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Tetra Pak Process Engineer Recruitment – BTech & MTech Candidates Apply

Tetra Pak Process Engineer Recruitment – BTech & MTech Candidates Apply. Process Engineer job opening. BTech, MTech Food Process Engineering job openings. Interested and eligible applicants can check out all of the details on the same below

Hey, if you are looking for some help with the possible interview questions and answers for the role of process engineer at Tetra Pak, then check them below

This job expires in

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Process Engineer

Date: 24-May-2023

Location: Pune, IN

Company: Tetra Pak

At Tetra Pak we commit to making food safe and available, everywhere; and we protect what’s good – protecting food, protecting people, and protecting the planet. By doing so we touch millions of people’s lives every day. And we need people like you to make it happen.

Job Summary

We are hiring into the role of Process Engineer- Expert in Processing Liquid Food Solutions. Process Engineer- Expert will report to Engineering manager and is based in Chakan, Pune.

Required knowledge of the general principles of how food products are processed and packaged, the main equipments used, the  composition,  quality aspects and the hygienic requirements for the equipments, facilities and

operators. Expected good knowledge and experience of the engineering practices, including Plants, process lines,  applications and technology to do the design of the Production Solutions. Knowledge and understanding of the engineering practices for the design of food processing machinery, including applied food processing technology, hygienic design, general machine design, testing methods and manufacturing technique.

What you will do

  • Minimum 5 years of engineering experience in Dairy, Beverages, Prepared Food and plant based or similar Liquid Food process industry.
  • Scope of supply; Understand the scope of supply in contract/ Order form.
  • Design Processing system; Being able to develop Flow chart (P&ID) and item list.
  • Engineering: Being able to perform calculation for piping, pumps, valves & vessels used in food industry, and selection of instruments.
  • Ensure system design includes Clean-in-Place (CIP) and complies with customer specifications, company standards, State/Federal regulations.
  • Engineering Tools; Being able to use basic Matrix ProDesigner functions, including AutoCAD and database.
  • Reusable Design: Able to use Tetra Pak Global Engineering Concepts and Design Elements.
  • Knowledge of Different Heat exchangers, Heat transfer calculations & basic reports.
  • Knowledge of different Utilities: Being able to do calculation of plant and module utility consumptions.
  • Documentation; Able to create project and customer documentation.
  • Working process; Being able to follow applicable part of OFCE process.
  • Cost estimation for Pre-projects & Projects, and plan for cost reduction.
  • Time planning; Understand and work according to time Plan. Can work under demanding timelines and situations.
  • Test & review; Be a participant in test and/ or reviews in project work.
  • Assembly drawings: Being able to read and understand assembly drawings and plant layouts.
  • Customer focus: takes the initiative to ensure that opportunities to maximise the value addition to the customers of the Tetra Pak are taken.
  • Plan and implement cost reduction, efficiency, and quality improvement program.
  • Support customer and internal stakeholders for testing, commissioning, and site issues.
  • A self-starter who takes the initiatives on solving problems and creating opportunities for improvement without being asked. Able to work effectively on day-to-day basis without direct supervision.
  • Positive outlook: takes advantages of opportunities to enhance own skills and knowledge.

We believe you have

B.E/ B.Tech  in Dairy Technology/ Food Process Engineering/ Chemical/ Mechanical. Or M.Tech in Dairy Technology/ Food Process Engineering.

  • Building Integrity and Trust with critical stakeholders and Team.
  • Working with diversity and inclusion.
  • Exhibit qualities of Dynamic, Productive and Capable.
  • Technical discussions with customer and or end suppliers for engineering parts in L0-L2 projects
  • Act as an ambassador for Tetra Pak
  • Capability development and focus for growth and productivity
  • Interpersonal Savvy with strong conflict management skills
  • Learning on the fly and self-starter
  • Listening to different stakeholders and able to see how different parts of the process forms the big picture
  • Presentation & Communication skills

We Offer You

  • A variety of exciting challenges with ample opportunities for development and training in a truly global landscape
  • A culture that pioneers a spirit of innovation where our industry experts drive visible results
  • An equal opportunity employment experience that values diversity and inclusion
  • Market competitive compensation and benefits with flexible working arrangements


Hey, if you are looking for some help with the possible interview questions and answers for the role of process engineer at Tetra Pak, then check them below

  1. Can you explain your experience in the liquid food process industry, specifically in dairy, beverages, prepared food, or plant-based products? How have you applied your engineering knowledge to optimize processes in these industries?

Answer: In my previous roles, I have accumulated five years of experience in the dairy and beverages industry. I have worked on process optimization projects, analyzing and improving flow charts (P&IDs), designing processing systems, and performing calculations for piping, pumps, valves, and vessels used in food processing. I have also ensured compliance with customer specifications, industry standards, and regulations.

  1. How familiar are you with hygienic design principles and engineering practices for food processing machinery? Can you provide examples of how you have implemented hygienic design in your previous projects?

Answer: I have a strong understanding of hygienic design principles and their importance in food processing machinery. In my previous projects, I have applied hygienic design practices to ensure the cleanliness and safety of the processing equipment. For example, I have designed systems with Clean-in-Place (CIP) capabilities to facilitate easy and efficient cleaning and sanitation.

  1. Can you discuss your experience in using engineering tools such as AutoCAD and database software for process design? How have these tools aided you in your previous projects?

Answer: I am proficient in using engineering tools like AutoCAD and database software for process design. These tools have been instrumental in creating detailed process flow diagrams, equipment layouts, and assembly drawings. They have helped me effectively communicate and collaborate with cross-functional teams and ensure accurate documentation throughout the project lifecycle.

  1. How do you approach cost estimation for pre-projects and projects? Can you provide an example of a cost reduction or efficiency improvement program you have implemented in the past?

Answer: When estimating costs for pre-projects and projects, I analyze the scope of work, required resources, and potential risks and challenges. I consider various factors such as material costs, labor, equipment, and time. In a previous project, I identified an opportunity for cost reduction by optimizing the utility consumption in the plant. By implementing energy-saving measures and optimizing the utility systems, we achieved significant cost savings without compromising on quality or efficiency.

  1. How do you ensure effective communication and collaboration with customers, suppliers, and internal stakeholders during engineering projects? Can you provide an example of a situation where you demonstrated strong interpersonal skills and conflict management?

Answer: Effective communication is key to successful engineering projects. I prioritize open and transparent communication with all stakeholders, actively listening to their perspectives and ensuring their requirements are understood and addressed. In a recent project, there was a disagreement between the customer and one of our suppliers regarding the engineering parts. By facilitating open discussions, addressing concerns, and finding common ground, I successfully resolved the conflict and maintained positive relationships with both parties.

Note: These interview questions and answers are based on the information provided in the job description. It is recommended to tailor the questions to the specific requirements and context of the job and company.

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