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Tips To Solve PYQ Papers + FREE CSIR NET Mock Test Series

Previous Year’s Question papers are such a tool which helps us succeed in our exams. But many of us don’t know how to use them to our advantage. So how do we get the maximum benefit from them?

Let’s get started

PYQs are a great tool for revision and practice

Everyone takes them lightly, we think that oh yeah everyone has them, just solving a few of them will be enough. But the thing is everyone has access to them, and yet you couldn’t outperform them.

In the absence of the right strategy -we fail

Just having the tools is not enough, we need to know how to utilize them as well.

The right time to solve PYQs

  • While studying
  • While Revising
  • Final Assault

While studying

Step 1: Download all the previous year’s question papers using this link here (PYQ) and take a printout.

Step 2: After finishing a particular topic, you can take up the AIMNET test series that is available on our Biotecnika App


While Revising you can solve tough questions and for that, we have the CSIR NET ToughNet Question Bank. It’s a compilation of all the tough questions of CSIR NET.

Learn – Revise – Practice – Evaluate (Follow this formula)

Final Assault 

This is the time 15 days or a month before the exam. Don’t panic.

Take a printout of the PYQ – set a timer for 3 hours and attempt this PYQ as if you would in the actual exam.

The more you attempt, the better you get at it.

Evaluate Your Performance

Analyze your performance and see what are your strong areas and weak areas.

Fix and re-attack

Solve every PYQ 3 to 4 times before the exam. Find the problem, fix it and reattempt.


Solve the question paper in the slots that CSIR NET normally schedule so a morning shift of 9:00 to 12:00 pm or 02:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

This way you are used to the time and also your body and mind are adjusted to this.

Important Tools which will change your life

  1. KONCEPT Table For CSIR NET Life Science Exam
  2. Koncept Cloud – Latest Study Tool Revolutionizing CSIR NET Revisions
  3. CSIR NET Koncept Wheel Book

So we hope this video illustrated Tips To Solve PYQ Papers + FREE CSIR NET Mock Test Series was helpful to all of you. For more such videos stay tuned to Biotecnika.

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