CSIR NET Part A Formula

CSIR NET PART A Formula Sheet + Preparation Strategy

CSIR NET Part A, General Aptitude Section – scares the hell out of many NET aspirants. Some feel it’s too difficult for them, some feel it’s just maths, and being from a Bio background, maths is not their cup of tea. But in reality, CSIR NET Life Science PART A – General Aptitude Section plays an important role in helping you qualify for the exam. It can help you fetch extra marks that can take you beyond the cut-off. All you need is to follow the correct preparation strategy. Biotecnika, time & again, has helped CSIR NET Aspirants ace the exam by providing appropriate help & this time, we are here with CSIR NET PART A Formula Sheet, which you can download for free. It consists of a list of important formulas you must know to solve PART Questions correctly & efficiently in a short time.

Before, let’s understand the in & outs of CSIR NET Life Science PART A Syllabus & Marking System.

CSIR NET Life Science PART A Syllabus

  • CSIR NET Life Science Part A mostly has questions from the below categories:  Mathematics & Reasoning.
  • Questions on Numerical Ability, Data Interpretation, and Graphical Analysis are also asked.
  • To sum up, the PART Topics to be studied can be categorized as follow:


  • Number System: Time, distance & speed-based questions. Calendar problems, Time & work-related questions.
  • Arithmetics: Ratio proportion, Average, problems on Ages, Percentage
  • Probability: Permutation & Combination, Arrangement
  • Business Maths: Profit & Loss, Simple interest, and Compound interest.
  • Geometry & mensuration: (area, perimeter, surface area, volume), Angles, Triangles, Circle, Quadrilateral, and Polygons.
  • Trigonometry: Sine function, Cosine function, and Tangent Function
  • Statistics: Mean, Mode and Median, SD, SE
  • Others: Clock problems, Data Interpretation, Graphical Analysis


  • Alphabet sequence and series.
  • Blood Relations
  • Dice
  • Age
  • Symbol sequence + More

CSIR NET PART A Marking Scheme

Total No of questions in CSIR NET PART A  20
Total No of Questions To Be Answered from PART A  15
Marks Allotted per Question  2
Negative Marking  0.5
Total Marks  30


  • Question paper of CSIR NET life science exam shall consist of 20 questions in PART A. Out of which you are required to answer only 15 Questions.
  • Even if you answer more, only the first 15 questions will be considered.
  • Each question will carry 2 marks and a negative marking of 0.5 per the wrong answer.

Download CSIR NET PART A Formula Sheet

Download CSIR NET Sep 2022 – 2 month Master study planner here

Now that we know the Exam Pattern & Marking Scheme for CSIR NET PART A, the question is how to start studying for it. And to help you organize your PART A CSIR NET Preparation, below is a sample timetable that you can follow and steps on how to use it.

CSIR NET Life Science PART A – General Aptitude 60 Days Study & Revision Time Table

No of Days General Aptitude (Part A) Topics
Day 1  Time and Work
Day 2  Time Speed and Distance
Day 3  Permutation
Day 4 Combination
Day 5 Proportion and variation
Day 6 Profit & Loss
Day 7 Ratio
Day 8 Proportion
Day 9 Quadratic Equation
Day 10 Sequence & Series
Day 11 Average
Day 12 Number System
Day 13 LCM
Day 14 HCF
Day 15 Simplification
Day 16 Trigonometry
Day 17 Mensuration
Day 18 Percentage
Day 19 Ratio analysis
Day 20 Mean
Day 21 Median
Day 22 Mode
Day 23 Allegation
Day 24 Mixture
Day 25 Surds & Indices
Day 26 Geometry
Day 27 Partnership
Day 28 Measures of dispersion
Day 29 Bar graph
Day 30 Line chart
Day 31 Pie chart
Day 32 Tabulation
Day 33 Data Interpretation
Day 34 Simple Intrest
Day 35 Compound Intrest
Day 36 Reasoning
Day 37 Puzzels
Day 38 Ranking & Arrangement
Day 39 Clock & Calendar
Day 40 Directions & distance
Day 41 coding-decoding
Day 42 Series formation
Day 43 Problem on Age
Important Topics Part Wise Revision 
Day 44 Revision Part 1 (Time & Work)
Day 45 Revision Part 1  (Continuation Time & Work)
Day 46 Revision Part 2 (Time & Speed, Distance)
Day 47 Revision Part 2 ( Continuation Time & Speed, Distance
Day 48 Revision Part 3 (Permutation & Combination)
Day 49 Revision Part 3 ( Permutation & Combination)
Day 50 Revision Part 4 (Sequence & Series)
Day 51 Revision Part 4 ( Continuation Sequence & Series)
Day 52 Revision Part 5 (Number System)
Day 53 Revision Part 5 ( Number System)
Day 54 Revision Part 6(Allegation & Mixture)
Day 55 Revision Part 6 ( Allegation & Mixture)
Day 56 Revision Part 7(Ratio)
Day 57 Revision Part 7 ( Continuation Ratio)
Day 58 Revision Part 8 (Simplification)
Day 59 Revision Part 8 ( Continuation Simplification)
Day 60 Focus on Reasoning Questions


Preparation Strategy for CSIR NET Life Science PART A 

  • Practice each topic per day for a minimum of 30 mins
  • First, 15 minutes go through& understand the formulas, and the next 15 min and the remaining time can be used for solving questions from that topic – at least 10 questions
  • Do an analysis of PYQ’a and understand what kind of questions are mostly repeated and give special emphasis on solving those.
  • If you find some topics difficult to understand, like trigonometry, quadratic equation, etc., we recommend you skip those topics and move to others.
  • Master those topics first, which are easy to solve in less time by applying simple formulas.
  • Solving PART A from PYQs will give you ample experience to attempt a good number of questions from this section in the upcoming CSIR NET life science exam.
  • A CSIR NET PART A formula sheet with all important formulas will be very handy and help in quick revision – Download it below.
  • Attempting Mock Tests for PART A is a must.

Download CSIR NET PART A Formula Sheet


Download CSIR NET Notes PDF

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