Syngenta Field Biologist Job Opening - Apply Now
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Syngenta Field Biologist Job Opening – Apply Now

Syngenta Field Biologist Job Opening – Apply Now. MSc Agriculture job openings at Syngenta. Syngenta careers. Agriculture Sciences Job as Biologist. Please go through the details given below and apply online.

Job role – Field Biologist

Location – Karnal, Haryana, India

Company Description – As a world market leader in crop protection, we help farmers to counter these threats and ensure enough safe, nutritious, affordable food for all – while minimizing the use of land and other agricultural inputs. Syngenta Crop Protection keeps plants safe from planting to harvesting. From the moment a seed is planted through to harvest, crops need to be protected from weeds, insects and diseases as well as droughts and floods, heat and cold. Syngenta Crop Protection is headquartered in Switzerland.

Job Description –

Role Purpose : 

  • Conduct in-house trials mainly on Hub and surrounding areas by participating in country trial plan
  • Maintain overall development of Hub
  • Participate in technical support activities and product development activities.
    Develop trial plan based on country plan, implement it.
  • Develop contact farmers for conducting in-house trials for product testing.
    Participation in Country Product registration plan by conducting trials in assigned territory.
  • Market and competitors activities in territory.
  • Need based Technical support to sales team and SBU on request.


  • Conduct, evaluation and reporting on field trials ensuring these meet development priorities, budgets, time frames and goals.
  • Participation in data reviews meetings. Data interpretation, data presentation and support in taking decisions on product development activities.
  • Selecting contact farmers, selecting right locations for trials to ensure successful trials. Making fall back arrangements in case of trial failure.
  • Lead, coordination, planning and active participation to ensure all resource availability for conducting in-house and registration trials.
  • Participate and challenge protocols based on local pest, disease, farmers expectations.
  • Coordination with State Agriculture Universities, ICAR institutes and other recognized institutes, with in territory, for conducting registration trials as per country plan.
  • Conducting registration trials. Collecting reports on time, giving indication to HO on product performance from time to time. Ensure good quality reports.
  • Coordinate / Influence scientist for undertaking registration trials and for report availability as per timeline.
  • Interaction with sales colleagues, extending technical support when requested.
    Keeping track of competitor’s activities, with in company code of conduct. Keeping HO informed.
  • Regular reporting on trials and product performance.
  • Keeping watch on crop /pest / new pest problems in territory. Keeping HO reported on these aspects.
  • Managing within given budget.

Critical Success Factors & Key Challenges :

Technical knowledge:

  • Research and replicated trial conducting skills.
  • roduct evaluation skills, data collection and data interpretation skills.
  • Basic knowledge of pesticide chemicals.
  • Crop, pest, customers need in territory.
  • Good communication and presentation skills.
  • Influencing and negotiation with farmers.

Knowledge, Experience & Capabilities for Agriculture Sciences Job as Biologist :

  • Technical knowledge, Basic Business knowledge. Coordination skills.

Qualifications –

Critical knowledge

  • Post Graduate in Agriculture Sciences, preferably in crop protection.
  • Sound Knowledge of Agriculture in territory covering crops, pests, pest incidence time.
  • Exposure and experience in field trial conducting.
  • Crop, pest, geographies, customer (farmer) knowledge.
  • Basic knowledge on Product registration preferred.

Critical Experience

  • 4-8 years’ experience working in the field as trialist.
  • Basic knowledge of crops, pests, diseases, and weeds.

Critical Technical, Professional, And Personal Capabilities – 

  • Understanding of local languages, interaction with farmers, influencing farmers.
  • Coordination and interpersonal skills.
  • Capability to accept challenges work hard and achieve accepted goals.
  • Self-motivation and ambitions.
  • Ability to accept challenges and achieve results under pressure.
  • Good written, oral communication and presentation skills.
  • Good computer skills including word processing, presentation preparation.
  • High level of integrity.

Critical Capabilities:

  • Accept challenges. Participate with full energy in achieving accepted goals.
  • Understand departmental expectations.
  • Ambition to performance to high standards.
  • Self-development.


Attaching the expected interview question and answers. Practice the same and do your best in the interview. Good luck!!!

Question –  How do you stay updated on the latest developments in crop, pest, and customer needs in your territory? Answer: Staying updated on the latest developments is crucial for success in this role. I regularly engage in continuous learning and professional development activities such as attending industry conferences, workshops, and seminars. I actively participate in agricultural networks and forums to exchange knowledge and stay informed about the latest trends. Additionally, I establish strong relationships with local farmers, agricultural organizations, and research institutions to gather insights into crop challenges, emerging pests, and evolving customer needs.

Question –  How do you ensure the quality of trial reports and timely delivery of results? Answer: Ensuring the quality of trial reports and timely delivery of results is essential for effective decision-making. To achieve this, I adhere to rigorous data collection protocols and maintain meticulous records during the trial process. I follow standardized reporting formats and ensure that all relevant information is included. Additionally, I review the reports for accuracy, completeness, and clarity before submitting them. I also establish open lines of communication with the head office and provide regular updates on the progress of trials and product performance.

Question –  Can you describe a time when you had to influence and negotiate with farmers to gain their cooperation for conducting trials? Answer: In my previous role, I encountered a situation where some farmers were initially reluctant to participate in our trials. To overcome this challenge, I focused on building relationships with the farmers and understanding their concerns. I engaged in open and transparent communication, explaining the purpose and benefits of the trials for their crops and farming practices. I offered incentives such as access to trial results and technical support. By demonstrating the value of their participation and addressing their reservations, I successfully influenced and negotiated with the farmers, gaining their cooperation for the trials.

Question –  How do you manage your budget effectively while conducting trials? Answer: Managing the budget effectively is a critical aspect of this role. To ensure prudent budget management, I develop a comprehensive trial plan that includes a detailed cost estimation for each activity. I prioritize the allocation of resources based on the trial’s objectives and potential impact. Throughout the trial process, I closely monitor expenses and compare them against the budgeted amounts. I proactively identify areas where cost savings can be made without compromising the quality or integrity of the trials. I also explore potential collaborations with external institutes or universities to leverage resources and reduce costs, when feasible.

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