Research Scientist Job Jubilant Biosys - Biophysics, Biochem Apply

Research Scientist Job at Jubilant Biosys – Biophysics, Biochem Apply

Research Scientist Job Jubilant Biosys – Biophysics, Biochem Apply. Jubilant Biosys is hiring for Research Scientist in the Structural Biology department, at Bangalore. Interested and eligible applicants can check out all of the details on the same below

Job Title: Research Scientist-STRUCTURAL BIOLOGY

Job Location: Bangalore, Karnataka

 Job Responsibilities :

  • Protein Crystallization – Vapor diffusion, crystal Soaking experiments, small molecule co-crystallization experiments
  • Protein-ligand binding optimization for delivering co-crystal structures
  • Thermal stability assay for analyzing protein-ligand binding
  • Protein crystal mounting and X-Ray diffraction studies using in-house X-ray Diffractometer & for Synchrotron shipments
  • X-Ray Diffraction Data collection, reduction, structure solution and refinement
  • Protein Model refinement using COOT software & Ligand Fitting
  • Protein structure analysis using tools such as PyMOL
  • Understanding Protein Structures – Data mining / Literature survey from public domains / Research articles & publications for drug discovery target studies – Clone design for recombinant protein production
  • Basic computer skills – MS Office tools, Linux OS
  • Project update slides preparations and maintenance of project work report, work progress trackers with data integrity
  • Supporting basic lab operations, procurements, stock maintenance and ordering, ISO integrated management system / Quality audit documentations, adherence to safety
  • Handling of necessary online Bioinformatics tools that supports structural biology activities related to protein crystallography
  • Good team player with ability to co-ordinate with cross-functional teams on projects.
  • Familiarity with biophysical assays (i.e SPR, ITC)
  • Training and mentoring of associates.

Education: PhD in Structural Biology/Biophysics /Biochemistry

Experience: 1-5 Years post qualification.


Possible Interview questions may be asked of Research Scientists in Jubilant 

1.Can you explain your experience in protein crystallization techniques and its importance in structural biology research? Answer: In my previous roles, I have gained hands-on experience in protein crystallization techniques, including vapor diffusion and crystal soaking experiments. Protein crystallization is crucial as it enables us to obtain high-quality protein crystals for X-ray diffraction studies. These crystals provide valuable insights into the three-dimensional structure of proteins, aiding in drug discovery and understanding protein-ligand interactions.

2.  How do you optimize protein-ligand binding for delivering co-crystal structures, and why is it essential for drug discovery? Answer: Protein-ligand binding optimization involves testing various ligand concentrations and conditions to achieve stable and well-diffracting protein-ligand complexes suitable for co-crystal structures. This process is vital for drug discovery as it helps us understand the binding interactions between potential drug candidates and target proteins, leading to the development of more potent and specific drugs.

3.  Can you describe your expertise in X-ray diffraction studies using both in-house X-ray Diffractometer and Synchrotron shipments? Answer: I am proficient in conducting X-ray diffraction studies using in-house X-ray Diffractometer to collect high-quality diffraction data from protein crystals. Additionally, I have experience in coordinating and conducting experiments at Synchrotron facilities for high-resolution data collection. These techniques play a crucial role in determining accurate protein structures and validating drug-binding sites.

4.  How do you ensure data integrity and accuracy during protein structure solution and refinement processes? Answer: Data integrity is paramount in structural biology research. I maintain meticulous records of all experimental data and follow standard protocols for data collection, reduction, and refinement. During protein structure solution, I use established software tools like COOT to iteratively refine protein models, ensuring accuracy and reliability of the final structures.

5.  Can you explain your experience in handling biophysical assays such as SPR (Surface Plasmon Resonance) and ITC (Isothermal Titration Calorimetry)? Answer: I have hands-on experience with biophysical assays like SPR and ITC to study protein-ligand interactions quantitatively. These assays provide valuable information on binding affinities, kinetics, and thermodynamics. Understanding these interactions aids in characterizing potential drug candidates and validating their efficacy in drug discovery projects.

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