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IISER Mohali MSc Biochem, Biophysics PA Job Opening, Applications Invited

IISER Mohali MSc Biochem, Biophysics PA Job Opening, Applications Invited. MSc Biochemistry, Biophysics Project Assistant Jobs. IISER Mohali Careers. Interested and eligible applicants can check out all of the details on the same below

Are you eager to apply for the PA job at IISER Mohali? Looking for some ways to prepare? Then check out the 5 possible interview questions along with their answers at the bottom of the page.

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Application for the position of Project Assistant (PA) position for MHRD-STARS project

Post Name: Project Assistant (PA)

Number of Positions: 01

Name of the Project: Benchmarking herbal Ayurvedic medicines using NMR metabolomics techniques

Name of the PI: Professor Kavita Dorai, IISER Mohali

Duration: The initial appointment will be for six months which can be extended up to one year depending on the satisfactory performance by the candidate.

How to apply:

  1. Send a brief CV (Maximum TWO pages) in PDF format ONLY (Max File Size 2MB). Clearly mention: Name, Gender, Date of birth, educational qualifications with Board/University, percentage of marks and year of passing
  2. ONLY Shortlisted candidates will be informed via email about details of the online interview.
  3. The last date of application is June 10, 2023. Applications received after the last date will NOT be considered.

Email your application to: [email protected] with SUBJECT HEADER: Application for STARS Project Assistant Post.

Essential Qualifications: Master’s degree in Biochemistry/Chemistry/Biophysics with a good academic track record. Must have prior experience/hands-on training with the extraction of plant samples for analytical techniques such as NMR and Mass-spectrometry.

Salary: Fixed salary of INR 22,000 per month.

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Are you eager to apply for the PA job at IISER Mohali? Looking for some ways to prepare? Then check out the 5 possible interview questions along with their answers below.

  1. Can you describe your educational background and prior experience that makes you suitable for the Project Assistant position in the MHRD-STARS project? Answer: Certainly. I have a Master’s degree in Biochemistry with a strong academic track record. During my studies, I gained hands-on training in analytical techniques such as NMR and Mass-spectrometry. Additionally, I have prior experience in extracting plant samples for these analytical techniques, which aligns with the requirements of the project.
  2. How familiar are you with the NMR metabolomics techniques used in the benchmarking of herbal Ayurvedic medicines? Can you provide an example of how you have utilized these techniques in your previous work? Answer: I am quite familiar with NMR metabolomics techniques and their application in benchmarking herbal Ayurvedic medicines. In my previous work, I utilized NMR to analyze and characterize the metabolites present in herbal extracts. By comparing the spectral data obtained from different samples, I was able to identify and quantify the key metabolites responsible for the medicinal properties of the herbs.
  3. The project duration initially is six months, with the possibility of extension based on performance. How would you ensure your contribution to the project during this period to ensure satisfactory performance? Answer: To ensure satisfactory performance, I would prioritize effective time management and task organization. I would familiarize myself with the project objectives and milestones, and create a clear plan of action. Regular communication and collaboration with the PI and team members would be essential to ensure alignment and timely progress. Additionally, I would actively seek feedback and continuously update my skills and knowledge related to the project’s requirements.
  4. In this role, you will be responsible for extracting plant samples for analytical techniques. Can you discuss your experience and expertise in this area, including any challenges you may have encountered and how you overcame them? Answer: I have prior experience in extracting plant samples for analytical techniques, including NMR and Mass-spectrometry. During my previous work, I encountered challenges such as variability in sample composition and extraction efficiency. To overcome these challenges, I implemented standardized protocols and optimized extraction methods to ensure reproducibility and reliability of results. I also collaborated with experts in the field to stay updated with the latest techniques and troubleshooting strategies.
  5. Effective communication and collaboration are crucial in a project-based role. Can you share an example of a project where you effectively communicated with team members and stakeholders to achieve project objectives? Answer: Certainly. In a previous research project, I was part of a team that aimed to develop a novel drug delivery system. Regular communication was essential to ensure everyone’s understanding of project milestones, progress, and challenges. I actively participated in team meetings, providing updates on my work and actively listening to other team members’ contributions. Additionally, I maintained open communication channels with stakeholders, seeking their input and addressing any concerns promptly. This collaborative approach enabled us to achieve our project objectives effectively.

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