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NDTL Training/ Internship 2023 July to Dec 2023 Session, Applications Invited

NDTL Training/ Internship 2023 July to Dec 2023 Session, Applications Invited. National Dope Testing Laboratory Training/ Internship July-Dec 2023. Interested and eligible applicants can check out all of the details on the same below.

The five possible interview questions that can be asked in the technical round for the internship at the National Dope Testing Laboratory are posted below

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National Dope Testing Laboratory (NDTL), New Delhi is an ISO/IEC 17025 & World Anti-Doping Agency accredited laboratory. It caters to the field of drug testing and analysis for human samples with its state of art facility including GC/ MS, GC-MS/ MS, LC-MS/ MS, HPLC, GC/C/IRMS, ELISA, protein separation and identification tools towards the goal of making sports free from doping.

NDTL offers opportunity of training facility for deserving students in both summer (July-December) and winter (January-June) sessions. The training options are given for a period of 2 months to 6 months for the students from different

universities / institutions in areas of drug / metabolite testing and analysis(Analytical Chemistry, Instrumentation & Sample preparation). A total of 10 students will be accepted for training as per schedule decided by the Competent Authority.

Eligibility Criteria:

(i) A candidate should be pursuing his/her postgraduate (PG) course (II years).
(ii) The disciplines that may be considered are as follows:
(a) M.Sc.(Chemistry/Bio-chemistry/Forensic Science/BioSciences/Biotechnology)
(b) M. Pharm

How to Apply:

The last date for submission of application for training for winter session (JulyDecember, 2023) is July, 5th 2023, which should include the application form in an attached prescribed format, complete bio-data of the students along with a forwarding letter from the Head of the department. A nominal fee of Rs. 3000/- (for training up to 3 months) and Rs. 5000/- (for 6 months) will be charged. Students having first class (Ist division) from 12th grade onwards may only apply. Students will have the chance to work on their dissertation projects that align with the NDTL mandate, which involves testing drugs prohibited by WADA or on project relevant to NDTL.

The application should be sent to the Deputy Director (Admin), National Dope Testing Laboratory, JLN Stadium Complex, East Gate No. 10, Near MTNL Building, Lodhi Road, New Delhi – 110003. The shortlisted candidates will be called for an interview.

Download the application form below

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Here are five possible interview questions that can be asked in the technical round for the internship at the National Dope Testing Laboratory:

  1. Question: Can you explain the significance of ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation and its relevance to a doping testing laboratory? Answer: ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation is an internationally recognized standard for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories. In the context of a doping testing laboratory like NDTL, it ensures that the laboratory operates efficiently, maintains quality standards, and produces accurate and reliable results, thereby upholding the integrity of doping control in sports.
  2. Question: Describe your experience and knowledge in the area of drug/metabolite testing and analysis. What techniques and instrumentation have you worked with? Answer: In my postgraduate studies, I have gained hands-on experience in drug/metabolite testing and analysis. I am familiar with techniques such as GC/MS, GC-MS/MS, LC-MS/MS, HPLC, GC/C/IRMS, ELISA, and protein separation. I have also received training in sample preparation and handling.
  3. Question: How do you ensure the accuracy and reliability of results in drug testing? Can you explain any quality control measures you have implemented in your previous work or studies? Answer: Ensuring accuracy and reliability in drug testing is crucial. To achieve this, I have implemented various quality control measures such as calibrating instruments regularly, performing validation studies, following standard operating procedures, and participating in proficiency testing programs. These measures help in maintaining the integrity of the testing process and producing reliable results.
  4. Question: Can you discuss the role of NDTL in making sports free from doping? How does the laboratory contribute to this goal? Answer: NDTL plays a crucial role in the fight against doping in sports. As an accredited laboratory, NDTL conducts drug testing and analysis on human samples using advanced techniques and state-of-the-art equipment. By detecting and identifying prohibited substances, NDTL helps ensure fair play and integrity in sports, ultimately working towards the goal of making sports free from doping.
  5. Question: How do you stay updated with the latest developments and advancements in the field of drug testing and analysis? Can you provide an example of a recent development that has caught your attention? Answer: To stay updated, I regularly attend scientific conferences, read research papers, and follow reputable journals in the field of drug testing and analysis. One recent development that caught my attention is the emergence of targeted and untargeted metabolomics approaches for comprehensive drug screening. These methods allow for the detection of a wide range of substances and provide valuable insights into the metabolic profiles associated with doping.

Remember, these are example questions and answers. It’s essential to tailor your responses based on your own experiences, knowledge, and the specific requirements of the job and organization.

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