Genomic and RNA Sequence Data Analysis | LIVE Interactive Sessions With Experts on 10th Dec 2022, 10 am IST.
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Genomic and RNA Sequence Data Analysis | LIVE Interactive Sessions With Experts on 10th Dec 2022, 10 am IST.

Opportunity to interact with Scientists, Postdocs & Experts with massive Industry experience.

Our past workshops on qPCR, Flow Cytometry have received a lot of love and were deemed a hit. Encouraged by these responses, we want to help you in your careers with more informative workshops. In case you missed those, do not miss this opportunity.

Genomic and RNA Sequence Data Analysis Virtual Workshop

What is genomic and RNA sequencing? Whole-genome sequencing, pioneered by the Human Genome Project, enables us to read a person’s genome and, among other things, identify differences from the average human genome. Such differences are called mutations and are integral to understanding our genomes. Also, most cells in an organism contain the same genome, but there is a huge variation in how different cell types look and function. Different combinations of genes are switched on or off in different cell types, resulting in various structures and functions we observe. RNA sequencing can help us investigate these differences. 

Uses of Genomic & RNA Sequencing 

  • Understanding our genomes then, particularly where and what mutations we have in coding or non-coding regions of DNA, is critical to understanding our molecular biology and our health. 
  • It helps in basic biological research in numerous applied fields such as medical diagnosis, biotechnology, forensic biology, virology, and biological systematics.
  • Meanwhile, sequencing the genomes of other species helps understand the biology of commercial crops, pathogens causing infectious diseases, and model organisms to understand fundamental concepts of biology.
  • RNA sequencing can help us investigate these differences between cells of the same organism.
  • RNA sequencing helps us understand gene functions, identify genes associated with diseases, and get a detailed knowledge of RNA rearrangement during splicing.

So, DNA and RNA sequencing knowledge will be required if you are thinking of a future in agricultural biotechnology, animal biotechnology, medical biotechnology, medical biotechnology, pharmaceutical biotechnology, or microbial biotechnology.

This workshop is designed to give basic knowledge of the traditional methods as well as advanced methods of sequencing. The session will also include a live tutorial on RNA sequence data analysis. Our experts will also talk about genomics’s role in healthcare and a brief introduction to R-language.


Genomic and RNA Sequence Data Analysis Virtual Workshop Details

  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Date: 10th December 2022
  • Workshop Timings: 7 Hours (10 am to 01:30 pm & 02:15 pm to 05:00 pm) (Lunch Break – 01:30 pm – 2:15 PM)

Meet The Speakers

Workshop Schedule


Why enroll in Biotecnika’s Workshop? 

Biotecnika’s Genomic and RNA Sequence Data Analysis Virtual Workshop provides a fantastic opportunity for students to strengthen their skills from the comfort of their homes. It provides a unique opportunity to learn the concepts from industry experts, practice at their own pace, and gain the knowledge required to make a successful career in this growing industry.

Live demo sessions will accompany the lectures to give the students a proper understanding of the concepts, and Online Live interaction will allow spot doubt clearance.  

Who should take up this Workshop?

  • This workshop will benefit BSc and BTech students from Biotechnology, microbiology, genetics, biochemistry, and other biosciences. A must-know lab technique, which will add value to your resume.
  • MSc & MTech candidates looking forward to learning more about Genomic and RNA Sequence Data Analysis.
  • Research scholars and PhD aspirants must also attend the workshop to gain experience and knowledge on advanced tools used in research. 

Certification: All participants will receive a soft copy certificate after successfully submitting all assignments. This certificate can be shared with your potential employers and with your network.

Frequently asked questions on Genomic and RNA Sequence Data Analysis Virtual Workshop.

Are these going to be live sessions?

The Genomic and RNA Sequence Data Analysis Virtual Workshop will combine live interactive sessions and recorded self-learning classes. However, our experts will be available to guide you throughout the course. 

What If I miss a session?

The recording of the sessions will be available for five days post-completion of the workshop. So you can go back and refer to the recordings, but make sure you do not miss the live sessions and take maximum benefit from them. 

Is this hands-on?

This will be a live online workshop.

How to get the hard copy certificate?

To avail of the hard copy certificate, the candidate should attend the complete session and pay a small fee.

Whom do I contact for any further queries or technical difficulties?

Have any trouble? Get in touch with our team. Click on the virtual chat assistant or write to us at [email protected] or [email protected].


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