SRM University-AP Admission Open 2023
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SRM University-AP Admission Open 2023 For MSc Molecular Biology & Biotechnology

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M.Sc Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
SRM University – AP, Andhra Pradesh
Admission open – 2023

About the University

SRM University-AP, Andhra Pradesh, is a multi-disciplinary research-intensive institute combining academic rigor, evolving research ecosystem, entrepreneurial heritage, and pioneering faculty. University is equipped with world class research and teaching facilities.

About the Department

The Department of Biological Sciences at SRM University – AP offers B.Sc (Hons) Integrative Biology, M.Sc Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, and PhD degree on various subjects. All programs are research intensive covering cutting-edge topics. The Department has outstanding, internationally recognized faculty supported by excellent facilities for both teaching and research. The Department is equipped with state-of-the-art labs with several essential instruments such as high-speed centrifuges, spectrophotometers, PCR machines, real time PCR, FPLC, shakers, incubators, multimode plate reader, fluorescence microscope, BSL2 facility, High performance computing clusters (HPCC) etc.

About the Program

The department of Biological Sciences at SRM University –AP is offering a two-year MSc Molecular Biology and Biotechnology program. The program is research-intensive and covers a variety of sub-disciplines with Research track or Industry track.


The program comprises of 82 credits that can be completed in two years

Course Credits
Core 32
Electives (Industry or
Research Track)
Skill Enhancement 6
Summer Internship 3
Mini project 4
Final semester project 16
Open electives 9
Total 82


Faculty members – The department has outstanding, internationally recognized faculty trained from premier institutes of National and International level. Faculty members with publications from the top-most journals including Nature, Science, Nature Microbiology, Plos Biology, PNAS, Green Chemistry, Applied Materials and Interface etc

Core Faculty members

Prof. Jayaseelan Murugaiyan (Head of the Department)
PhD – University of Leipzig, Germany
Senior Scientist – ITU, Freie Universitaet Berlin, Germany
‘Proteomics and Antimicrobial Resistance’

Prof C Durga Rao, Emeritus Professor, IISc
PhD – Indian Institute of Sciences
‘Virology and Gene Regulation’

Dr. Anil K. Suresh (Associate Professor)
PhD – CSIR -National Chemical Laboratory (NCL)
Post-doc – Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA & McGill University, Canada

Dr. Writoban Basu Ball (Assistant Professor)
PhD – CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Biology, Kolkata
Post-doc – Texas A&M University, USA
‘Mitochondrial biology’

Dr. Sutharsan Govindarajan (Assistant Professor and DBT-Wellcome Trust Faculty)
PhD – The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
Post-doc – University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), USA
‘Bacteriophages and CRISPR-Cas’

Dr. Pitchaiah Cherukuri (Assistant Professor)
PhD – International Max Planck Research School for Neurosciences (IMPRS)/European Neuroscience Institute (ENI), Göttingen, Germany
Post-doc – European Neuroscience Institute (ENI), Göttingen, Germany

Dr. Naga Bhushana Rao Karampudi (Assistant Professor)
PhD – Indian Institute of Technology – Kharagpur
Post-doc – University of Lausanne, Switzerland & Texas Tech University, USA
‘Computational Biology’

Funding – The Department has ongoing proteins with a total value of 6 crores with support from SRM-AP, DBT, DST-SERB (SRG, CRG, SURE), DBT-Wellcome Trust.

Scopes and Opportunities

  • Problem-based curricula to qualify National and International level exams (eg: CSIR, DBT, ICMR, ICAR, GATE, GRE etc)
  • Opportunity to work with Industry and Industry-supported projects
  • Excellent chance for placement in biotech industries or prestigious PhD programs within
    India or abroad


Eligibility: Bachelor degree in science with any subject in Biology as a major or Honours subject with minimum 60% marks.

Selection: Based on UG marks and interview process

Department of Biological Sciences

For admissions, visit –

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Campus virtual tour –

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Prof. Jayaseelan Murugaiyan ([email protected])
Dr Pitchaiah Cherukuri ([email protected] – 87122 96502)
Dr Sutharsan Govindarajan ([email protected] – 9361781758)

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