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Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, has invested $180 million in Retro Biosciences, a biotech startup that aims to extend the human lifespan by 10 years through innovative therapies that counteract age-related ailments. Altman’s investment will help Retro Biosciences achieve its preliminary proofs of concept and maintain its operations over the next decade.

Altman’s interest in anti-aging research began around eight years ago when he investigated the “young blood” research experiment. The experiment involved merging the blood systems of older and younger mice, partially rejuvenating the older mice’s muscles and brains. Altman and Retro Biosciences’ founder, scientist Joe Betts-LaCroix, also explored another life extension project, drawing on the findings of UC Berkeley researchers that diluting the blood plasma of aged mice could produce rejuvenating effects.

Joe Betts-LaCroix, Cofounder, CEO Retro Biosciences

Retro Biosciences was founded by Betts-LaCroix, who is also an associate of Altman’s from their time at the startup accelerator Y Combinator. Betts-LaCroix told Altman he would build a company around aging biology, and Altman agreed to finance the endeavor. Until recently, Betts-LaCroix had kept Altman’s participation in Retro Biosciences confidential, allowing the company to develop autonomously.

With Altman’s investment and Retro Biosciences’ innovative research, the biotech startup is

well-positioned to make significant progress in extending human lifespan and defying death. The company’s website states its mission as “to increase healthy human lifespan by 10 years. This will be intensely challenging and require substantial resources.”

Representatives from OpenAI and Retro Biosciences have not commented on Altman’s investment.

Retro Bioscience, on their website, has stated that their mission is to increase the healthy human lifespan by ten years, which they acknowledged would be an extremely difficult feat and would necessitate a significant amount of resources. They further mentioned that they had received initial funding of $180 million, allowing them to reach their first proofs of concept and maintain the company’s operations over the next ten years.

Sam Altman Invest in Biotech Startup