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Shell PhD Life Sciences Nature Based Solutions Research Recruitment

Shell PhD Life Sciences Nature Based Solutions Research Recruitment. Shell Bengaluru PhD Jobs. Life Sciences PhD Job at Shell Bengaluru. Interested and eligible applicants can check out all of the details on the same below

Name of the Post – Nature Based Solutions Researcher- MRV

Reference ID – R68060

Location – Bangalore

Employment Type – Full time

The Role

As Shell seeks to reduce its carbon footprint, you will develop and implement solutions that will enable Shell to thrive in the Energy Transition. The avoidance of greenhouse gas emissions and capture & storage of CO2 by biomass in natural ecosystems underpins our Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) business which enables our customers to decarbonise. Shell has also chosen to approach the challenges of decarbonization through a sectoral approach and has created a new Agriculture and Forestry (A&F) business sector.

The mandate of Agriculture & Forestry (A&F) is to enhance quality of life – clean air, water, soil and food production– by becoming the partner of choice in offering sustainable and integrated solutions to solve challenges across A&F value chains, accelerating the transition to Net Zero Emissions.

You will deliver the R&D upon

which these businesses, and Shell’s Net Carbon Footprint (NCF) reduction ambitions, depend.

Where you fit in

You will provide deep technical expertise in Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV) to the rapidly growing NBS and Agricultural and Forestry (A&F) Sectoral decarbonization activities across Shell, including helping the businesses to achieve their goals. There is also a significant R&D programme in this area. The scope of this work is global, with a special focus on key regions where Shell’s NBS businesses are pursuing opportunities including the US, EU, India, Africa and Brazil.

Your responsibilities will include designing and implementing research and development programs as well as collaborating with colleagues on, agriculture, forestry, soil sciences, remote sensing, GIS, LCA modelling, ecosystem services, environmental regulations and policy. The successful candidate will be expected to work with Shell scientists and engineers globally, with external partners and with Shell’s NBS and A&F decarbonization businesses.

What’s the role

You will be instrumental in enabling Shell to meet its strategic objectives in decarbonisation through your technical expertise in Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV) and related areas. You will form part of a community of deep technical experts in NBS, whose skills are unique within Shell, located in Shell Technology Centre Amsterdam (NL), Shell Technology Centre Bangalore (India) and Shell Technology Centre Houston (USA).

  • Delivery of the experimental, technical, and theoretical components of the R&D programme in MRV of various parameters relevant for NBS projects e.g. soil physio-chemical properties including soil C, GHG fluxes, agro-meteorological parameter, plant growth and yield-related aspect, etc.
  • Develop new measurement techniques or enhance the existing ones, and help deploy these techniques to support Shell’s NBS projects in the voluntary or compliance carbon markets.
  • Provide advanced technical services in MRV to support NBS and A&F decarbonization projects globally within the agreed time, cost, and quality parameters.
  • Develop partnerships with internal & external stakeholders to address challenges related to MRV that are important for NBS and A&F sectoral decarbonization business.
  • Ensure that Shell maintains a current and insightful position in MRV relevant to its businesses, including soil physio-chemical properties with a focus on soil C, GHG fluxes, agro-meteorological parameters, plant growth and yield-related aspects, etc.

For NBS projects

  • Support Shell’s NBS and A&F businesses in assessing, screening, and developing new project opportunities and subsequently in monitoring the projects that are deployed.
  • Contribute to the development of knowledgebase at Shell, develop content, based on science, to support advocacy, informing stakeholders and outreach around NBS.
  • Develop deep insights on the regulatory framework, including in voluntary and compliance Carbon markets and use those insights to support future NBS and A&F projects and growth opportunities. Represent Shell in relevant technical forums related to MRV.
  • Guide and support screening of third-party measurement technologies and companies – including supporting Shell Ventures in investment opportunities.
  • Maintaining Shell’s scientific credibility by publishing the results of your work in peer-reviewed journals, internal technical reports, conference presentations, and patent filings.

What we need from you

You will bring deep technical expertise in the areas of MRV for NBS projects. When it comes to nurturing collaborative stakeholder relations with other Shell businesses and with external technology partnerships, it’s your excellent people skills that will make the difference. A learner mindset, transparency and sharing of data and lessons will be essential. You will need to demonstrate a commitment to Health, Safety, Security and Environment including fieldwork in the natural environment. Furthermore, you will have:

  • A PhD in agricultural or soil or environmental or life sciences, forestry, ecology, or in a related field.
  • Between 4 to 8 years of experience working in the relevant area with the ability to design experiments to test hypotheses, conduct independent research, and publish a manuscript(s) in peer-reviewed journals.
  • Field and/or R&D experience in MRV, with its application in NBS projects, etc.
  • Demonstrated a willingness to learn and apply cross-disciplinary approaches to solving problems and be happy working in a tight-knit, but globally dispersed team.
  • Excellent oral and written presentation skills; capable of effective and impactful communications across topics, audiences, and formats at various organisational levels.


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