CSIR June 2022 Expected Cut-Off
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CSIR NET JUNE 2022 Expected Cut-Off & Exam Analysis

Dear CSIR NET Aspirants

Congratulations to all the CSIR NET aspirants. You have finally crossed the finish line. Your exams are finally done! These months were a whirlwind of stress, anxiety, uncertainty, doubt, and panic. But the day has come and gone, and now it’s just time to rest and reflect. 

Per the feedback from thousands of students, for some, the exam went smoothly, but some aspirants had a tough time and faced a lot of technical glitches.

We are unsure when NTA / CSIR HRDG will release the answer key & Cut off. Thus to help you make some quick decisions on what should be the next course of action now, Our experts have developed this amazing tool using data sets to help predict a possible cut-off for the CSIR NET Exams.

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CSIR NET June 2022 Exam Cut OFF Simulator – Check Your Score

Before we jump to the Cut Off simulator, we present to you an in-depth exam Analysis of the CSIR NET June 2022 Life Sciences Examination. 

This article contains details on:

  • CSIR NET June 2022 Exam Analysis
  • Question Paper Difficulty Level
  • Expected Cutoff for CSIR NET June 2022 Exam
  • Technical Difficulties faced by exam attendees
  • CSIR NET June 2022 Cut-Off Simulator

CSIR NET June 2022 Exam Analysis:

CSIR NET June 2022 Exam For Life Sciences was held in two shifts (morning and afternoon) on the 17th of September 2022.

Difficulty Level of Morning Shift v/s Afternoon Shift

  • Morning Shift – The consensus that we drew was that the difficulty level of the exam paper was moderate, with over 54% of CSIR NET Exam Attendees voting for the same.
  • Afternoon Shift – The afternoon Shift also saw 50% of the CSIR NET Exam Attendees voting that the paper was moderate.

So overall, the difficulty level of the CSIR NET June 2022 Exam paper was Moderate.

Section Wise CSIR NET June 2022 Exam Paper Analysis

Difficulty Level of Part A – Part A was comparatively easy in the case of both shifts.

Part B & C of Morning Shift

Cell and molecular biology had a good number of questions; Plant physiology didn’t have much, and questions from Developmental biology were also asked. The usual questions of  CDK cell cycle, replication regulations with helicase loading, the amphibian equivalent of the primitive streak, and Henson’s node questions were all asked. Pedigree was easier this time, and matching the following also seemed easier. 

Part B & C of Afternoon Shift

This was a mixed bag; some found it tough, while others said it was Moderate, and some found it easy compared to previous CSIR NET exams.

Questions were asked about Cell Biology, ECM proteins, Plasma Membrane proteins of mammals, Ferritin mRNA, Mol bio, Ecoli DNA replication (polymerases activities), DNA repair, Ecology, alpha-beta diversity, Immunology – vaccine (attenuated) and MHC, Genetics – pre mutation, compliment group.

While these are based on responses from some students, a portion of the exam attendees said there were many Plant Physiology, Ecology & molecular biology questions this time, while some said the reverse. Things will be much clearer once NTA releases the question paper.

But Unanimously, all said that PART A was very easy this time.

Let us know in the comment section what kind of questions were asked and the difficulty level of the exam if you did not vote yet. Do mention your shift along with the comment.

CSIR NET June 2022 Exam Expected Cut-off

Per the data received from CSIR NET Exam attendees from both shifts, the Expected Cut off for JRF can go up to 55% & for LS – 48.97 %. For detailed Cut off for Unreserved, EWS, OBC, SC & ST, fill up the cut-off simulator form below.

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CSIR NET June 2022 Exam Cut OFF Simulator – Check Your Score

Technical Difficulties

Looks like there were a lot of issues and glitches, which added to the student’s woes and stress. Some candidates said they could not log in; the system was not working, the screen was going blank, the exam was delayed by 15 mins, their keyboards were not working, and the mouse needed to be clicked twice or more to work. Questions and options would skip randomly, and some couldn’t access the calculator either. Though some exam centers functioned smoothly, many others had many problems that stressed the students more.

So overall, the difficulty level of papers of both shifts was moderate, and Part C kept up the tradition of being tricky. Part A was relatively easier this time, and Part B did throw some people for a loop.

Now coming to the Cut-off Simulator. Enter your details below and check your Score against the expected cut-off of this year, + analyze your score against the past cut off’s of the CSIR NET Exam.

Check Video Instruction on How to Fill the form

CSIR NET June 2022 Exam Cut OFF Simulator – Check Your Score

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