CSIR NET Unit 10, Ecological Principles, covers a broad range of topics related to the study of ecology and the principles that govern the interactions between living organisms and their environment. To help students quickly review and revise these topics, a Quick Revision Table in PDF format can be a valuable resource.

Download CSIR NET UNIT 10 Quick Revision Table

Unit 10 of the CSIR NET exam covers a range of topics related to environmental concerns and applied ecological concepts. It is a highly interesting and scoring unit, so it should not be skipped. While everything mentioned under the syllabus is important, some topics are frequently asked about. Here are some important topics to focus on:

  • The structure of ecological organization, including organisms, population, community, ecosystem, biomes, and biosphere. Understanding the major biomes of the world is crucial.
  • The structure and components of different types of ecosystems, such as terrestrial, forest, grassland, and aquatic.
  • Rules in ecology, such as Bergmann’s rule, Allen’s rule, Gloger’s rule, and Yoda’s law.
    Ecosystem ecology, including types and mechanisms of succession, changes involved, energy cycling and mineral flow, primary production, gross and net primary productivity, decomposition, food web, and food chain.
  • Pyramids of energy and population, and thermal stratification in lentic ecosystems.
  • Population ecology, including r and k selection, Hardy Weinberg law, gene pool, concepts and rate of change in gene frequency through natural selection, survivorship curves, population characteristics and regulation, population growth curves, metapopulation, and terms like demes, dispersal, interdemic extinction, and age-structured population.
  • Biosphere reserves and sanctuaries in different states of India, the difference between adaptation and acclimatization, recent concerns like anthropological activities, global warming, environmental pollution, monitoring, its effects on biodiversity, and Project Tiger.

Download CSIR NET UNIT 10 Quick Revision Table

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CSIR NET UNIT 10 Ecological Principles Revision & Important Q&A Revision 

For reference books, you can consider “Fundamentals of Ecology” by Eugene P. Odum and “Ecology Environmental Science and Conservation” by Sp Singh Js Singh.

In conclusion, the Quick Revision Table for Unit 10, Ecological Principles, provides a valuable resource for students preparing for the CSIR NET exam. By reviewing key points and recalling important terms, students can better understand the principles that govern ecology and the interactions between living organisms and their environment.

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