Biotecnika CSIR NET Coaching 2022 New Batch
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Biotecnika CSIR NET Coaching 2022 New Batch

👉 CSIR NET Application Official Registrations started 👈

⭐ Freedom to Choose your Dream Career is Here ⭐

👍 CSIR NET Aazad Batch 👍

👉 Aazad Batch is not a Vitamin But a Pain-Killer Batch 👈

🤩 Get FREE Raftaar 2.0 Crash Course + FREE Advanced Bioinformatics and Proteomics Internship 🤩

This 🇮🇳 August get Aazadi from all your CSIR NET Exam related Problems- Biotecnika launches AAZAD BATCH for CSIR NET Preparation. Targeting CSIR NET June 2022 (Exam happening in September) + December 2022.

You need Freedom from:

  • Doubts
  • Dilemmas
  • Tough Concepts
  • Mounting Internet Bills while you watch Online Classes
  • Uncertainty
  • Unstable Career
  • Traditional methods of studying
  • Cramming and mugging it all up
  • The feeling of being under pressure
  • The feeling of being unheard
  • Boring Subjects & Topics

You need Freedom to Choose:

  • Your Dream Life
  • Your Dream Career
  • Your Dream Institute to do a PhD from
  • Your Dream Job

Teaching along with technology will bring about the much-needed transformation and FREEDOM you Need & Deserve.

Success in CSIR NET Exam is now just a click away- Join Aazad Batch for CSIR NET Coaching till June 2023.

38 CSIR Institutes, 39 outreach centers

, 3 Innovation Centres and 5 units across the nation, and One All India level exam to secure your place in the country’s largest research and development organization. The CSIR NET and GATE Examinations are a one-way ticket towards your dream career as a researcher. If you want to emerge a winner in the upcoming Exam, you must plan to win and prepare to win.

Get a Customized winning strategy at Biotecnika

CSIR NET Aazad Batch Starting from 5th August 2022


Get Raftaar 2.0 + Advanced Bioinformatics and Proteomics Virtual Internship FREE

Salient Features of Aazad Batch for CSIR NET Coaching:

To ace the upcoming CSIR NET and GATE Exam, you need to start from scratch and cover the syllabus, and we have the perfect set of tools that will help you.

  • Exam Focussed Exam Centric Approach Daily, classes
  • Raftaar 2.0 Crash Course for September 2022 Exam
  • Advanced Bioinformatics and Proteomics Virtual Internship
  • Printed Hard copy Study Material- Specially designed materials
  • Unlimited Expert Assistance & Doubt Solving via chat
  • Class tests, Monthly practice exams, All India level test series
  • Video Backups of all classes & Much Much More
  • Various other tools to help you revise better

BOOK YOUR SEAT- Call on 1800-1200-1818 (Toll-Free)

Apply for the Biotecnika Scholarship program

Subjects Available:

  • CSIR NET Life Sciences

Batch Timings:

  • Late Evening Batch: 7 PM- With 16 Seats Only

Salient Features of CSIR NET Aazad Batch

  • Interactive Online Coaching from Biotecnika’s well-qualified and experienced teachers.
  • Printed Study Material for CSIR NET (Life Science): 14 Books (13 books as per syllabus + 1 book for Part A)
  • Online Study Portal: Our state of art e-learning portal equips you with video recordings of every lecture that you attend ( e-copy of books, presentations, animations, and e-copy flashcards will be provided to get the concept registered into your mind)
  • Unlimited Classes: We do not limit your classes; attend as many classes and as many batches as you can, no limits because our goal is your success.
  • Practice tests: Weekly Class tests, Monthly Surprise tests, AI-Powered AIMNET Test Series for Revision
  • Double & Triple Success Guarantee programs to choose from
  • Additional Study Tools for smart preparation, practice, and revisions
    › Konceptika Lite e-Copy
    › Koncept Table e-Copy
    › Koncept Wheel e-Copy
    › Koncept Cloud e-Copy
    › Quick Net Revisor e-Copy
  • 24*7 Chat Support for Doubt Solving

Reach us on 1800-1200-1818 (Toll-Free) to know more about Double & Triple Success Guarantee programs.

Every year Lakhs of candidates graduate, but what gives you the edge over the others is a Good rank in national-level exams like CSIR NET/GATE/DBT/ICMR, etc. Not only is this Rank important for your Ph.D., but it also is one of the major requirements for many private or Government Job openings. So do not underestimate the power a CSIR NET/GATE qualification holds.

Prepare with Biotecnika Expert’s designed classes and achieve your goals.

At Biotecnika, every student is encouraged to crack these examinations and nurtured to develop research skills and attitudes to survive. We invite you to be a part of this culture where your goals become ours too. Your Success is our achievement.

Chat with our experts, and we will help you find the perfect exam preparation strategy for you.

Want to Talk to an Admission Counselor?

Feel Free to contact us at 1800-1200-1818 or 080-5099-7000

Your Success is Our Achievement
Your Research is our Responsibility

Biotecnika CSIR NET Coaching 2022 New Batch

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