National Biotechnology Innovation Awards-2023
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National Biotechnology Innovation Awards-2023

National Biotechnology Innovation Awards 2023 – Rs. 5 Lakh Cash Award + Medal + Certificate. A recent addition to the Award library – this award aims to recognize contributors to the biotechnology space at a national level. Check details below.

The Department of Biotechnology (DBT) set up more than three decades ago under the aegis of Ministry of Science and Technology has been instrumental in creating a strong foundation for Biotechnology sector to contribute towards nation building. Department has been committed towards creation of policy framework, promotion of excellence and innovation, support discovery research, fundamental and applied research in areas of  Agriculture, Healthcare & Medical Biotechnology, Animal and Aquatic sciences, Environmental safety, new generation Bio-fuels, nutritional security. Besides, impetus is also on taking the fruits of Biotechnology to the community at large in the country.

Under the visionary leadership of Hon’ble Prime Minister, it has been decided that awards in areas of Biotechnology would be conferred at national level to recognize the scientists/ teachers/ entrepreneurs/ innovators/ young researchers/group/organization for their significant contribution in development and applications of Biotechnology in the country. For this purpose, Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India has

initiated the merger of the existing two awards viz., (1) Product Process Development and Commercialization and (2) Biotechnology Award for Societal Development, renaming as “National Biotechnology Innovation Awards (NBIA)”. NBIA would be one of the highest awards of the country in areas of Biotechnology conferred in following categories:

01/01/2023: Nomination Start Date

28/02/2023: Nomination End Date

  1. Product Process Development and Commercialization: Recognition of outstanding contributions of: scientists/innovators/entrepreneurs/researchers/Indian institutions & companies (public as well as private) for development of new product or process and commercialization of the technology in the areas of Biotechnology.
  2. Societal Development: Recognition of outstanding contribution of an individual or a social organization, working at grass-root level for societal development through application of biotechnological interventions in agriculture and allied areas, health care and hygiene for empowering people for lively hood generation, skill development and entrepreneurship for self-employment.

Eligibility – Indian citizen engaged in research and development or societal development in areas of Biotechnology in the country.

Decoration – Rs. 5.00 lakh cash award for each category along with a medal and certificate.

No. of Awardees – 2 (1 in each category)

Who can nominate?

  1. The scientists, teachers, innovators and entrepreneurs, institutions and companies engaged in R&D in the areas of Biotechnology and Biological Sciences including Agriculture, Biomedical and Environmental Sciences can be nominated by the Department of Biotechnology, Vice-Chancellors of Central and State Universities/DeemedUniversities;Chairman,UGC;Director-Generals/Heads of agencies such as CSIR, ICAR, ICMR, DRDO, etc; Directors of national research institutions/laboratories, presidents of scientific societies and academics of all India character; Secretaries of S&T Departments such as DST, DSIR, Ministry of Earth Sciences, Environment & Forests, New and Renewable Energy, Atomic Energy, Space, Commerce ,Industry, Agriculture, Rural Development, Health & Family Welfare, Education, etc., Advisor/Member(science) NITI Ayog, Heads of industry/Biotech/Pharmaceuticals, associations, such as FICCI, CII, ASSOCHAM, AlBA, IDMA, etc. and reputed voluntary non-government organizations. Nomination is also required for award in social development category and should be done by eminent person/organization with extraordinary work and recognition by government agencies/organization for social development.
  2. Self nomination with a recommendation letter from the suitable nomination authorities will be allowed.
  3. Nominator may ensure that the person(s)/group recommended for particular category of award are pre-eminently worthy of the award(s), based on their achievement, quality of research and development work, outcome of R&D in the form of novel and innovative process/technology perfected/commercialized and contribution to social development through Biotechnology intervention.
  4. The award is normally not conferred posthumously. However, in highly deserving cases, government may consider giving an award posthumously, if the demise of the person proposed to be honored has been recent, say within a period of one year preceding the Republic Day on which it is proposed to announce the award.

Selection Process

Applications will be assessed by National level committee constituted by Department of Biotechnology to select the applicants for award in each category based on the following criteria:

  1. The work submitted by applicant should be novel and innovative.
  2. The work submitted for NBIA should not have been awarded by any other agency/agencies in the past.
  3. In case a suitable agency/candidate meeting the criteria is not available, the award would be deferred for that year.

Guidelines for submission of application: Organization or individual can register on online portal………………….. with supporting evidence for submission of completed application.

The online nominations/recommendations for the National Biotechnology Innovation Awards will begin from ________ and the last date for nominations for National Biotechnology Innovation Awards is _______. The cut-off date may please be strictly adhered to, as nominations/recommendations received only during _______ to _______ will be considered. It may also be noted that the nominations/recommendations received through online mode only be considered.


Check Guidelines Below


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