NIMHANS Biophysics JRF Job
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NIMHANS Biophysics JRF Job – MSc Life Sciences Can Also Apply

NIMHANS Biophysics JRF Job – MSc Life Sciences Can Also Apply. MSc Life Sciences and Biophysics JRF vacancy. Interested and eligible applicants can check out all of the details on the same below –

Hey there, looking for some help to ace your interview or the role of junior research fellow job at NIMHANS, then check out the possible interview questions below with the answers.

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Applications are invited from eligible candidates, for the post of “Junior Research Fellow” (JRF) on contract basis for the ICMR funded project entitled “Impact of lead (Pb) toxicity on synaptic plasticity and maintenance” – under the guidance of Dr. Bhupesh Mehta, Additional Professor, Department of Biophysics & Principal Investigator, NIMHANS.

Name of the Post – Junior Research Fellow

No. of Posts – 01

Maximum Age limit – 28 Years

Duration of the Project: 3 years (Initial appointment will be made for a period of six months and will be extended further depending upon the performance of the candidate


How to Apply

Eligible candidates fulfilling the criteria may apply on a plain paper with the resume, age proof and copy of the testimonials through e-mail to [email protected]. The candidates who apply should invariably mention the Notification no, Date, Email ID, Contact no and Postal address without fail, otherwise the applications will not be considered. The last date for receipt of filled in application together with the relevant documents is 14 Days from the date of Notification in the NIMHANS Website. Applications received later will not be entertained.

No TA/DA will be paid for attending the interview.

Emoluments – Rs. 31,000/- + 27% HRA = Rs. 38,440/- per month

Essential Qualifications – M.Sc OR M.Tech OR in any field of science/life science/ physics/ biophysics/ chemistry with a good academic record, and NET/ ICMR/ INSPIRE/ GATE/ JGEEBILS/ICMR qualification.

Additional Experience: Candidates with some experience in molecular biology are encouraged to apply.

Nature of Work: The project covers extensive electrophysiology (patch-clamp) in rodent hippocampal slices (acute), and in cultures. Extensive gene transfection, plasmid preparation and designing are required. For reference about the laboratory work, candidates are encouraged to read – Raj (2022) Toxicology report, Mehta (2013) Neuron, Haider (2019) Neuroscience, Mehta (2014) J. Neurosci., Mehta (2008) J. Gen. Physiology

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Hey there, looking for some help to ace your interview or the role of junior research fellow job at NIMHANS, then check out the possible interview questions below with the answers.

  1. Can you explain your experience and knowledge in molecular biology and its relevance to the project? Answer: Yes, I have a strong foundation in molecular biology through my academic training and previous research experience. I have worked with techniques such as gene transfection, plasmid preparation, and designing, which are directly applicable to the project requirements. I have also familiarized myself with the referenced papers, which further enhances my understanding of the laboratory work involved.
  2. How comfortable are you with performing electrophysiology techniques, specifically patch-clamp, in rodent hippocampal slices and cultures? Answer: I have hands-on experience in performing patch-clamp electrophysiology techniques in rodent hippocampal slices and cultures. I have successfully conducted experiments involving electrophysiological recordings and data analysis. I am confident in my ability to handle this aspect of the project.
  3. Could you discuss any specific projects or research work where you have utilized your skills and qualifications relevant to this position? Answer: During my previous research projects, I have worked on projects that required molecular biology techniques, including gene transfection and plasmid preparation. I have also conducted electrophysiology experiments using patch-clamp techniques in neuronal cultures. These experiences have equipped me with the necessary skills and knowledge to contribute effectively to this project.
  4. How do you plan to ensure the accuracy and reliability of your experimental data throughout the project? Answer: To ensure accuracy and reliability, I will adhere to strict experimental protocols and follow standard operating procedures for each technique involved. I will maintain detailed records of the experimental procedures and results, enabling proper data analysis and interpretation. Regular discussions and feedback with the team will also contribute to maintaining data integrity.
  5. Can you provide an example of a challenge you encountered during your previous research and how you overcame it? Answer: During a previous research project, I encountered difficulties in optimizing a gene transfection protocol for a specific cell line. To overcome this challenge, I extensively reviewed literature, consulted senior researchers, and collaborated with colleagues who had expertise in the area. Through troubleshooting and methodological adjustments, I was able to successfully optimize the transfection protocol, leading to the desired experimental outcomes.

Remember to personalize your answers based on your own experiences, skills, and qualifications to effectively demonstrate your suitability for the position.

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