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CSIR NET UNIT 9 – Diversity of Life Forms focuses on the diversity of life forms and carries an average weightage of 20 marks in the exam. This unit covers taxonomic units and classifying plants, animals, and microorganisms. While studying this unit, it is important to understand the different forms of life and their classification. The unit requires memorization of scientific names, taxa, and terminologies, which can be time-consuming and tedious. However, it is important not to skip this unit as questions related to this unit may be mixed with ecology or evolution.

“We have created concept tables that will aid in studying and revising important topics related to CSIR NET Unit 9: Diversity of Life Forms. Rather than skipping this unit, utilize the concept tables to revise smarter with Biotecnika.”

Download Quick Revision Concept Table PDF For CSIR NET UNIT 9

List of important topics to study for CSIR NET Unit 9: Diversity of Life Forms:

  • Alpha-beta-gamma taxonomy
  • Hierarchical taxa and their characteristics
  • Binomial nomenclature and its rules and conventions
  • Different protozoan and bacterial diseases, including their causative organisms and hosts
  • Common parasites and pathogens for different hosts
  • Evolutionary relationships among taxa, including graphical or phylogenetic trees and common ancestor-based questions
  • Rare and endangered species and their conservation strategies

Note: While studying the topic of rare and endangered species, it is important to note that it is also covered under Ecology and may overlap with other Units of CSIR NET as well.

Download 60 Days CSIR NET Life Science Study Planner For June 2023 Exam – Study Faster, Revise Smarter

Recommended reference book for CSIR NET UNIT 9 is – Taxonomy: A Text and Reference Book by Richard E. Blackwelder.

Download Quick Revision Concept Table PDF For CSIR NET UNIT 9

How to use the Quick Revision Table to study and revise CSIR NET UNIT 9 for the upcoming CSIR NET Life Science exam in June 2023:

  • Review the entire concept table: Start by reviewing the entire concept table to get an overview of the topics covered in this unit. This will help you to identify the areas where you need to focus more.
  • Break down the table into smaller parts: After reviewing the entire table, break it down into smaller parts based on the subtopics covered. This will help you to study each subtopic in detail and avoid feeling overwhelmed.
  • Use the tables to create notes and flashcards: Use the information in the tables to create your own notes and flashcards. This will help you to memorize key terms and definitions.
  • Use the tables to identify knowledge gaps: Identify the concepts you are not familiar with or feel unsure about, and prioritize studying those topics. Focus on understanding the concept thoroughly, rather than simply memorizing it.
  • Test your knowledge: Use the tables to test your knowledge by quizzing yourself or using practice questions based on the topics covered in the tables. This will help you to identify areas where you need to improve.
  • Collaborate with peers: Use the concept tables to collaborate with your peers and discuss challenging topics or clarify any confusion. This will help you to understand the topics better and get different perspectives.
  • Refer to the recommended reference book: Refer to the recommended reference book for this unit, Taxonomy: A Text and Reference Book by Richard E. Blackwelder, to supplement your understanding of the topics covered in the concept tables.

Remember to practice regularly, take breaks when needed, and focus on understanding the concepts rather than simply memorizing them. Best of luck with your studies!

Download Quick Revision Concept Table PDF For CSIR NET UNIT 9

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