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Schrödinger Drug Discovery Data Scientist Recruitment, Apply Online

Schrödinger Drug Discovery Data Scientist Recruitment, Apply Online. MSc Biology and Biochemistry candidates are eligible to apply for Drug Discovery Data Scientist vacancy at Schrödinger. Check details below

Drug Discovery Data Scientist – Hyderabad, India

Schrödinger’s mission is to revolutionize drug discovery through the use of breakthrough computational methods. We are currently looking for outstanding individuals to join our drug discovery group and contribute to our rapidly expanding portfolio of drug discovery collaborations.

Our drug discovery group of around 90 scientists includes designers, modellers, computational chemists, medicinal chemists, crystallographers, biochemists, and biologists. The group is supported by more than 100 software developers and engineers. Three of the programs we’ve worked on in the past 7 years have progressed into the clinic and an additional one is expected to enter clinical trials this year.  For recent news on one of these programs, go to this website.

If you are an early career scientist with an interest in combining science and technology on drug discovery projects, we are eager to hear from you.

Job Requirements

  • Participate in drug discovery group projects, including
  • research, curate, and prepare computational chemistry data sets
  • compile, analyze, and summarize results
  • Prepare and maintain drug discovery group chemical database content, including
  • process confidential data and information according to guidelines;
  • manage data, including creation, updates, and deletion;
  • provide quality assurance of imported data, working with key internal or external advisors as necessary; and
  • Exhibit strong organization skills, attention to detail, and time management skills
  • Participate in improving software and processes via early access usage, bug reporting, and outlining improvement requests

Essential Qualifications and Experience

  • Master’s degree in chemistry, biology, or biochemistry
  • Successful completion of at least one year of organic chemistry coursework
  • Practical experience with:
  • analyzing chemistry journal articles;
  • working with Unix and/or Linux;
  • scripting (e.g. shell, Python, Perl); and
  • Google’s G Suite (e.g. Gmail, hangouts, docs)
  • Ability to work independently
  • Motivated learner:
  • willing to take on new challenges;
  • able to learn rapidly;
  • accepting of constructive criticism;
  • tactfully admit mistakes and errors; and
  • adapting quickly to changing situations, methods and procedures

Desirable Skills

  • Basic understanding of enzyme inhibition and receptor agonism/antagonism
  • Experience with any of the following –
  • Schrödinger software (especially LiveDesign, Maestro, Python modules);
  • databases (e.g. MySQL, sqlite, PostgreSQL);
  • scientific Python packages (e.g. pandas, numpy, scipy, matplotlib);
  • version control (e.g. Git)
  • online sources of scientific information (especially NCBI PubMed, RCSB PDB, UniProtKB, EMBL-EBI ChEMBL, SciFinder, Reaxys);
  • networking and learning from a diverse group of peers;
  • computational chemistry, cheminformatics, or bioinformatics;
  • cellular biology, molecular biology, or immunology; or
  • research experience in chemistry or biology


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