MSc Biotech In USA - Pros & Cons - All Questions Answered
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MSc Biotech In USA – Pros & Cons – All Questions Answered

Hello, everybody, welcome to Biotecnika. And today we are discussing a very interesting topic. Masters in the United States of America, the US of A. Yes, you heard me, right? Dream America, many students keep asking this question should we go ahead and do our masters in the USA? Will that help us in India or anywhere else in our career? So this video is made keeping in mind those students who want to pursue or want to know what are the pitfalls, pros and cons of doing your masters in the United States of America.

Okay. Now, here is something very interesting for all of you to know, America is one of the most advanced biotech nations in the world. So it definitely makes sense if you want to make a career by going there and pursuing your master’s. But it is very, very important to know, what are the pitfalls. What are the pros and cons? Will you fit in there? What are the expectations of Americans from you know, American universities from you? And if you know all that, then it will be easy for you to settle down there and do your masters. So let’s quickly get started with today’s video.

Now, here is something which we’re going to talk about masters in America. And I’m not saying that I’m an expert in this particular field, but whatever I have learned in maths, my last 15 years of experience, I’m going to put my heart out into this video. Now, these are my personal opinions. Plus, I have done a survey of a lot of students who have pursued their masters in the USA, I am in touch with a lot of Biotecnika Global subscribers, and they have given their inputs and have combined all of it right here in this video.

MSc Biotech In USA – Pros & Cons – All Questions Answered

So let’s start with the pros. Let us know what is the benefit of doing master’s in the US of A now I have six pros, as well as six cons.

Now the first pro for you to know is, you know, like I said, the most advanced BioTech Nation in the world. And that means when you start pursuing your master’s degree there, you get in-depth latest knowledge, and extreme exposure, like the best exposure, if you want in your career, that’s the place to be in the quality of education is exemplary. High and very, very dynamic.

You get to meet a lot of scholars who are veterans of their industry. And they have a lot of paintings, a lot of papers and a lot of research thinking going on there. So actually, that’s the mecca of biotechnology. Okay, so definitely, that’s that.

Now, the third is innovation. I have seen many students who while they are pursuing their master’s selves start innovating and doing a lot of pre PhD PhD work, and they get easily absorbed into a PhD if they’re so innovation-wise. The United States of America is an excellent place to be in if you want to become a scientist or researcher in future and head a company or start your own company in biotechnology, this is the place to be in coming to the exposure, which you get. It’s one of the most advanced economies in the world. And you get to rub shoulders with a lot of, you know, great guys out there in the biotech industry, you get to meet a lot of entrepreneurial CEOs and scientists who are planning to launch their next startup and biotechnology. And there is a lot of funding available there. So that actually helps you.

So now coming to scholarships, there are plenty of scholarships available in these universities however, it is tough to get them. So you need to know what are the requirements you need to know the top universities in the world the link is given in the description you can check that out.

Now you need to have your TOEFL and GRE scores as well, if you want to apply to these universities. Now, apart from that, as I said, the top universities in the world out of the top 10 American universities, I think 70% are in the United States. So that makes it again a mecca of biotechnology the best place if you want to be in the world for biosciences, biotechnology but all these pros can be considered only if you know the pitfalls.

MSc Biotech In USA – Pros & Cons – All Questions Answered

Now the first con is the return expectation will hurt you very badly. Now, what is the return expectation? You did your master’s in the US and then when you come back to India and you want to get a job in India, it will hurt you badly because you will be treated at par with any masters in India. You may wonder why you’re not being showered with special treatment.

The next thing which you will get to see there often is racism so now this is something which you always face no matter which country you go to there will be some people who will discriminate. So that’s something which you need to prepare to handle.

For more cons and overall concluding thoughts watch the video linked below!

So that’s all about today’s video. Thank you so much for watching. I’ll see in the next video where we were talking about PhD and postdoc in the United States and the financial implications of that. Till then take care as in the next one. Bye bye

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