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Sartorius Biotech & Life Sciences Field Application Scientist Opportunity, Apply Online

Sartorius Biotech & Life Sciences Field Application Scientist Opportunity, Apply Online. Exclusive job opportunities for life sciences and biotechnology candidates. Interested Indian nationals can check out all of the details regarding the same below:

Hey if you are a PhD or MSc candidate who is considering applying for this role, do you want to know what type of interview questions you will face? Then check the bottom of the page.

Name of the Post – Field Application Scientist

Reference Number – R27985

Employment Mode – Full time

Position – Regular

Functional Area – Sales

Location – Delhi (India)

For Sartorius India Pvt. Ltd, we are looking for the Field Application Scientist to join our team based out of Delhi. The Field Application Scientist will be responsible for offering product expertise, application knowledge and technical support along each step of customer’s process and for bringing the products’ technical expertise and market knowledge to the sales team. The main mission is to ensure successful design, validation and implementation of products, by supporting sales for product design, product positioning and demonstration, and supporting customers for application development work, initial startups and training


What you will accomplish together with us:

  • Support the sales organization on existing products through product presentations, demonstrations and application studies, and on new products in close collaboration with product management through beta sites testing and demonstrations
  • Will be responsible for assigned product line to support sales target achievement for supporting Greater India on Octet range of products.
  • Support sales in the customer process and URS analysis and generate application trials to help designing optimized products in line with the application requirements
  • Provide technical support proactively, answer inquiries and resolve implementation problems in the field for customers
  • Support quality department in the quality complaint process by troubleshooting and analyzing customers processes for better investigation and resolution
  • Collect, compile, verify and analyze data on the assigned product line performance and customer feedback to identify product features that need to be changed to meet customer needs
  • Report on competitors’ products and feedback information to the application specialist management and products management
  • Provide basic product training to internal sales and dealers, and running external customer workshops and seminars
  • Conduct trials and demos to achieve intended results and create trial reports to product management and sales teams
  • Collaborate with interfaces to define the scope and acceptance criteria of trials and build professional trial reports
  • Prior experience in handling SPR and BLI technologies, ELISA, HPLC Mass spectrometry and Flow cytometry will be preferable.

What will convince us:

  • Ph. D in Life Sciences/Biotechnology or relevant science or Masters in Life Science stream/Biotechnology with 8 to 10 years of relevant industrial experience
  • A good understanding of Physico-chemical and Biophysical characterization and Immunological experiments
  • Prior experience in handling SPR and BLI technologies will be preferable, Flow cytometry and Microscopy expertise is added advantage.
  • Must be willing to keep oneself abreast and improve on the knowledge base, including product information as well as other relevant scientific knowledge
  • Willingness to travel extensively, 50%-70% of time /Month.
  • Familiar with related products, laboratory processes and equipment
  • Ability to effectively interface with product / project / division management


Hello again, let’s take a look at the interview questions for the role of Field Application Scientist at Sartorius

  1. Can you tell us about your experience in providing technical support for customers and how you approach troubleshooting and resolving implementation problems in the field?
    In my previous role, I provided technical support to customers by proactively addressing their inquiries and analyzing their processes to identify and troubleshoot any issues. I believe in taking a systematic approach to problem-solving, starting by gathering all necessary information, analyzing it thoroughly, and then implementing effective solutions. I also believe in maintaining clear communication with customers throughout the process to ensure their satisfaction.
  2. What experience do you have with SPR and BLI technologies, and how have you utilized them in your previous roles?
    Answer: I have experience in handling SPR and BLI technologies and have used them extensively in my previous roles. I have utilized these technologies to perform assays for drug discovery, protein interaction studies, and biomolecular analysis. I am familiar with the theoretical concepts and practical applications of these technologies and have a good understanding of their strengths and limitations.
  3. How do you keep yourself updated on the latest product information and scientific knowledge relevant to your field?
    Answer: I believe in continuous learning and keeping myself updated on the latest scientific advancements in my field. I regularly attend scientific conferences, read research articles, and network with other professionals in my field. I also keep myself updated on the latest product information by attending training sessions and webinars offered by my company.
  4. Can you describe a time when you had to conduct trials or demos to achieve intended results and create trial reports? How did you ensure the success of these trials?
    Answer: In my previous role, I conducted trials and demos to evaluate the performance of a new product. I ensured the success of these trials by thoroughly planning and preparing for them in advance. I established clear goals and objectives, selected appropriate samples and controls, and designed a robust experimental protocol. I also made sure to carefully document all procedures and results to create a comprehensive trial report that could be used to improve the product and support the sales team.
  5. How do you prioritize and manage your workload, particularly when you are required to travel extensively?
    Answer: I am an organized and efficient worker who is able to prioritize and manage my workload effectively, even when required to travel extensively. I believe in setting clear goals and timelines, and breaking down complex tasks into manageable components. I also communicate regularly with my team and colleagues to ensure that we are aligned on project goals and timelines. When traveling, I make sure to plan ahead, communicate clearly with customers and colleagues, and utilize technology to stay connected and productive.

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