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Sun Pharma Scholar Awards 2023 For Science – Apply Online

Sun Pharma Science Foundation is an independent non-profit organisation registered under the Societies Registration Act. The aim of the Foundation is to promote scientific endeavours in India by encouraging and rewarding excellence in medical and pharmaceutical sciences and to give impetus to research activity in India.

The Foundation is currently chaired by Prof. Virander S. Chauhan, D Phil (Oxon), J. C. Bose Fellow (DST), Distinguished Biotechnology Research Professor (DBT), International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, New Delhi.

The Science Scholar Awards for Young Scientists aims to discover brilliant and upcoming young researchers in Bio-medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences. These awards are meant to stimulate the young minds to pursue research as a career by way of soliciting commitment for the cause of future advancement of science. Each Science Scholar Award carry a certificate and a Cash Prize of Rupees fifty thousand. In addition to this, rupees fifty thousand will be provided to the science scholar awardees for attending an international conference to present abstracts/Posters. To avail this additional amount, the awardee should submit the invitation letter from the conference organizing committee and also expense details with documentary proof to the

office of the foundation.

Sun Pharma Science Foundation Science Scholar Awards – Eligibility & Nomination Procedure

  1. Only Indian nationals doing their research in India are eligible for these awards.
  2. Age should be less than 30 years.
  3. Should have completed at least 1st year of MD or PhD in Biomedical or Pharmaceutical Sciences. Applicants who have already completed their MD or PhD are not eligible for the Award.
  4. Should have completed a Research Project
  5. The Award is open to all disciplines related to Biomedical and Pharmaceutical sciences.
  6. Should be willing to present his/her research work in front of knowledgeable assessors.

How to apply

The applicants should submit their nominations through online with the following information.

  1. Photograph of the Applicant
  2. Category of the Award
  3. Name of the Applicant
  4. Date of Birth
  5. Citizenship
  6. Ongoing Course of the Applicant
  7. Office, Residence Address of the Applicant with Mobile Number and E-mail Address
  8. Name and Address of the Nominator with mobile Number and E-mail ID.
  9. Letter from the Supervisor/Nominator certifying that the research work submitted for Sun Pharma Science Foundation Science Scholar Award has actually been done by the applicant.
  10. Justification letter from the nominator for sponsoring the nomination, duly signed by the nominator.

After uploading the Justification letter from the sponsor of the nomination, the applicant will be provided a login id and password to upload the following information.

  1. Detailed CV
  2. Details of the research work/project conducted by the Applicant to be described under the following headings:
    – Title
    – Introduction
    – Objectives
    – Material and Methods
    – Results
    – Statistical Analysis
    – Discussion
    – Impact of the research in the advancement of knowledge or benefit to mankind
    – Literature references
  3. A voluntary declaration from the applicant that they would work in the public or private funded academic/research based organizations for a minimum period of two years after completion of his/her studies.
  4. A letter stating that the project submitted for Sun Pharma Science Foundation Science Scholar Awards has received “Ethical Clearance” from the concerned authorities.
  5. A statement duly signed by the nominee and the supervisor/co-authors that academically or financially the thesis submitted for Sun Pharma Science Foundation Science Scholar Awards has “no-conflict of interest” with the supervisor or co-authors.

Additional Information

The applicant also should upload the following information with testimonials.

1. Class XII

a. Aggregate marks obtained in PCB/PCM
b. Number of attempts
c. Year of passing

2. Bachelor’s/ Master’s Degree

a. Aggregate marks obtained
b. Number of attempts
c. Year of passing

3. Publications, if any

a. Name of the journal/publication
b. Title of the article
c. Year, volume, page number of the article (Please upload reprint)

4. Merits and Awards

a. Name of the award/merit certificate, if any, already received by the applicant
b. Year
c. Achievements

5. Scholarships

a. Name of the scholarship, if any, already received by the applicant
b. Year
c. Achievements

6. Submit age proof

After uploading the nomination on the website, it is required to send a set of print copy of the nomination along with all the uploaded information, to the office of Sun Pharma Science Foundation.

Method of short listing

The shortlisting will be done based on predetermined criteria of equal weightage and the quality of the research work. There will be three assessors each in the Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, who will evaluate the nominations independently and the average score of each will be taken into consideration. The first five candidates will be short listed in each group.


The short listed applicants– five each from Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences will be invited by the Foundation to present their research work to a group of knowledgeable assessors. The applicants should be prepared to answer the questions, which may arise after the presentations. Besides the assessors, the other audience may include students, researchers and academicians.


There will be at least three assessors each in Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences. The assessment will be based purely on voting by the assessors. In case of tie, the award will be jointly shared between two applicants.


Decision of the committee of the assessors will be final and cannot be challenged. The results will be conveyed either at the end of the session or by post, separately.

  • The selected candidates will be called as Sun Pharma Science Foundation Science Scholars. A certificate to this effect will be presented during the award ceremony.
  • The selected Science Scholars are also expected to attend an international conference and present a paper in the area of their expertise and submit a report to this effect to the Foundation.
  • The Foundation will provide a lump sum grant of Rs.50,000/- to the Science Scholars to meet their expenses for attending one international conference to present abstracts/posters, upon submitting the invitation letter and expense statement with documental proof to the office of Sun Pharma Science Foundation.
  • To and fro economy air fare including boarding and lodging expenses will be provided when invited by the
    Foundation to receive the award. They will also be invited to participate in the annual Symposium, Research Awards Presentation Ceremony and Conferences organized by the Foundation to meet and interact with the outstanding scientists and researchers present on these occasions.

Responsibilities of the Science Scholars

  • The Sun Pharma Science Foundation Science Scholars will have no claim of any sort with Sun Pharma Science Foundation or Sun Pharma group of companies.
  • The Sun Pharma Science Foundation Science Scholars are expected to give a voluntary declaration that they would work in the public or private funded academic/research based organizations for a minimum period of two years after completion of their studies.
  • The Science Scholars will keep the Foundation informed about their achievements from time to time.

For further details or clarification, please contact:

8C, 8th Floor, Hansalaya Building, 15-Barakhamba Road, Connaught Place,
New Delhi: 110001(India) – Tel. (91-11) 23721414 / 23721415
e-mail : [email protected].
Website :

Submit Nomination Here

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