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Genpact Food Tech Jobs Opening, Apply Online For Technical Associate Role

Genpact Food Tech Jobs Opening, Apply Online For Technical Associate Role. BSc, and MSc Food Tech candidates apply. Interested and eligible candidates can check out all of the details regarding the same below:

Possible Interview Questions for the role of Regulatory affairs – technical associate at Genpact are posted below

Job: Regulatory affairs – technical associate-LIF012350

Primary Location: India-Mumbai

Schedule: Full-time

Education Level: Bachelor’s / Graduation / Equivalent

Master Skills List: Operations

Job Category: Full Time

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Inviting applications for the role of Specification writers & regulatory experts/Technical Associate

The person will be responsible for Creating product information using data sources such as; specification templates, raw material and finished product specifications, system business rules, process sheets / factory documentation, ERP data and specification writing guidelines.



  • Create product data
  • Check product data
  • Other (e.g., reporting, tracking, issue resolution, etc.)
  • Work on data from various sites, co-packers, expert groups, etc.
  • Confirm suitability of any proposed alternatives (may be proposed by internal (site quality / R&D) and external (suppliers),
  • Define & Confirm specification linkages in the system,
  • Fill data gaps based on expertise / guidance
  • Validate data entered by other business users, act on feedback and correct data, workflow data within systems.

Other Skills:

  • Effective communication: Demonstrated oral and written communication skills and the ability to communicate issues in a succinct and logical manner. Strong listening skills.
  • Relevant experience in systems / specifications
  • Basic systems experience (i.e., excel, e-mail, ATLAS, AGILE and word.)

Qualifications we seek in you!

The candidate has a bachelor’s degree in science, food technology or related field (advanced degree preferred). Relevant experience in food regulation & specification writing is mandatory.


Possible Interview Questions for the role of Regulatory affairs – technical associate at Genpact:

  1. Can you explain your experience and expertise in regulatory affairs and specification writing in the food industry? Answer: I have a bachelor’s degree in science, and I have relevant experience in food regulation and specification writing. I am familiar with the regulatory requirements and guidelines in the food industry. I have worked on creating product information using various data sources, such as specification templates, raw material and finished product specifications, and system business rules. I have also collaborated with internal and external stakeholders to ensure compliance and suitability of proposed alternatives.
  2. How do you ensure accuracy and completeness when creating product data and checking product data? Answer: When creating product data, I carefully analyze the available data sources, such as specification templates, raw material information, and process documentation. I pay attention to detail and ensure that all relevant information is included. When checking product data, I cross-verify the information against established guidelines and standards. I perform thorough quality checks to ensure accuracy, consistency, and completeness of the product data.
  3. Can you explain your experience in working with data from various sites, co-packers, and expert groups? How do you ensure consistency and accuracy in handling such diverse data sources? Answer: I have experience in working with data from multiple sources, including various sites, co-packers, and expert groups. To ensure consistency and accuracy, I establish clear communication channels and collaborate closely with stakeholders to gather the necessary data. I validate and cross-reference the data received from different sources, ensuring that it aligns with the required specifications. I also conduct regular meetings and follow-ups with the stakeholders to address any discrepancies or missing information. Additionally, I rely on my expertise and guidance to fill in any data gaps and make necessary corrections to ensure the accuracy and consistency of the information.
  4. How do you handle proposed alternatives from internal (site quality/R&D) and external (suppliers) sources? Can you provide an example of a situation where you had to evaluate and confirm the suitability of a proposed alternative? Answer: When presented with proposed alternatives, I carefully evaluate them by considering factors such as regulatory compliance, quality standards, and customer requirements. I collaborate with relevant stakeholders, including site quality/R&D teams and suppliers, to gather additional information and conduct thorough assessments. An example of such a situation would be when a supplier suggests an alternative ingredient for a specific product. In such cases, I review the regulatory guidelines, conduct compatibility tests, and ensure that the alternative meets the required specifications and does not compromise product quality or safety.
  5. How do you ensure the accuracy and integrity of data entered by other business users? Can you describe a situation where you identified and corrected data inaccuracies? Answer: To ensure the accuracy and integrity of data entered by other business users, I implement validation processes and checks. I collaborate closely with the users to provide clear guidelines and instructions for data entry. I also perform regular audits and spot checks to identify any inconsistencies or inaccuracies in the data. In one particular situation, I noticed a discrepancy in the product specifications entered by a user. I immediately reached out to the user, discussed the issue, and provided guidance on the correct information. I then corrected the data and ensured that it was properly updated in the system.
  6. Note: The answers provided are general guidelines, and it is important to tailor the responses to reflect your specific experience and qualifications for the role.

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