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Merck Biotech & Biochem Jobs – Analyst (Contract) Role Available

Merck Biotech & Biochem Jobs – Analyst (Contract) Role Available. Analyst (Contract) job opening at Merck. Interested and eligible applicants can check out all of the details on the same below

Hey there, we know you are very interested in applying for the role of Analyst (Contract) and being a part of Merck, so what do you think some interview questions can be? Make sure to read up on some of the possibilities below along with their answers. All the best!

Analyst (Contract)

Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka, India On-site

Role/Designation: Analyst (Contract)

Number of Positions: 3

Education Credentials:

Bachelors/Master preferably in BioTechnology, Downstream Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Chemical Engineering

Experience: 6 months – 1 year

Domain/Interest Field Service Exposure if any: Troubleshooting Instruments, Customer facing roles, Lab Water Instruments


  • Provide scientific responses to complex questions and solutions to customer’s research problems, collaborating with more experienced scientists when necessary
  • Recommend products based on customer needs and research interests.
  • Handling quality complaints by effective troubleshooting and investigating the root cause by collaborating with internal/external teams.
  • Develop positive customer and colleague relations. Handling new client inquiries and acting as the face of the business.
  • Proper response to email queries received from the customers or internal team
  • Identify and follow up customer specific requirements
  • Handle MilliQ-lab water calls
  • Handle Cross-Reference requests

Language Fluency in Spoken & Written English

Shifts Rotational | 24*7 with 2 Week-Off

Immediate joiners (within a month) will be preferred. Please note this is Dry lab work only, no wet lab work is involved.


Hey there, we know you are very interested in applying for the role of Analyst (Contract) and being a part of Merck, so what do you think some interview questions can be? Make sure to read up on some of the possibilities below along with their answers. All the best!

  1. Can you describe your experience in troubleshooting instruments and handling customer-facing roles in a laboratory environment? Answer: Yes, I have experience troubleshooting instruments and providing support to customers in a laboratory setting. I have worked directly with customers to understand their research problems and provide scientific solutions. This includes recommending products based on their needs and research interests.
  2. How do you handle quality complaints and investigate the root cause of issues? Can you provide an example of a quality complaint you have resolved in the past? Answer: When handling quality complaints, I follow a systematic approach. I collaborate with internal and external teams to investigate the root cause of the issue. By analyzing data and conducting experiments, I identify the underlying problem and propose effective solutions. For example, in a previous role, I received a quality complaint about a product’s performance. Through collaborative efforts and thorough analysis, we discovered a manufacturing defect and implemented corrective measures to resolve the issue.
  3. How do you ensure positive customer and colleague relations in a customer-facing role? Can you share an experience where you effectively handled a new client inquiry? Answer: Building positive relationships with customers and colleagues is crucial in a customer-facing role. I prioritize effective communication, active listening, and empathy to understand customer needs and address their inquiries. In a previous position, I received a new client inquiry and acted as the face of the business. By providing timely and accurate information, I successfully onboarded the client and established a strong foundation for a productive working relationship.
  4. How do you handle email queries from customers or internal team members? How do you ensure timely and accurate responses? Answer: When handling email queries, I prioritize prompt and thorough responses. I carefully review the queries, gather all the necessary information, and provide clear and concise answers. I ensure that the responses are tailored to address the specific concerns or questions raised. Additionally, I maintain professionalism and follow-up as needed to ensure customer satisfaction.
  5. Can you explain your experience with handling MilliQ-lab water calls and cross-reference requests? How do you ensure accuracy and efficiency in handling such requests? Answer: I have experience handling MilliQ-lab water calls and addressing cross-reference requests. To ensure accuracy and efficiency, I follow established protocols and guidelines provided by the company. I am familiar with the specifications and capabilities of MilliQ-lab water systems and can provide accurate information to customers. Additionally, I maintain organized documentation and leverage available resources to handle cross-reference requests effectively.

Note: These interview questions and answers provide a general direction for the technical round. It’s important to tailor the questions to the specific job requirements and the candidate’s experience.

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