Biotecnika Referral Contest Winners - FREE Hands-on Training Winner
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Bioinformatics Summer Internship 2024 With Hands-On-Training + Project / Dissertation - 30 Days, 3 Months & 6 Months Duration

Biotecnika Referral Contest Winners – FREE Hands-on Training Winner

Alright, you fabulous Biotecnikans, gather ’round because the wait is finally over! 🎉 In a whirlwind of excitement and referrals, we’ve been on the hunt for the crème de la crème of our community – the ones who know how to spread the Biotecnika magic faster than a DNA replication frenzy. 🧬🔬

Picture this: Bunsen burners flickering, lab coats swishing, and pipettes doing their dance – all in the name of science! 🌡️✨ We’re talking about our spectacular Referral Contest, where Biotecnikans battled it out to see who could win the FREE Molecular Biology Hands-On Internship!

Hold onto your lab goggles, because the moment has arrived to unveil the heroes of this scientific showdown. Drumroll, please 🥁, as we proudly present the winners who have not only rocked the referral game but have also earned themselves a one-way ticket to Molecular Biology Internship Paradise! 🚀🔥

Get ready to high-five, fist bump, and do your victory dance because these winners are about to steal the spotlight and leave you cheering for more. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the jubilant reveal of the champs who’ve made their mark in the world

of biotech and beyond! 🏆🌟

Behold the winner is Swetha Thirumalaisamy with a whopping 14350 points! And she is the winner of the FREE Molecular Biology Techniques Hands-On Training Internship. A hearty congratulations to you Swetha, we hope this internship is everything that you wish for and you have a wonderful experience.

Our representative will contact you shortly with all the details on how to activate your prize!

Next up we have winners of FREE Virtual Molecular Biology Internship + 6 Months FREE Workshops

Winner Names Points Earned
Prachi Sharma 13640
Aviral Singh 11610
Chirag Shukla 11440
Dhruv Shah 10030


Prachi, Aviral, Chirag and Dhruv have all won the FREE Virtual Molecular Biology Internship + 6 Months FREE Workshops as well! Great job guys, you tried your best and here you are – FREE Virtual Internship is all yours.

Team Biotecnika will be contacting you shortly with all the information on how you can proceed to claim your prizes!

Now another set of winners of the 6 months workshops for FREE!

You guys also gave it your all, so you have 6 months workshops for FREE, a member from our team will contact you shortly on instructions on how to access these workshops.

Winner Names Points Earned
Tuhin Bag 8440
Aakanksha Parjapat 7640
Sachin Agarwal 7220
Vamsi Jonnalagadda 6240
Anusha Rego 5840
Utkarsh Singh 5025
Anees Ekka 4040


Last but not least, here we have the winners of 1 FREE Workshop!

Do not be disheartened guys, you were amongst the thousands that participated but have still made it this far!

Team Biotecnika will contact you with further details.

Winner Names Points Earned
Kajal Sain 3830
Kunal 3640
Anurag Tiwari 3440
Pramit Das 3230
Megavath Supriya 3215
Nainika Parihar 2840
Vaishali Arora 2840
Sumedha Inukollu 2830
Mujeeb 2820
Arun Pandian B 2440
Usha 2440
Juhi Kumari 2240
Ajith S Nair 2240
Sakshi Mishra 2220
Pushpa 2040
Annesha Ghosh 2040
Prajwal 2040
Falak 2040
Khushi 2035
Prerna 2030
Sathvik B S 2025
Ishwarya Reddy 2015


🌟 Congratulations to our remarkable winners!

Guess what? This is just the beginning! We’re cooking up more opportunities, contests, and events that will keep your passion for learning and growth alive. So, keep those eyes peeled, stay tuned, and never miss a beat, because you never know when the next thrilling adventure will come knocking at your door.

Thank you to each and every one of you who participated, supported, and believed in the power of education and progress. Your journey with us has only just begun, and we can’t wait to witness all the amazing things you’ll achieve. 🌟

Stay curious, stay motivated, and keep that spirit alive! 💪

Team Biotecnika will contact all the winners shortly with further details.

Biotecnika Referral Contest Winners – FREE Hands-on Training Winner

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