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MSc Biotech Research Associate Job at Advanta Seeds (UPL Group)

MSc Biotech Research Associate Job at Advanta Seeds (UPL Group). MSc Biotech Research Associate job opening at UPL. Interested and eligible applicants can check out all of the details on the same below

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Research Associate

Job Id: 7079

City: Kalakal, Telangana, India

Department: Double Haploid

Function: Research and Development

Employee Type: Permanent Full Time

Seniority Level: Entry level


Advanta Seeds is an UPL Group Company

Advanta Seeds Prides itself on decades of research and development of the most advanced technologies in traditional plant breeding to deliver high quality seeds.

The company has over 60 years of experience in plant genetics research and development.

Advanta Seeds has a leadership position in many geographies in Field crops, Forages and Vegetable crops such as grain sorghum, forages, corn, sunflower, canola, rice and many segments of Vegetables.

Our purpose is ‘Open Ag’. An agriculture network that feeds sustainable growth for all. No limits, no borders.

Purpose of the Role

To standardize DH protocol for Okra

and produce DH in Mustard. Production of DH lines in various crops in the lab and other projects as per company’s requirements.

Position: Research Associate, India

Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka

Reporting: DH-Lead, R&D

Qualifications: MSc Biotechnology

Experience: Minimum 1-2 years of experiences in Plant tissue culture, Cell biology. Hands on experience of DH production in various crops is preferred

Business Understanding: Basics of Plant biotechnology and productions of Double haploids.

Knowledge: Specific knowledge on Production Double haploids in various crops via Anther and microspore culture. Hardening of tissue cultured plants, poly house management, Pest management, Selfing & Post harvest handling. Expertise technical information in Agronomy, seed science & technology, Statistics with computer skills

Behavioural Skills: Strong Problem-solving skills, critical thinking and self- initiative, Proactive, New initiatives. Excellent written, verbal communication, interpersonal skills, high quality document and report preparation skills. Showcased ability to utilize the available resources & train the supervisors to use best practices for effective output

 Major Job Responsibilities

  1. Serve as project team member for given crop that requires specific expertise for successful delivery as determined by the recipient stakeholders and crop R&D strategies.
  2. Project team member for assigned projects with full responsibility for project development, management, and delivery. In-charge for the specific projects in given crops at site.
  3. Preparation of data summaries, reports and presentations of research results drive innovation of new research ideas and project concepts to further cell biology approach
  4. As a project team member responsible for managing functional laboratory, develop understanding of the DH Technology and about the crop.
  5. Provide functional support to the entire Field R&D community in the assigned geography by delivering quality results or DH lines as per the requirement.
  6. Ensures that local teams maintain a high level of knowledge of the technology and techniques by close interaction and regular project status updates.



  1. What experience do you have in plant tissue culture and cell biology?
    Answer: I have a master’s degree in biotechnology and have worked for 2 years in plant tissue culture and cell biology. My experience includes handling plant tissue cultures, micropropagation, and the development of double haploid lines via anther and microspore culture.
  2. Can you describe your experience with DH production in various crops?
    Answer: I have hands-on experience in DH production in various crops such as maize, rice, and mustard. I have experience in anther culture and microspore culture techniques for DH production. I also have knowledge of tissue culture hardening, poly house management, pest management, selfing, and post-harvest handling.
  3. How do you ensure the quality of your research results and communicate them effectively?
    Answer: To ensure quality research results, I maintain accurate records, conduct frequent quality checks, and follow standardized protocols. I also collaborate with team members and seek feedback to ensure accuracy and completeness of results. I have excellent verbal and written communication skills, which help me prepare high-quality documents and reports that effectively communicate my research findings. I am also proactive and always look for new initiatives to improve my work.

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  1. It is regret to mention that Biotechnology UG candidates (freshers) are getting less chance for campus selection due to limited participation of Industries either Pvt or Govt. Govt. should insist to the biotechnology industrialists to give opportunity to biotechnology UG freshers also during on campus selection, as there are so many ways for developments from bioscience group. So that freshers with UG can show there talent and learn more which may help them for better future also.

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