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CSIR NET June Toppers 2023 From Biotecnika!

Dear Biotecnikans,

The battle may be over, but the war is far from finished! Some champions have emerged, while others are gearing up for round two. Time’s ticking, and you need to act fast!

Learn from the Masters themselves at Biotecnika! We’re thrilled to celebrate the success of over 621+ Biotecnikans who conquered the CSIR NET & GATE Exam this year, and the count is still rising!

Welcome to Dream Biotecnika:

With a vision to nurture the brightest minds in our nation, Biotecnika is here to make your dreams a reality. We’ve got 17 years of unstoppable success and expertise under our belt, making us the ultimate go-to source for all things CSIR NET & GATE. And guess what? We’re more than just that! From the latest biotech industry updates to job opportunities, internships, admissions, scholarships, grants, and more – Biotecnika has got your back!

But hey, we don’t stop there! We’re on a mission to shape you into the perfect researcher. Sure, CSIR NET is vital, but we’re taking it a step further! Our Internships, Workshops, Training, Mentorship, LoR’s, Reference letters, and beyond will transform you into a well-rounded researcher.

Become a 360° Researcher, not just a CSIR NET & GATE qualifier!

Didn’t qualify for the CSIR NET Exam? No worries! The knowledge and experience you gained from our 24 workshops, 4 internships, certification courses, mentorship sessions, and more are pure gold!

But here’s the deal – spots are limited, and opportunities like this won’t wait! IISc, JNU-Incubated Lab Foresight, SHRM, and other big names are offering internships and training sessions for CSIR NET & GATE aspirants like you! Don’t miss out!

Ready to hear inspiring success stories? Brace yourself! Video testimonials are coming your way, and they’ll be on our Biotecnika Youtube channel – subscribe now!

Applications Open For WATSON JUNOOn SCHOLARSHIP – LAST FEW SEATS – DEADLINE 15th August 2023

Time’s of the essence, so don’t delay! Let’s conquer the biotech world together!

Attached are some screenshots & Videos – Numerous more are on the way – stay tuned! 

CSIR NET June Toppers CSIR NET June Toppers

Special Note: Students who could not qualify for the CSIR NET Exam can apply for the Watson Junoon Scholarship – specially created for you. Applications close on 15th August 2023, so get on the Watson Train now!

Introducing the WATSON Junoon Scholarship 🎓 – Your Second Chance for Those Who Missed WISE! Are you passionate about learning and ready to unleash your potential? Missed out on the WISE scholarship? No worries! We’ve got you covered with the all-new WATSON Junoon Scholarship!

Scholarship Slots Available:

  1. 100% Scholarship
  2. 80% Scholarship
  3. 50% Scholarship
  4. 25% Scholarship

Here’s a glimpse of what the program offers:

  1. 1-Year Coaching for CSIR NET & GATE Exams or CUET, IIT JAM, and GAT B Exams: Receive comprehensive coaching from industry experts to prepare for your desired exams. This coaching is valued at Rs 48,000.
  2. Stipend: Four selected students will be awarded a Science Journalism & Scientific Writing Internship with a stipend.
  3. Forensic Science Hands-on, Proteomics Hands-on, Bioinformatics Global Tools, R programming & Molecular Biology Hands-on Internship: Gain practical experience in molecular biology techniques through a combination of virtual and hands-on training at an IISc Incubated Lab.
  4. Wet Lab Hands-on Training at IISc & JNU Incubated Lab in Bangalore on a Project & Technique of Your Choice: Customize your learning experience by selecting a project and technique of your interest. The only cost involved is the chemical charges, making this opportunity available to Watson Scholars for just Rs 15,000.
  5. 12 Months of Access to all Global & National Workshops conducted by Biotecnika: Stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the field by attending workshops conducted by Biotecnika.
  6. Bioinformatics Global Tools & Techniques Internship: Explore the world of bioinformatics through a global internship focused on tools and techniques.
  7. One VIP Pass to Our CRISPR Conference: CRISPR CONGRESS 2023: Gain VIP access to the virtual conference scheduled for November 2023.
  8. Paper Publication: Receive assistance from Biotecnika’s Team of Experts in publishing your papers.
  9. Mentoring Sessions from 120+ Global Biotech Experts: Benefit from guidance and support provided by over 120 global biotech experts who will help shape your career.
  10. Networking Sessions: Take advantage of networking sessions designed to connect you with industry professionals and potential employers, accelerating your job search.
  11. Direct Access to Our Experts on WhatsApp: Stay connected with our experts, including Shekhar sir, via WhatsApp. Get your questions answered and receive personalized guidance.
  12. 4 Certification Courses of Your Choice under the Watson impact scholarship: Enhance your skill set by selecting any four certification courses from our wide range of offerings.
  13. Recommendation Letter & 3 Industry References: All meritorious candidates will receive three letters of recommendation from our team of global experts. Additionally, you will obtain three relevant industry references to expedite your job search.
  14. CV & Resume Designing: Have your CV and resume optimized according to the latest industry standards. Designed by experts, these documents will meet the gold standard and be compatible with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).
  15. Study Material Hard Copy: Receive hard copy study materials of CSIR NET, GATE, Koncept Notes, and Mindmaps as part of the Watson IMPACT Scholarship.
  16. Complete Bundle of Konceptika Revision Tools: Access a comprehensive bundle of Konceptika revision tools, including Koncept Notes, Konceptika Flowchart Books, Koncept Mindmaps, Koncept Cloud, Koncept Table, Koncept Wheel, and the SMART REVISION BOT. This bot enables you to finish a topic, ask questions from previous year’s question papers, and revise more efficiently.

Apply Herehttps://wise.biotecnika.org/ We believe that education should never be out of reach, and we’re committed to empowering bright minds like yours. The WATSON Junoon Scholarship is a golden opportunity to pursue your dreams and shape a brighter future.

Join Us & Become A 360° Researcher, NOT JUST A CSIR NET & GATE Qualifier.


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