Multiple positions at NIBMG for BSc MSc Life Science candidates - Attend Walk In
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Walk-In-Interview will be conducted for the positions of Lab Assistant/Technician, Field
Assistant, Project Assistant and Data Analyst (Project Linked Persons) for extramural projects as per details given below, for the period of 3 months. A detailed description of Btech MSc LifeScience Job has been given below.

Advertisement No. –  NIBMG/ADMIN/ESTB/PROJ. RECTT. /2023-24/143

The Genome India Project is a Multi-Centre, Multi-Institutional Project which aims at performing whole genome sequencing (WGS) of at least 10,000 individuals representing the Indian population in order to create a detailed catalogue of genetic variations. The information from the catalogue will be made publicly available through a web portal. The global databases till date have been extremely Eurocentric and although India is the land of more than one-sixth of the world population and harbours huge amount of genetic variation only comparable to Africa, it has been largely underrepresented in genome-wide studies of variation. This project, after completion, will be a value addition to the existing databases cataloguing genetic variations in different global populations and will supplement the global scientific community’s long-standing demand of having commensurate representation of populations from the Indian

sub-continent on the global map. It will be an immense scientific resource for the country and the international scientific community as it moves to the future into the realm of genomics driven health sciences. NIBMG is looking for motivated and bright individuals interested in exploring career opportunities in this multi-organization national initiative, of which NIBMG has a lead role to perform.

Post 1

Name of the position – Project Assistant

No. of Positions – 2

Consolidated Remuneration [INR] Per month – 31000

Essential Qualifications – B. Tech/M. Sc in Life Science / Computer Science/ Allied

Desirable Qualifications for Btech MSc LifeScience Job

  • PhD which involved human sample collection/ wet lab. experiments
  • Analysis of genotype data.
  • Knowledge in Social/Biological Anthropology

Nature of Duty –

1) Participation in field visit and sample collection.

2) Assistance in wet laboratory experiments with biological samples

3) Co-ordination with other centres and Institutes.

4) Sample transfer and data transfer.

5) Analysis of social, anthropological, genetic data.

6) Documentation and Report writing.

Post 2

Name of the position – Lab Assistant/ Technician

No. of Positions – 1

Consolidated Remuneration [INR] Per month – 20000+24% HRA

Essential Qualifications – Diploma holder in clinical Biochemistry with 3 years
of experience or B.Sc

Desirable Qualifications for Btech MSc LifeScience Job-

  • Experience of working with human samples

Nature of duty – Primarily (2) Also, participation in all (1) and (3) – (6)

Post 3

Name of the position – Field assistant

No. of Positions – 1

Consolidated Remuneration [INR] Per month – 20000+24% HRA

Essential Qualifications – BSc.

Desirable Qualifications

  • Experience of fieldwork that involved human sample collection.
  • Experience that requires commendable Social Skills.

Nature of duty – Primarily (1) Also, participation in all (2) and (6)

Post 4

Name of the position – Data analyst

No. of Positions – 1

Consolidated Remuneration [INR] Per month – 31000

Essential Qualifications – B. Tech / B. E /M.Sc. in Life Sciences/ Physical Sciences/
Computer Sciences/Allied Sciences

Desirable Qualifications

  • Ph.D./MSc which involved analysis of genotype data.
  • Ability and experience in handling large scale data
  • Experience of working in the Unix environment

Nature of duty – 

(1) Planning and Execution of data analysis in a time bound manner,

(2 ) Deployment and maintenance of software analysis pipelines and tools for genomic


  • Please visit our website for further information.
  • No TA/DA will be provided for attending the Interview.
  • The decision of NIBMG in all matters relating to eligibility, acceptance or rejection of
    application, mode of selection, and conduct of interviews will be final and binding on the
    candidates. In exceptionally meritorious cases, the eligibility requirements may be relaxed by the competent authority.

Walk-in interview: Date 16.08.2023 at 11.00 AM.
Reporting Time and Venue: Before 10-30 AM, NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF BIOMEDICAL
GENOMICS (NIBMG), P.O.: N.S.S., Kalyani 741251.

Following documents are required at the time of interview:
1. Curriculum Vitae along with reprints of publications, if any
2. One Passport- size colored Photograph
2. Self-Attested Copies of Certificates of Educational Qualifications
3. Self-Attested Copies of Experience Certificates
4. Original and one Self-Attested Copies Govt. issued Photo ID proof (Preferably Aadhar Card)

How to reach: The Institute is located close to the Kalyani Main Station. If you are coming by train, please get off at Kalyani Main Station, cross the railway tracks towards Platform# 3 using the overbridge and take a Rickshaw/ e-Rickshaw from Sangam Cinema Hall to “NIBMG Campus or Project Site”. Please check for further information.

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Hello friends, we are providing below with the the expected interview questions and answers for your reference. Prepare well after applying for Btech MSc LifeScience Job. All the best for your Btech MSc LifeScience Job.

Interview Question 1:
For the Project Assistant position, why do you think you’re a suitable candidate?

I hold a Master’s degree in Life Sciences, which has equipped me with a strong foundation in biological concepts. Additionally, I have hands-on experience in wet laboratory experiments and analysis of genotype data, both of which are essential components of this role. My background in Social Anthropology also provides a unique perspective that can contribute to the analysis of social and anthropological data. Moreover, I have a keen interest in the genomic sciences and a strong motivation to participate in field visits for sample collection. This role aligns perfectly with my skills, education, and aspirations.

Interview Question 2:
As a Lab Assistant/Technician, how would your prior experience contribute to the Genome India Project?

I have a Diploma in clinical Biochemistry and over 3 years of experience working with human samples. My practical knowledge in handling and processing biological samples will be a valuable asset to the Genome India Project. I understand the intricacies of sample preservation and analysis, which is crucial for maintaining data accuracy. Moreover, my hands-on experience will enable me to actively participate in various aspects of the project, from sample collection to coordination with other institutes.

Interview Question 3:
For the Field Assistant position, how does your experience align with the responsibilities of the role?

My background as a BSc graduate, coupled with my experience in fieldwork involving human sample collection, makes me a suitable candidate for the Field Assistant position. I’ve successfully conducted fieldwork that requires commendable social skills, which are essential for interacting with diverse populations during sample collection. Additionally, my willingness to actively participate in other project tasks, including wet laboratory experiments and documentation, further demonstrates my dedication to contributing effectively to the Genome India Project.

Interview Question 4:
As a Data Analyst, how would your technical expertise contribute to the success of the project?

With a B.Tech degree in Computer Science and experience in handling large-scale data, I am well-equipped to handle the challenges of data analysis in the genomic field. My proficiency in working in the Unix environment allows me to efficiently deploy and maintain software analysis pipelines and tools for genomic applications. Furthermore, my previous involvement in projects that required the analysis of genotype data demonstrates my ability to plan and execute data analysis in a time-bound manner, ensuring that the project progresses smoothly.

Interview Question 5:
What do you think makes you a strong contender for the Project Assistant role in the Genome India Project?

My diverse educational background, which includes a B.Tech in Computer Science, along with my M.Sc in Life Sciences, provides me with a unique blend of technical and biological knowledge. This combination is particularly relevant for a role that involves coordination between various centers, wet laboratory experiments, and the analysis of social, anthropological, and genetic data. Furthermore, my prior involvement in research projects that involved human sample collection and genotype analysis showcases my hands-on experience, making me an ideal candidate for contributing effectively to the Genome India Project’s goals.

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