McCormick does not offer employment visa sponsorships upon hire or in the future. 


Here are 5 possible interview questions along with their answers for the Scientist I Product Development position:

Question 1: Can you describe a challenging technical assignment you’ve completed in your previous role that required creativity and initiative? How did you approach the task and what were the outcomes? Answer: Certainly. In my previous role, I was tasked with developing a new sauce recipe that needed to meet specific taste and stability requirements. I initiated an experimental plan, systematically testing different ingredient interactions and processing methods. Through creative problem-solving, I achieved a sauce that not only met the criteria but also had an extended shelf life, leading to a successful product launch.

Question 2: The role emphasizes cross-functional collaboration. Could you share an example of how you effectively worked with diverse teams, including Culinary, Sensory, and Packaging, to develop and commercialize a product? Answer: Of course. In a previous project, I collaborated closely with Culinary experts to fine-tune the flavor profile, engaged with Sensory to ensure consumer acceptance, and worked with Packaging to design an efficient packaging solution. By coordinating efforts and maintaining open communication, we successfully launched a new seasoning product that received positive consumer feedback and met cost targets.

Question 3: The role requires understanding interactions between ingredients, recipes, and processes. How have you applied this knowledge to overcome a product development challenge and ensure product stability? Answer: One instance involved developing a ready-to-eat meal with a complex flavor profile. By thoroughly understanding ingredient functionalities and process interactions, I optimized the formulation and cooking methods to preserve flavor, texture, and quality over the product’s shelf life. This attention to detail resulted in a consistent and stable product that satisfied consumer expectations.

Question 4: Could you discuss your experience with Comprehensive Continuous Improvement (CCI) projects and how you identify opportunities for process enhancements within the product development function? Answer: Certainly. In my previous role, I actively participated in CCI initiatives to streamline product development workflows. By conducting process audits and analyzing data, I identified bottlenecks and inefficiencies. For instance, I proposed a revised testing protocol that reduced product validation time by 20%, enhancing overall project efficiency.

Question 5: The job requires interacting with suppliers and staying updated on new products and technologies. How have you leveraged your network and knowledge to bring innovative solutions to a product development project? Answer: In a recent project, I collaborated with suppliers to explore novel ingredients that could enhance a sauce’s flavor and stability. By attending industry conferences and building relationships, I identified an innovative natural thickening agent. Incorporating this ingredient not only improved the product’s texture but also aligned with the growing consumer preference for clean labels and natural ingredients.

These answers provide insights into the candidate’s technical skills, collaboration abilities, problem-solving approach, and innovation mindset, aligning with the requirements of the Scientist I Product Development position.

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