Hike in Fellowships Approved & Announced!
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Hike in Fellowships Announced

Ministry of Finance
Department of Expenditure
(PFC-1 Division)


Subject: Revision of emoluments for research personnel employed in R&D programmes of the Central Government Departments / Agencies – reg.

Official Tweet

  1. Reference is invited to e-File No. DST/PCPM/Z-06/2022 received from Department of Science and Technology on the above mentioned subject seeking approval of DoE for the proposed revision of emoluments.

2. The proposal has been examined in this Department and following fellowships for research personnel  (Junior Research Fellow (JRF)/ Senior Research Fellow (SRF)/ Research Associates (RA) engaged in R&D Programmes of Central Government Departments/ Agencies has been approved by the competent authority.

Category Current Emoluments (applicable w.e.f. 01.01.2019) Revised Emoluments (applicable w.e.f. 01.01.2023)
In Rupees per month
JRF 31000 37000
SRF 35000 42000
Research Associate-I 47000 58000
Research Associate-II 49000 61000
Research Associate-II 54000 67000


3. The other service conditions of the research personnel will remain


4. Departments/ Ministries concerned should meet the additional financial burden from their existing outlay under the respective schemes by efficient utilization of resources and cutting down on non-priority activities. Subsequently, if additional resources are needed, the same will be considered based on the pace of expenditure and extent of savings in non-priority activities.

5. This issues with the approval of the Finance Minister.

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  1. Not satisfied with the Hike! We asked for 60% and we get only 20% hike!

  2. Where did you get this PDF from? So far, I have seen a tweet from DST. But where did you obtain this PDF regarding the amount of fee hike? The RAIII hike amount is contradictory to the DST tweet.

  3. My name is Afsin Jahan. I have done my graduation in Biotechnology. Looking for job related life science. I am fresher. How to apply for JRF

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