DBT Research Proposal Call
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DBT Research Proposal Call.

Call for Proposals on ‘Development of Candidate Vaccines and Allied Research
Resources for Diseases of National Priority’

Having enhanced indigenous capabilities in the field of vaccine development for priority
pathogens of national and global importance is a pre-requisite in ensuring preparedness
against such infectious threats. In view of the same, and in alignment with the World
Health Organization (WHO) R&D Blueprint, as well as, the National Biotechnology
Development Strategy 2021-25, the Department of Biotechnology (DBT) invites
Proposals on “Development of Candidate Vaccines and Allied Research Resources for
Diseases of National Priority”

Scope of the Call

Time-bound, outcome-oriented proposals, with respect to viral pathogens (Eg: Zika
virus, Kyasanur Forest Disease virus, Nipah virus, PAN-Henipaviridae, Coronavirus,
PAN-Coronavirus, Pox virus), are invited in the following areas:

  •  Development of new and improved vaccine candidates based on emerging
  • Development of research resources: high quality well characterized pre-clinical
    animal models for diseases; development of assay systems for assessment of
    vaccine induced immune responses; identification of markers for quantification of
    antibody responses; establishment of reverse genetics systems and strategies
    for future vaccine development;
  • Rational approaches to antigen selection and multi-epitope vaccine design;
  • Process optimization for scale-up and cGMP manufacturing of proven vaccine technologies.

Eligibility Criteria

Any Indian National holding a regular position in a Department of Scientific and
Industrial Research (DSIR) recognized Indian academic and/or scientific institution may

Eligible Organizations: Central Govt. Institutions/State Govt. Institutions/Private
Institutions of higher education and research; recognized by DSIR. Private
institutions/NGOs should also be registered with DARPAN Portal of NITI Aayog.
Evaluation Criteria and Financial Support

  • Applications would be evaluated for scientific and technical merit as per the DBT
    Competitive Research Grant System guidelines. Briefly, the criteria would be originality
    of the proposed research; proven record of appropriate experience and training of the
    investigators; well-reasoned strategy and methodology; robust work plan; wellarticulated proposal; requisite institutional infrastructure and support facilities.
  • Proposals received will be screened and short-listed for funding support by the Technical Expert Committee/DBT Apex Board, as per the Competitive Research Grant System Guidelines (CRGS) of DBT.
  • Funding procedures and eligible costs are subject to National regulations and will be in alignment with DBT norms. DBT will provide financial support only to an academic and/or scientific institution as mentioned in eligibility criteria above. The subsequent year funding depends upon timely submission of the annual progress report, financial documents, as well as, other documents desired and based on the performance appraisal of the project.
  • DBT Research Proposal Call

How to Apply:

Interested investigators should submit project proposals online only through DBT electronic project management system ‘eProMIS’ (http://dbtepromis.nic.in/Login.aspx) under the Programme “Vaccine Research & Development” per DBT e-ProMIS format, clearly stating “Against Call for Proposals”. No hard copy would be entertained. The proposals submitted through DBT eProMIS portal under “Vaccine Research & Development” programme within the due date will only be considered by the Department.


Call for Proposal opens: 22.12.2022

Call for Proposal closes: 20.01.2023

Any queries may be addressed to:
Dr. Kamakshi Chaithri, Scientist -‘C’, DBT; [email protected]

Portal For Applying Opens Tomorrow ( Stay Connected)

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DBT Research Proposal Call