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BioTecNika Info Labs Pvt Ltd invites applications from eligible & interested CSIR NET Qualified candidates who are willing to extend their existing fellowships.

Eligibility: ONLY CSIR NET JRF / LS qualified candidates who are willing to pursue their Ph.D or extend their existing fellowship

Fellowship Amount Range: From Rs 2.4 Lakhs Per Annum to Rs 5.4 Lakhs Per Annum

No of Fellowships Available: 50

Field of Research: Life Sciences or Chemical Sciences

Fellowship Duration:

  • 1 Years for a NET LS candidate from the date of activation
  • 1 Years for a NET JRF candidate from the date of activation

Why Ph.D Extension Fellowships Program ?

The Number One benefit of studying in our country: Fellowship grants to encourage the advancement of the research community.

The drawbacks:

  • Fellowships expire after five years. If your Ph.D. is not completed within that time, then you have to survive without the support of a fellowship as long until your Ph.D is complete and you can find employment.
  • LS candidates do not get fellowship however are willing to pursue their Ph.D

At BioTecNika, our effort is to support the Research Community.  Thus we have now solved this problem, Allow me to present the BioTecNika Extended Fellowship Program, the solution to this

continuing challenge.

Now you have:

  • 2 Years JRF
  • 3 Years SRF
  • Additional 5 Years Biotecnika Ph.D Extension Fellowship Program

We will be rolling this Program in a phased manner and is currently available only Online & in Bangalore

What is the work expected from a Biotecnika P-E-F-P recipient ?

  • You will be entrusted a responsibility to coach BioTecNika Students in its nearest center ( Part Time ) in lieu of the fellowship
  • Help BioTecNika Online Students with their studies via online mode.

Is it similar to a Part Time Teacher ?

No its not, a part time teacher is paid hourly, however PEFP is a fixed fellowship in lieu of the services rendered to the student community.

How its a Win – Win Situation for you ?

You can avail this fellowship while you are still pursuing your Ph.D and there will be absolutely no deviation. However the students whom you will mentor will certainly get benefited from your experience.

Who should not apply ?

  • Candidates not willing to share their knowledge & experience with next generation.
  • Candidates who do not need extra fellowship.

If you feel you are some one in need of our help to pursue your Ph.D dream, then come join us as in Biotecnika PEFP, Apply Below.

How to Apply:

Interested & eligible candidates can send in their applications to [email protected]

Shekhar Suman is the Co-founder of BioTecNika Info Labs Pvt. Ltd. He is an Entrepreneur, Writer, Public Speaker, and a Motivational Coach. In his career, he has mentored more than 100,000+ students toward success in the Biopharma Industry. He heads the BioTecNika Group, which comprises BioTecNika.com, BioTecNika.org, and Rasayanika.com. An avid reader and listener who is passionate about BioSciences. Today Biotecnika is India's largest Biotech Career portal, with over 5 Million subscribers from academia & Industry. It's ranked among the top 50 websites worldwide in the Biology category.


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