Zero Rupees Store - A Biotecnika Exclusive Launch
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Zero Rupees Store – A Biotecnika Exclusive Launch

Dear Biotecnikans

The term ‘Zero Rupees Store’ must have left you scratching your head wondering what exactly it is. As the term suggests yes it is zero rupees but what does it entail? Isn’t it a huge relief to have something that is accessible easily and can cost you nothing?

There is a popular saying which says “Nothing is free in this world…” well some things can be. At Biotecnika we would like to give you something that can help you and keep you motivated as well. Inspiration, encouragement and empowerment are things that we can give for free. 

We want you to succeed in all that you do. And we want to do it at any cost (pun intended) So here’s presenting the “Zero Rupees Store”

This is just our first round of products that are available, we will keep updating it on a regular basis. So always keep a tab on our store’s page.

Looking for some motivational quotes or daily encouragement? We’ve got you covered. Want some guidance on where to start your CSIR or GATE preparations? We have a starter kit for that as well. Want some formula

sheets, notes or checklists then we have those as well.

So what are you waiting for, click the link below for the zero rupees store


We want to add more stuff to the store as time passes so show us as much love as you can. We love to shower you with more such gifts.

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