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Jubilant Biosys Invitro Research Associate Recruitment, Apply Online

Jubilant Biosys Invitro Research Associate Recruitment, Apply Online. Biology/ Biotechnology/ Molecular Biology/ Genetics / Life Sciences Research Associate Vacancy. Interested and eligible applicants can check out all of the details on the same below

Name of the Post – Research Associate / Senior Research Assoicate for Invitro Biology department.

LOCATION – Bangalore, Karnataka, IND

COMPANY – Jubilant Biosys Limited

FUNCTION – Research & Development

Roles and Responsibilities :

  • Cell based assay development (optimization, validation and compound screening)
  • Enzyme based assay development (optimization, validation and compound screening)
  • Invitro assay development, validation and optimization of cell based assay and enzyme based assay for various targets in the respective therapeutic areas such as CNS/ Metabolic disorder/ Autoimmune/Inflammatory diseases/ Pain/Oncology in Drug Discovery field.
  • Developing and optimizing assays. Regular screening of compounds.
  • Working extensively in the area functional cell based assays, validated the same to determine the activity of new chemical entities (NCEs).
  • Engineering stable and transient cell-lines.
  • Setting up platforms for interrogating compounds and Platform development for target engagement models.
  • Experience in a drug discovery industry/ CRO in invitro Research.
  • Working experience of Tissue culture and cell culture Techniques
  • Hands on experience in designing and execution of in vitro assays in CNS / Metabolic disorder/ Autoimmune/ Inflammatory diseases/ Pain/Oncology therapeutic area in Drug Discovery field.
  • Skilled in handling mammalian cell lines.
  • Expertise in western blotting, ELISA.
  • Good handling of laboratory instruments and chemicals. Good understanding of data analysis procedures, techniques & interpretation.
  • Assessment of efficacy of NCEs in therapeutic areas such as CNS/ Pain / Inflammation / Diabetes & Obesity / Anti-cancer

Experience: 2 to 8 years

Qualification: Masters in Biology/Biotechnology/Molecular Biology/Genetics/Any life sciences steam.


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