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DIAGEO Biotech, Biochem, Microbiology & Food Tech Quality Manager Job, Apply Online

DIAGEO Biotech, Biochem, Microbiology & Food Tech Quality Manager Job, Apply Online. BTech, MSc Microbiology/ Biochemistry/ Biotechnology/Food Technology candidates apply for Assistant Manager – Quality Job Opening. Interested and eligible applicants can check out all of the details on the same below:

Possible Interview Questions for the role of Assistant Manager – Quality at DIAGEO are posted below

Position Name – Assistant Manager – Quality

Job ID – JR1084295

Location – Nanded, India

Knowledge & skills:

  • Hands-on experience and deep knowledge in Quality assurance & Quality Audits
  • Hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge of quality management systems implementation (ISO 22000, FSSC 22000), should have experience in developing quality related SOPs and its control.
  • Experience in Process Distillery with Packaging Experience will be added advantage.
  • Knowledge of Distillery RM analysis and handling of GC.
  • All Quality system- knowledge and their documentation and adherence.
  • Experience of Good laboratory Management
  • Experience in handling quality improvement projects
  • Experience in sensory analysis & panel development.
  • Knowledge of working in SAP
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office
  • Best Suited for Someone who –
  • Excellent coaching, influencing and communication skills
  • Good Communication and Presentation skills

Top Accountabilities:

  • Develop, implement, and monitor laboratory and process control procedures and standards to drive food safety and quality goals to drive end to end customer satisfaction.
  • Ensure that all materials (raw and components) are analysed to meet Diageo standards and Indian regulatory and legal standards.
  • Install tier 2 process confirmations on material inspections, handling at issuance, handling of ex line balances to drive ownership, adherence and compliance and prevent material quality deterioration leading to losses/ generation of non-conforming products.
  • Set and track daily material quality performance targets.
  • Drive customer satisfaction through implementation of robust gate controls that assure zero defects attributed to material quality.
  • Embed root cause problem solving tool at the shop floor for every material complaint raised, through coaching and follow through with suppliers for effective closure of deviations.  Conduct on boarding and continuous audits for suppliers to support business continuity and inject new ways of work to assure food safety and quality controls implementation as well as drive material quality improvement.
  • Champion internal and external ring schemes to continuously upskill analyst’s capability and assure consistent accurate, repeatable results.
  • Ensure availability, calibration, service and maintenance of all lab & inline equipment guarantees consistency and accuracy of measurement.
  • Execute activities related to HACCP, FSSC22000, ISO 45001, and EHS. Ensuring systems are maintained and drive improvements in area of accountability, including participation in audits.
  • Identify, manage and escalate any material quality incidents (i.e. ingredients, components ,process and final product) ensuring responsible executives are aware of significant internal or any external incidents
  • Ensure effective Track and Trace practices (traceability) are in place at all stages in the MAKE processes– adhering to standards.
  • Champion supplier management framework to ensure only fit for purpose materials delivered to site to ensure full compliance of the materials to stipulated standards.


Post Graduate calibre or Graduate or equivalent – preferably in Chemistry/Microbiology/ Biochemistry/ Biotechnology/Food Technology/DIFAT, Lead auditor experience will be preferred.


5 to 7 years of experience in the areas of Quality Assurance and Quality Systems in Food Processing / FMCG –Distillery, Brewery and Beverage Industry

Diversity Statement

Celebrating our inclusive and diverse culture is core to Diageo’s purpose of “celebrating life every day everywhere”. This purpose is, in itself, inclusive in nature, as it values everybody irrespective of background, disability, religion, gender identity, sexuality or ethnicity.

We know that for our business to thrive and for Diageo to realize its ambition, we depend on having diverse talent with a range of backgrounds, skills, and capabilities in each of the 180 countries in which we operate and to reflect our broad consumer base. We view diversity as one of the key enablers that helps our business to grow and our values, purpose and standards set the conditions for us to respect the unique contribution each person brings.


Possible Interview Questions for the role of Assistant Manager – Quality at DIAGEO:

  1. Can you provide examples of quality management systems you have implemented, particularly ISO 22000 and FSSC 22000? How did you ensure adherence to quality-related SOPs and controls? Answer: In my previous role, I successfully implemented ISO 22000 and FSSC 22000 quality management systems. To ensure adherence to quality-related SOPs and controls, I developed comprehensive documentation and conducted regular training sessions for employees. I also implemented robust monitoring and auditing processes to track compliance and address any deviations promptly.
  2. Tell us about your experience in sensory analysis and panel development. How have you utilized these skills to drive quality improvement projects? Answer: I have extensive experience in sensory analysis and panel development. I have organized sensory evaluation sessions to assess product attributes and gather feedback for quality improvement initiatives. By leveraging sensory analysis data, I identified areas for enhancement and led cross-functional teams to implement process improvements, resulting in enhanced product quality and customer satisfaction.
  3. How have you ensured consistent and accurate measurement in the laboratory? What measures have you taken to maintain and calibrate lab equipment? Answer: To ensure consistent and accurate measurement, I have implemented rigorous equipment calibration and maintenance programs. I established standard operating procedures for equipment calibration and created schedules for routine maintenance. Additionally, I conducted regular audits to verify the availability and functionality of lab equipment, ensuring accurate measurement and reliable results.
  4. Can you explain your experience with HACCP, ISO 45001, and EHS? How have you contributed to driving improvements in these areas? Answer: I have a strong background in HACCP, ISO 45001, and EHS (Environment, Health, and Safety) practices. I have actively participated in the development and implementation of HACCP plans, ensuring adherence to food safety standards. I have also contributed to driving continuous improvements in EHS performance by actively participating in audits, identifying areas for enhancement, and implementing corrective actions to mitigate risks and ensure a safe working environment.
  5. How have you managed material quality incidents and implemented traceability practices in your previous role? Can you provide an example of a significant incident you handled? Answer: In my previous role, I proactively managed material quality incidents by conducting thorough investigations, identifying root causes, and implementing corrective actions to prevent recurrence. I also ensured effective track and trace practices throughout the production process, adhering to standards and regulations. One significant incident I handled involved an ingredient quality issue, where I collaborated with the supplier, conducted audits, and implemented stricter quality controls to resolve the issue and prevent future occurrences.

Remember, these are sample questions and answers. It’s essential to tailor your responses to your own experience, skills, and knowledge.

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