Navratri Mahotsav Scholarships 2022 - 7 Days of Exclusive Biotecnika Bonanza
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Namaste dear Biotecnikans 🙏

We hope the festive season has been all that you hoped for. Soon after the exams, you all had a chance to unwind and live it up. The festive spirit is infectious and we are all in a joyous and celebratory mood. It’s the season of giving and team Biotecnika is here bearing gifts as usual. 

You all know how much we enjoy showering you all with surprises that serve the dual purpose of being pocket friendly and educative. This Navratri Biotecnika is launching the Navratri Mahotsav Scholarships 2022!

Apart from providing you support via our CSIR NET & GATE Programs, we ensure to have as many scholarships for all the deserving candidates who may have missed out on some amazing opportunities. 

📚 What are the Navratri Mahotsav Scholarships 2022?

This scholarship programme is valid for 7 days only. Starting today, i.e., 4th October 2022 to 11th October 2022, we will have daily lucky draws! Woo hoo, you have 7 days and 7 chances to be able to win this Navratri Mahotsav Scholarship. Why only 7 days? Well, 11th October 2022 is Biotecnika’s Birthday – we are turning 16, so it’s a double dhamaka celebration. We cannot wait to celebrate so many events with you all. Wink wink we have something in store for you on the 11th of October 2022. Keep your eyes peeled. 👀

🤔 What does the scholarship entail?

We will be choosing 5 lucky winners every day and you will be contacted by team Biotecnika via Phone or Whatsapp. If you get a call from Biotecnika, chances are you are one among the thousands to be chosen for a Navratri Mahotsav Scholarship (NMS) 2022.

As a winner, you will be getting up to a 90% scholarship on CSIR NET, GATE and ICMR coaching. All you have to do is pick up the call.

😎 What do you have to do?

To be eligible for this scholarship, we will check your activity on the Biotecnika website and app. The more active you are the better your scholarship will be. Come browse our app and website, lots of informative content are available and that too for FREE. Biotecnika is your one-stop destination for all things life sciences, so hop on this journey with us and have a smooth ride. 

That’s it – it’s that simple. Here’s wishing all of you a Happy Navratri. Let’s celebrate peace and knowledge this season. Jai Mata Di – Let’s Rock 🙏

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