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The team at BioTecNika is delighted to announce the launch of a new series for the CUET PG 2022 Exam. We still have a few days left before the registrations close for CUET PG 2022, so if you have not applied as of yet – then don’t lose out on this wonderful opportunity and apply today. CUET PG Prarambh Series will encompass the PGQP22 section of the test paper as per the official CUET PG 2022 Notification.

Though the dates of the examination have not been released by the concerned exam authorities, we know the examinations will be held in two shifts. An educated guess would suggest you will have more than a month to prepare just before the examination. So why wait till the eleventh hour? Give your CUET PG 2022 preparations a start – hence the Prarambh Series by BioTecNika.

The CUET PG Prarambh Series will be a FREE session on BioTecNika’s YouTube channel. This series will be held over the course of 16 days and our expert faculty at BioTecNika will help you understand the much-needed concepts and give you the confidence to succeed

in this entrance examination to the university of your dreams. 

If you want a ‘Prarambh’ for this new phase in your life then enlist the help of BioTecNika. You know we’ve got you covered. The syllabus may look a little intimidating, so we have a special introductory session which will help break it down for you. 

Check out the schedule below and mark your calendars. All you need is an open mind, your standard books and an internet connection. Invest your time and get good returns with BioTecNika.


Check Schedule Below

  • Dates – 28th June 2022 to 01st August 2022
  • Time – 7 pm to 8 pm
  • Platform – BioTecNika YouTube Channel




28th June Introductory Session Urmimala ma’am
29th  June 1 Techniques Electrophoresis, blotting, PCR Tithi ma’am
1st July 2 Techniques Principles & Applications of Chromatography Tanushree ma’am
4th July 3 Chromatin Structure and Function Organization of chromosomes in prokaryotes and eukaryotes, chromatin types, centromere, Telomere and concept of gene Tithi ma’am
6th July  4 Biochemistry Glycolysis, TCA cycle, Electron Transport System and ATP synthesis Urmimala ma’am
8th July  5 Biochemistry Structure and functions of proteins and DNA, membrane structure and function Urmimala ma’am
11th July  6 Biotechnology Recombinant DNA Technology & Principles of Gene cloning Tanushree ma’am 
13th July 7 Biotechnology Animal & plant cell culture Somrhita ma’am
15th July 8 Microbiology antigen, antibody, complement system, vaccines Somrhita ma’am
18th July 9 Microbiology Diversity of microbes, bacterial reproduction, antimicrobial agents  Nidhi ma’am
20th July 10 Molecular Genetics Chromosomal aberrations, population genetics Tithi ma’am
22nd July 11 Molecular Genetics Principles of Inheritance, Linkage & Crossing over Tanushree ma’am
25th July 12 Molecular Genetics replication, transcription, translation, DNA repair Nidhi ma’am
27th July 13 Plant Sciences Photoperiodism, Vernalization, Somrhita ma’am
29th July 14 Animal Sciences Nerve impulse transmission, human diseases, inherited diseases Tithi ma’am
1st August 15 Animal Sciences Apoptosis and cancer  Nidhi ma’am



Have no fear dear aspirants. You will be able to ace this examination as well. BioTecNika is here with all their experts to help you in your preparations. As mentioned before these are absolutely FREE sessions so use them wisely. 

All the very best and see you soon!

CUET PG Coaching Biotecnika – CUET PG 2022 Exam Coaching

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