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IIT Dharwad Research Internship For Biotechnology Candidates With A Monthly Stipend, Apply Online

IIT Dharwad Research Internship For Biotechnology Candidates With A Monthly Stipend, Apply Online. Call for Research Internship at IIT Dharwad. Biotechnology Research Internship. Interested and eligible applicants can check out all of the details on the same below

Indian Institute of Technology Dharwad
WALMI Campus, Belur Industrial Area,
Near High Court, PB Road, Anjaneya Nagar,
Dharwad 580011, Karnataka

Recruitment Advt. No: IITDH/R&D/EE/RG/CRG/8.107/2022-23

Call for Research Internship

Project Title: Development of multi-markers-based electronic kit for the rapid and accurate detection of prostate cancer through urine samples

Eligibility: Students pursuing their Undergraduate or Post graduate degrees in Electronics and Communication Engineering, Instrumentation, Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, VLSI or allied specializations.

Duration: 2 months. Starting from 29th May, 2023 (flexible) to 29th July, 2023 (Flexible).

Place of Internship: Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Dharwad

Stipend: INR 5000 per month

In-campus Accommodation (subject to availability and on nominal charge basis)

Last Date for Submission of Application is 20th April 2023 22nd March 2023

Application Form Link: https://forms.gle/zgBP9J3dQRYQh3eW6.

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