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NRCB BSc, MSc & PhD Agriculture, Life Sciences YP Job Opening

NRCB BSc, MSc & PhD Agriculture, Life Sciences YP Job Opening. BSc Agricuture, Life Sciences, Biotechnology, Microbiology jobs. Interested and eligible applicants can check out all of the details on the same below

This job expires in

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Thogamalai Road, Thayanur Post,
Tiruchirapalli – 620 102, Tamil Nadu
Phone: 0431-2618125


Advertisement No.13 / 2023

Applications are invited to engage 01 (One) Young Professional – I, purely on contractual basis under the CGIAR / Bioversity International sponsored project entitled “CGIAR – Evaluation of ITC genotypes for their reaction to Foc R1 & TR4” at ICAR – NRC for Banana, Tiruchirappalli – 620 102.

Name of the Post – Young Professional – I

No. of Posts – 01

Duration of the Project – 31.12.2023

How to Apply

Eligible candidates are requested to submit their applications in the enclosed proforma with self attested copies of educational qualification / experience certificates etc though email to [email protected] on or before 24.05.2023 (Wednesday).

After screening of applications, the shortlisted candidates will be informed the date & mode of interview through email.

General Terms & Conditions

  1. Age limit – Minimum age 21 years and Maximum age 45 years for Young Professional – I. Age relaxation shall be applicable for the post as per rules.
  2. The above position is on a temporary basis and co-terminus with the project.
    There is no provision for re-employment after the termination of the project. The selected candidate will not have any right to claim pay scale or absorption against any regular post being vacant at a later date at this institute.
  3. Candidates who have passed the required qualifications only be allowed for the interview.
  4. Candidates attending the Interview should neatly type the application in the format
    prescribed in MS-WORD – TIMES NEW ROMAN FONT – 12 SIZE and submit the
    same along with attested copies of educational qualifications, experience and
    publications etc. through email.
  5. Candidates already working should produce the necessary “No Objection Certificate” in
    the case he / she is employed elsewhere.
  6. For more details please contact – 0431- 2618125.

Fellowship – Rs.25,000/- (consolidated) per month

Essential Qualification – First class in B.Sc. (Agriculture / Life Science)


  1. M.Sc. / Ph.D. (Plant Pathology / Microbiology / Biotechnology / Life Science)
  2. Work experience / knowledge in Bioinformatics

Check the notification below

  1. Can you tell us about your educational background and any relevant experience in agriculture or life sciences?
    • Answer: I have completed my B.Sc. degree with first-class honors in Agriculture/Life Science. During my studies, I gained practical knowledge in various aspects of agriculture and acquired skills in [mention relevant skills]. Additionally, I have conducted research projects in [specific area] and have experience working in [related industry or organization].
  2. The project focuses on evaluating ITC genotypes for their reaction to Foc R1 & TR4. Can you explain your understanding of these terms and their significance in the context of banana research?
    • Answer: Foc R1 and TR4 are both important factors related to banana diseases. Foc R1 refers to a specific race of the fungus Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubense, which causes Panama disease in bananas. TR4 stands for Tropical Race 4, which is a highly virulent strain of the same fungus that affects Cavendish bananas. Evaluating ITC genotypes for their reaction to Foc R1 & TR4 involves studying the resistance or susceptibility of different banana varieties to these pathogens. It helps in identifying resistant genotypes and developing strategies for disease management in banana cultivation.
  3. Have you worked with bioinformatics tools or have any knowledge in this field? How do you think it can be applied to enhance banana research?
    • Answer: While my primary expertise lies in plant pathology/microbiology/biotechnology, I do have basic knowledge of bioinformatics and have utilized bioinformatics tools in my previous projects. Bioinformatics can play a crucial role in banana research by analyzing large-scale genomic data, identifying candidate genes involved in disease resistance, predicting protein structures, and conducting comparative genomics studies. It helps in gaining insights into the genetic basis of important traits and facilitates targeted breeding programs for developing disease-resistant banana varieties.
  4. The project is sponsored by CGIAR/Bioversity International. Are you familiar with the work and objectives of these organizations? How do you see your role contributing to their mission?
    • Answer: CGIAR and Bioversity International are renowned organizations working towards agricultural research and biodiversity conservation. They aim to improve food security, enhance agricultural sustainability, and conserve plant genetic resources. As a Young Professional in this project, my role would involve conducting research activities related to evaluating banana genotypes for disease resistance. By contributing to the project’s objectives, I believe I can contribute to the broader mission of CGIAR and Bioversity International by advancing our understanding of banana diseases and supporting the development of sustainable solutions for banana cultivation.
  5. Can you describe any previous experience you have had in working on research projects related to plant pathology, microbiology, or biotechnology? What were your contributions and the outcomes of those projects?
    • Answer: During my M.Sc./Ph.D. studies or previous work experience, I had the opportunity to work on research projects focusing on plant pathology, microbiology, or biotechnology. For instance, in a specific project, I investigated [describe the research project]. My contributions included [mention specific tasks or experiments], and the outcomes of the project were [mention findings or achievements]. This experience allowed me to develop expertise in [specific techniques or methodologies] and strengthened my understanding of the principles and practical aspects of these fields.

Note: The answers provided are sample responses and can be customized based on the candidate’s actual qualifications and experiences.

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